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County Statistics  
Current county list: 455
Top county lister: 426 (Brad Schram; 94%) 
Top Big Year: 345 in 1999 (Greg P. Smith)
Very close second: 344 in 1999 (Bill Bouton)
Top Big Day: 181 on 24 Apr 1988 (Tom Edell, Greg P. Smith) 
"Best Bird": Ivory Gull (4-7 Nov 2010 Grover Beach)
Close second: Arctic Warbler (29 Sep-1 Oct 1996 Pismo SB)
Contenders: Arctic Loon, American Oystercatcher, Piping Plover, White Wagtail, Trumpeter Swan
Compiler for North American Birds: Tom M. Edell
46 8th St.
Cayucos CA 93430

Statistics updated 10/04; see "explanations of county statistics" for more details. Thank you to Greg Smith, Tom Edell, Jim Royer, Brad Schram, Mike Stiles & Curtis Marantz for supplying some of the info here.

Bird Clubs
Morro Coast Audubon Society, Morro Bay

Birding Sites
Bird Finding Guide to San Luis Obispo County
San Luis Obispo County Birding
Central Coast Birding Trail
Morro Bay Estuary
State Parks
Carrizo Plain
Big Sandy Wildlife Area
San Luis Obispo Wildlife Area
Oceano Dunes SVRA
Lopez Lake
Santa Margarita Lake Natural Area
Caliente Mountains
Los Padres National Forest

Other Birding Resources
Morro Bay Rare Bird Alert
San Luis Obispo County Birding - email Discussion Group
Southern California Birding Field Trips Calendar- Compiled by Steve Sosensky
Morro Bay Winter Bird Festival
Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch
Peregrine's at Morro Rock
Condor Lookout
Virg's Landing- Whale watching pelagics
Goodwin Education Center- Carrizo Plain
Endangered Species

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