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County Statistics  
Current county list: 336 
Top county lister: 289 (Roger Muskat; 84%) 
Top Big Year: 265 (Roger Muskat in 2006) 
Top Big Day: 137 on 27 Sep 2001 (R. Leong; T. Battiste, L. Cole, R. Muskat, U. Williams) 
"Best Bird": Taiga Flycatcher (25 Oct 2006 Putah Creek; also in YOL) 
 Close second: Blue Jay (19 Dec 2005-25 Apr 2006 Fairfield), Gyrfalcon (17 Jan-8 Feb 1982 Yolo Bypass)
Compiler for North American Birds: Robin Leong
336 Benson Ave. 
Vallejo CA  94590-3027

Statistics last updated 2/07; see "explanations of county statistics" for details. Thank you to Robin Leong, Luke Cole, and Roger Muskat  for supplying some of the information here.

Bird Clubs
Napa-Solano Audubon Society
Central Valley Bird Club

Birding Sites
Grizzly Island Wildlife Area
Grizzly Island Area - Map
White Slough - by Robin Leong (Extracted from Best Birding in Napa and Solano Counties.)
Putah Creek Wildlife Area
San Francisco Bay Trail - Interactive map
Birding the San Francisco Bay Trail - pdf map and birding sites.
Birding the Carquinez Loop Trail - pdf map and birding sites.
Lake Solano and Sandy Beach County Parks
Solano County State Parks
Jepson Prairie
Rockville Hills Community Park

Other Birding Resources
Central Valley Birds - Mailing list
Flyway Festival
Susuin Marsh Natural History Association
Birds of the Susuin Marsh
North Bay Birds - Mailing list
LANIUS Software (software for birders) -- Fairfield
International Bird Rescue
Endangered Species

Recommended Reference
Best Birding in Napa and Solano Counties (Sept 2001) edited by Margaret Barson. Third edition, Second printing Jan 2003. $15 including handling and shipping. Contact Margaret Barson.

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