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County Statistics  
Current county list: 284
Top county lister: 236 (John Hunter; 83%) 
Top Big Year: 196 in 1997 (John Hunter) 
Top Big Day: 118 on 7 May 2009 (Steve Glover, Francis Oliver) 
"Best Bird": White-winged Crossbill (1 Sep 1978 Mosquito Lake; small flock) 
 Close second: wintering Least Flycatcher (9 Feb-7 Apr 1998 Trinity River) 
Compiler for North American Birds: John E. Hunter 
P.O. Box 4483 
Arcata CA  95518
Statistics last updated 5/10; see "explanations of county statistics" for details. Thank you to John Hunter for supplying some of the information here.

Bird Clubs

Birding Sites
Shasta-Trinity National Forest
Mendocino National Forest
Trinity County Hiking Trails
Trinity Alps & Yolla Bolly Wilderness Areas
State Parks

Other Birding Resources
Arcata Bird Box
North-western California Birding email list
Trinity County Checklist
Whiskey-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area Checklist
Endangered Species

Recommended Reference
Northwestern California Birds 2nd ed (1996) by Stanley W. Harris, Humboldt State
University Press.

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