Trumpeter Swans in California

The status of the Trumpeter Swan in California has been a matter of considerable controversy. The Trumpeter Swan Society has suggested that as many as 200 birds may winter in California. However, the only firm evidence is a mere 21 accepted records out of a total of 58 sightings reviewed by the California Bird Records Committee. Click here for a draft summary of these records contributed by Michael Patten.

This year, Rod Hug has volunteered to track all sightings of Trumpeter Swan in California. If you see a Trumpeter Swan please use this report form. For more information on Trumpeter Swan identification, click here.

This page will be updated regularly as new sightings come in to Rod. This season the following sightings have been recorded:

It is expected that all sightings generated by this project will be reviewed by the California Bird Records Committee.