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Oceanography 1 Lab Manual Spring 2018 (13 MB, 256 pages)
Be sure to purchase the lab manual that matches your semester.

Lab Manual is available as a PDF file that is formatted to print double-sided, in color (odd-numbered pages should be facing pages). (Odd-numbered pages should be facing pages; entire manual should be ring bound, so it's all in one place, and it can be laid down flat.)

This manual should be brought to each class.

REQUIRED BY WHEN? Ideally by the first class, but for sure it is REQUIRED by the second lab class.

PRINTING/PURCHASE INSTRUCTIONS: the manual is designed to print double-sided in color. Odd-numbered pages should be facing pages. And the entire workbook should be ring bound, so that all pages are in one place and the book can be opened and laid down flat. You can download the PDF or email the web link directly to a printer of your choice, or you can use our recommended vendor, with whom we've established a convenient location, simple process, guaranteed quality, and set price (see below).

THE UPS STORE -- 1728 Ocean Ave (between Faxon & Jules). Prepayment & 24-hour lead time is required for all orders.
  • Spring 2018 Price including sales tax: Full color: $33.00. (A $7.00 handling charge will be added to orders placed after the first day of class, so order early!)
  • Submit orders & payments in person or via PayPal.
  • To ask questions about your order, email UPS5037@gmail.com. Be sure to include your Full Name, E-mail, Contact Number, and Manual Title.
  • Orders placed before the first class meeting will be delivered to the first class meeting.
  • NO RETURNS: Once purchased there are no returns. If you later decide to drop the class, your only option will be to try to sell it to someone enrolled the same semester, and the instructor cannot be involved in that transaction. So be sure you want to enroll in the class before you purchase the manual! (If you're not sure, wait until after the first lab to make your purchase.)
  • Protect Your Manual -- Keep pages from falling out by sewing up the spiral binding.
    Instructions: (2 min, 22 MB): Video | Video w/CC | Script
Small image of cover of the lab manual.

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