Online (ZOOM) office hours for Professor Katryn Wiese (City College of San Francisco)

During scheduled hours or arranged appointments,
CLICK HERE to access Online ZOOM Conference 

Use CANVAS Inbox or email to make appointment (request a time and day -- provide a few options).


Office hours are for ALL my students and thus many contain students and questions from multiple classes.

If multiple students are present at the same time, I will address each student in order and spend no more than 5 minutes with one student before moving on to the next. Everyone will be able to listen in as I help each student. If you need a private consultation, please make an appointment.

Students from the same class are welcome to use breakout rooms to work together during office hours or other times if arrangments are made with me in advance and I am available to open the room.

I have learned over the years that very few students attend scheduled office hours. Therefore, I have set only two hours, and I encourage study groups and individuals who cannot make these hours to reach out for an appointment. I would like to help!


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