Fall, 2007 Level 2 CALL class Extra Activities

Extra Activities
August 20Vocabulary Practice
August 21Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun The Match Game and WordSearch are the easiest. Hangman and Jumble are a little harder. The Quiz and Crossword Puzzles are the hardest.
August 27Opposites
August 28Vocabulary Matching
September 10Vocabulary Quizzes with Pictures (Nouns)
September 17Word Finds
September 18Vocabulary Quizzes--Different Subjects
September 24Irregular Verbs. First match the present and past verbs. Click Check Answers. Then click Next Exercise to do more. There are ten matching exercises and five crossword puzzles.
September 25Vocabulary Quizzes (Verbs & Adjectives)
October 2Exercises from Bradley's English School
October 9Crossword Puzzles Click on a number to see the clue. Type the answer in the square and click Enter.
October 15Vocabulary Quizzes--Different Subjects 2
October 16Nasreddin Stories Read the stories and do the exercises. If they are too hard, try something different.
October 29Matching--Drag and Drop
November 5Scrambled Word Puzzles
November 20Matching Opposites 2 (Click the back button to go back to the list of matching opposites if you want to do more.)
November 26Dictionary and Quizzes Click on a subject in the Photo Dictionary. Click on the pictures to hear the words. Take the Quizzes. Click on [vocabulary] at the top of the page to come back to the choices.
December 6Picture Crosswords
December 10Learn to Read at Starfall This site is really for kids who are learning how to read, but there are some things that might be interesting for you too. You can click on number 2, 3, or 4.
December 17Picture Crosswords--Animals, Food & Drinks
December 18Opposite Crossword Puzzles

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