You can find a lot of information on the Internet. Anyone can put anything on the Internet, so of course you have to make sure the website you are visiting has good information. This Finding Information page has links to some webpages with information you can use. First read the information about each webpage. Then click on the title to go to the webpage. The webpage will open in a new window. To come back to this page, close the new window. Click on the words in bold to see a definition.


This webpage is part of the USA Today website. Click in the box after Find a forecast. Type the name of a city or a zip code in the box, and click on Go. If there is more than one city with the same name, the next page will have a link for each of them. Click on the one you want for the forecast.


This webpage will convert currency from one kind to another. Type the amount of money you want to convert in the first box that says this amount. Choose the type of currency you want to convert in the next box. (Scroll down to see more choices.) Then choose the type of currency you want to convert it to in the last box. Finally, click the Click Here to Perform Currency Conversion button.


This webpage is part of Yahoo's website. You can check the price of stocks using this website. Every stock has a symbol. If you don't know the symbol of the stock you want to check, you can click on Symbol Lookup to the right of the Go button. After you find the symbol, you can click on Finance Home at the top of the page to go back to the first page. Then you can put the symbol in the box and push Go to find the current stock price.


This webpage lets you convert all kinds of measurements; for example, inches to centimeters, kilograms to pounds, etc. You can click on the category you want on the left side of the page. The categories include length, mass, volume, and temperature. To make a conversion, click on the category you want to use. Then click the arrow under Input next to the Go! button and choose the kind of measurement you want to convert. Put the number you want to convert in the box. Then in the output box, click the arrow to choose the measurement you want to convert to and push Go!. The answer will be in the Output box.


This website has information about time and dates. There are always some advertisements at the top of the page. Don't push any of those links. If you want to see what time it is in different parts of the world, you can click on The World Clock under Time. If you want to convert a certain time and date in one city to a time and date in another city, you can click on Time Zone Converter under Time. If you want to find out what day it was on a certain date, you can click on Calendar under Date.


This website gives you directions to different places in North America and Europe. You can put the starting address on the left side, and the destination on the right side. Then click the Get Directions button to see the directions. You can also see the total estimated time and total estimated distance.