San Francisco has many museums. You can visit a museum and learn about something new. We have art museums, science museums, history museums, and other special museums. Some museums are open every day. Some museums are only open on certain days. Some museums are expensive, and some are free. Some of the expensive museums have free days too. Many museums have websites. The websites usually have information about the exhibits in the museum. Exhibits are the things you can see in the museum.

On a museum's website you can get information about ticket prices, times and days the museum is open, free days, and location. Sometimes the information is on the first page. Sometimes you have to click on a link. The link with information about the museum usually has words like Visit, Information, or About. Sometimes you have to go down to the bottom of a long page to find the information. Sometimes it is easy to find the link. Sometimes it is hard.

Here are some links to San Francisco Museums. The links are in Drop Down Menus. Click on the words Museums-1 or Museums-2 (Free Museums), and a menu will drop down. Move your mouse to choose which museum site to visit. Click on the link and another window will open with the website for that museum. After you finish looking at it, click on the X in the upper right hand corner of the window to close it. Then choose another link.