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Some people like to buy things using their computer. They use their credit cards to buy things on the Internet. The Internet is a good place to go window-shopping. Window-shopping is when you go to a store and look at the things for sale, but don't want to buy anything. Window-shopping is easy on the Internet.

You can visit stores with branches near you, or you can visit stores that are only on the Internet. Some stores have a website where you can get information about what store is close to your house and what time the store is open.

Here are some websites of stores that have branches in or near San Francisco. Go to the websites and get the information to fill in the worksheet. When you finish filling in the information for each store, close the window to come back to this page.

Ross Dress for Less
Office Depot
Payless Shoe Source
Radio Shack
Rite Aid
Trader Joe's

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