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Sites with Grammar Explanations and Quizzes

English Grammar SecretsA website by Caroline and Pearson Brown with explanations and quizzes of selected grammar points.
esl blue(s)Assorted Grammar explanations and quizzes, many in Flash.
Lauri's ESL Website-GrammarFlash movie of how to make yes/no questions; assorted quizzes Alphabetical index of links to grammar explanations.

Sites with Online Quizzes

Bradley's English School Many activities suitable for low levels, except for the explanations. Many in Flash. Includes spelling exercises, homophones, hangman, etc.
Easy EnglishDiagnostic tests and links to study sites based on test results. Also includes random easy, medium, and difficult tests, as well as vocabulary tests and tests targeting specific grammar items. Click on the Send my... buttons for the tests.
EnglishLearner.comMixed grammar tests, most requiring typing in the answers, except for the multiple choice tests
OWL--Online Writing Lab (Purdue)Mostly spelling and punctuation tests.
UsingEnglish.comEnglish quizzes at beginner and intermediate levels. Includes quizzes about grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs, and vocabulary.

Sites with Reading Activities

Adult Learning Activities--California Distance Learning ProjectClick on a word or picture at the top to choose a subject. You can read the story, or you can listen to it. There are some vocabulary activities such as listening to new words and matching words to meanings, as well as questions to answer.
ELC Study Zone--easy stories
ELC Study Zone--harder stories
Please note--the five higher-level stories all have unhappy endings!
ELC Study Zone--Nasreddin storiesThese stories are all humorous fables from the Middle East, which are also popular in Asia.
The Ghost in the MuseumA "choose the ending" story. (The story works, but the quiz at the end doesn't.)
REEP World Choose a topic--health, work, or family. You can listen and read the stories. There are some vocabulary and comprehension exercises. The English is low level.
Lauri's ESL Website-StoriesStories with some vocabulary definitions, content and vocabulary exercises.
Lauri's ESL Website-Student WritingStudent writing on various topics.
Learn to Read with PhonicsThis website teaches young children how to read by learning the sounds and spelling of English. Some adults enjoy practicing the sounds and spelling of English at this website too.
Western Pacific Literacy Network/CNN S.FOne current news story and an archive of old stories. Each one has a news story, an abridged version, an outline, and exercises in vocabulary and content. The archive of old stories is classified in categories. There are currently more than 100 stories, many of which are on controversial issues.

Sites with Vocabulary Activities

Learning Vocabulary Can Be FunUses Flash. Word Search, Crosswords, Hangman, Quiz, Match Game, and Jumble. Allows the user to choose level and topic.
ESL Bears Matching Vocabulary ActivityVocabulary exercises for lower levels. Click on a link and then choose the word to match the picture.
Level 200 Vocabulary Exercises from the English Centre Study Zone--University of VictoriaVocabulary exercises for lower levels. Click on a link and then choose the word to match the picture.
Reading Comprehension ConnectionIncludes exercises in "vocabulary in context," "Reading for Understanding," and "Reading Strategy" for intermediate/higher levels.

Sites with Idioms, Slang, and Phrasal Verbs

The Idiom ConnectionAlphabetical list of idioms as well as idioms divided into categories. (food idioms, animal idioms, etc.)
Janet's Idiom choicesA series of idiom quizzes based on Myrtis Mixon's Stories from American History, using imagined conversations.
learn-english-today.comIdioms, Slang, and Phrasal Verbs--16 tests classified as easy, medium, and difficult.
Word Power--IdiomsAn alphabetical list of idioms with examples.

Sites with Listening Exercises

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening LabA vast collection of listening exercises with quizzes. Uses Flash Video Player, RealPlayer, or Window Media Player.

Sites with Games and Puzzles

English Club--GamesHangman, divided by categories, crossword puzzles, matching game, typing test.
GeoNet GameA game that requires you to choose an area of the U.S., and answer questions in topic areas: places and regions, environment and society, culture, geography, etc.
Word Power--Game ZoneIncludes trivia (high level) synonyms, hangman, find a word, word unscramble.

ESL Sites with Many Different Activities

Activities for ESL StudentsA project of The Internet TESOL Journal, this site contains an enormous number of quizzes and activities for all levels.
BBC World Service--Learning EnglishA website with lots of links and activities, put out by the BBC, so it uses British English.
Dave's ESL CaféIncludes quizzes on grammar, idioms, slang, content areas, lists of phrasal verbs, idioms and slang, and student forums (where you can read and leave comments).
English, Baby!Includes a different activity for each day, uses Real Player. Includes vocabulary, slang in conversation, and reading.
English ClubHas a lot of areas to explore, some useful some not as useful, including grammar explanations, quizzes, vocabulary lists. It also has a chatroom and some forums.
English CornerA website with grammar exercises and explanations, reading exercises, idioms, vocabulary, games, and links.
English for AllA free website with video, vocabulary, comprehension, life skills, and grammar. You can register, or you can click on "Visitor" at the top of the page.
Englishpage.comIncludes grammar tutorials with exercises, readings with exercises, practice with prepositions and phrasal verbs and crossword puzzles.
English-Zone.comThis site has some free things, but many are password-protected. The Aesop's Fables are all available, as are some of the grammar tests.
ESL Partyland--Student Quizzes and ActivitiesGrammar tests divided into very easy, easy, medium, and difficult, idioms, slang, and phrasal verb quizzes, readings, "TOEFLesque" quizzes, trivia quizzes, and vocabulary quizzes.
Interesting Things for ESL StudentsA huge collection of tests and activities, including some for lower level students.
Lauri's Activity SquareA mixture of activities including a "Choose the Ending" story, a "mad-libs" type story, and a couple grammar and vocabulary quizzes for low and intermediate levels.
Mission Language LabThis site has listening, reading and grammar activities and exercises.
ToLearnEnglish.comA British site with various links, some usable and some not.
U.S.A LearnsYou can study beginning, low intermediate, or intermediate skills. You can practice vocabulary, listening, and reading. You can register on this website if you want to keep a record of what you do.

TOEFL Test Practice and Information

Stuff--TOEFL PracticeNeeds Macromedia Shockwave plug in.
TOEFL test PreparationHas example questions and explanations from the new TOEFL test. Currently the listening test is just in written form. Students can't listen to the tests, but can read the questions.

Interesting Websites Suitable for ESL Students

All the SkyContains incredible photos of comets, eclipses, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, and all the sky.
America's BywaysThe National Scenic Byways Program is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration. It is a collection of 96 distinct and diverse roads designated by the U.S. Secretary of Transportation. America's Byways include the National Scenic Byways and All-American Roads. In the Share Experiences section, you can read about and see photos of people's trips along the byways.
America's Story from the Library of CongressA set of six websites (Stories of Famous Americans, Dates in American History, Information about the States, American Pastimes, Sports and Hobbies, and Movies, Songs, and Tunes from America's Past. Written with children in mind, but very suitable for adults.
ApplesIncludes nutritional information about apples, different types of apples, and apple facts, from the Washington State Apple Commission.
ArtichokesInformation about artichokes, where they are grown, how they are picked, and how to eat them from the California Artichoke Advisory Board
Bata Shoe MuseumSomewhat difficult but interesting website from the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto. Includes pictures and descriptions of shoes in history.
Bird's Eye View/Worm's Eye ViewSeeing things from a bird's eye view and a worm's eye view, from Harcourt School Publishers.
Cave PaintingsInformation about prehistoric cave paintings from Harcourt School Publishers.
ChinatownA virtual tour of San Francisco's Chinatown from Harcourt School Publishers.
EarthquakesThe USGS Earthquake Hazards Program for kids has a lot of good information including frequently asked questions, earthquake history, earthquake preparedness, etc. The Home page is a little busy, but the information is suitable for adults.
EPA Environmental Kids ClubThis website is for kids, but adults may like some of the links too. You can choose to go to a webpage with links to other pages about air, water, garbage and recycling, plants and animals, or you and your environment.
Ice CreamA commercial site selling ice cream makers, with a page with links about the history and trivia about ice cream.
KidsHealthA website geared toward kids which answers questions about health. Some topics interesting for adults.
LandmarksPictures of some landmarks in different countries, with text, from Harcourt School Publishers.
Monterey Bay AquariumInformation about the Aquarium and its exhibits, as well as a Field Guide with information divided into habitats about many marine species.
National Air & Space MuseumContains information on many exhibitions about flight and space. Part of the Smithsonian.
San Francisco Slide ShowTwelve photos from Click on Launch slide show to begin.
TeethInformation about kinds of teeth, prevention, cavities, etc, created for kids by the Nova Scotia Dental Association.
TomatoesInformation about the tomato, recipes, health and nutrition, and questions and answers, from the California Tomato Commission
Tour of the solar systemInformation about each planet.
Virtual Museum of the City of San FranciscoExtensive information including photographs and the names of those who perished, earthquake timeline, news articles and more.
White House 101Information about the U.S. White House and the Presidents.


Boggles World--ESL for AdultsIncludes easy-to-download worksheets, puzzles, games, flash cards, songs. A great resource, but does not include online activities.
Cambridge Dictionaries Online (ESL)Includes several dictionaries. You have to click on the one you want to use before you put in the word.
The ESL Citizenship Website.Designed for ESL students to explore independently. Includes information about naturalization from USCIS (formerly INS), and also includes study pages, quizzes, and games.
Heinle Newbury House Dictionary of American EnglishAn ESL dictionary of over 40,000 entries.
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English OnlineClick on click here or on the logo to get to the dictionary.
Who2An encyclopedia of biographies, arranged into "loops" or collections of famous people who share something in common. Includes loops for Black History Month and Women's History Month, and a search box for fast searches.
Word PowerTongue Twisters, Poems, Quotations, Speeches.