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Today's Assignments
This is the last week of our ESL CALL class. Thank you all for being such a nice class. I had a good time teaching you. I have another section of Special Activities. You can look at the websites in Section 5, or you can look at the websites in the other sections, or you can continue with your lessons. If you would like copies of the lessons you didn't have time to do, ask me and I will give them to you.

Old Assignments--1/14/03 to 2/19/03

Old Assignments--2/24/03 to 3/31/03

Old Assignments
4/1/03 Stories Page--The Clock
Grammar Test--Verb Choice 5
4/7/03 Click on this link to read what some of your classmates wrote about Leisure Time.
Grammar Test--Verb Choice 6
4/8/03 Grammar Test--Make or Do
Grammar Test--Say or Tell
4/21/03 Grammar Test--Gerund/Infinitives 1
Grammar Test--Gerund/Infinitives 2
4/22/03 Stories Page--The Grasshopper
Grammar Test--Time Prepositions
4/28/03 Special Activities 4--Spend a class period surfing through the websites on this page, and then send me an e-mail telling me what you did or didn't like.
4/29/03 Click on this link to read what some of your classmates wrote about Spring Vacation
Grammar Test--Have 1
5/5/03 Grammar Test--Gerund/Infinitives 3
Grammar Test--Gerund/Infinitives 4
5/6/03 Grammar Test--Adjectives/Adverbs 1
Grammar Test--Adjectives/Adverbs 2
5/12/03 Grammar Test--Adjectives/Adverbs 3
Grammar Test--Adjectives/Adverbs 2
5/13/03 Stories Page--Into the Garbage
Lesson 1--Looking at a Website
Lesson 2--Jump Back in Time
Lesson 3--Getting an E-mail Address
Lesson 4--Washington Apples
Lesson 5--Receiving & Answering E-mail
Lesson 6--Healthy Teeth
Lesson 7--Composing E-mail
Lesson 8--Earthquakes
Lesson 9--Using Online Dictionaries
The Newbury House Online Dictionary
Cambridge Dictionary
Lesson 10--Using an Online Dictionary and a Webpage at the Same Time
Lesson 11--Hershey's Candy
Lesson 12--Amazing Americans
Lesson 13--Monterey Bay Aquarium
Lesson 14--California Artichoke Advisory Board
Lesson 15--National Air & Space Museum
Lesson 16--Tomatoes
Lesson 17--California Academy of Sciences
Lesson 18--Bata Shoe Museum
Web Hunt 1--Web Hunt 1
Lesson 19--National Postal Museum
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