The garbage bin was full of banana peels, old milk cartons, and coffee grounds. There was a lot of old, half-eaten food. I found out what people throw away.

This is a true story that happened to me many years ago, but I still remember it vividly. It all started while we were on vacation. Vacations should be restful, relaxing times, but I planned to do some studying too. I carefully put all my important papers and books in a large paper bag, and put them in the car with the suitcases.

After a long drive to Los Angeles, we were happy to find a motel with a really good price. We decided to stay for a week so we could get three extra days at no extra cost.

On the second day of our stay there, we arrived back at the motel after a day of sightseeing and a good dinner. It was about ten o'clock in the evening, and I decided I'd better start working. I knew the bag was in the room, but I looked all over and couldn't find it. It had disappeared! I was panic-stricken. Suddenly I had a sickening thought. I was sure the maid took it out with the garbage.

I ran over to the main office, and asked if I could talk to the maid who had been on duty that day. They told me there were several, and besides, they had all left for the day. The people in the office showed me the large garbage bins in back of the motel, but didn't offer any help.

I sighed, gathered my courage, grabbed a flashlight, and walked through the dark to the garbage bins. There were three of them. Each one was about four and a half feet high. I didn't know where to start. I looked around and found an old shopping cart, which I used to climb into the middle of one of the bins. I spent some time rummaging through bags and bags of other people's garbage, but I didn't have any luck. After a few minutes of tears of frustration, I finally gave up.

Maybe I was wrong, and was just looking through banana peels, old milk cartons, coffee grounds, and half-eaten food for nothing. I climbed out, being careful not to drop my flashlight, and looked around to see if anyone had spotted me. I took one last look into the other two bins, this time just checking the bags on top. Then I got lucky. Right on top of the third bin was my bag. I was never so happy to see a dirty old bag in my life! I told the manager to tell the maid not to clean our room any more.

Why did the author take along some important papers?
1. She wanted to write some letters.
2. She was afraid to leave the papers in her house.
3. She was going to do some studying.

Why did they choose the motel in Los Angeles?
1. The daily price was very cheap.
2. They could stay one week and pay for only four days.
3. It was in a convenient location.

When did the author look for her books and papers?
1. In the morning of the first day.
2. In the afternoon on the second day.
3. At night on the second day.

When the author couldn't find her books and papers, what did she think?
1. She thought she forgot to bring them with her.
2. She thought the maid took them out with the garbage.
3. She thought her husband threw them away by mistake.

Why couldn't she talk to the maid who had cleaned her room?
1. The motel said she wasn't allowed to speak to the maid.
2. The maid didn't speak enough English.
3. It was too late and the maid had gone home.

Who helped her look in the garbage bins?
1. The people in the office.
2. No one.
3. Her husband.

Did she climb into one of the bins?
1. Yes.
2. No.
3. The story doesn't say.

What did she find in the first bin?
1. Her important books and papers.
2. Other people's garbage.
3. The story didn't say.

In which bin did she finally find her things?
1. The first bin.
2. The second bin.
3. The third bin.

What did she ask the manager to tell the maid?
1. She asked him to tell her not to clean the room any more.
2. She asked him to tell her she made a bad mistake.
3. She asked him to tell her to be more careful the next time.

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