It Happened to Me

Working at the Bank--Part 1

When I first started working in a bank in the center of the city, I was always afraid someone might rob me. I was behind bulletproof glass, but the alarm buttons always reminded me that someone could rob me. We had secret signals that changed every day, and there was an automatic alarm that rang when the last money came out of my drawer.

Sure enough, one day a man I thought looked suspicious entered the bank. He walked by the other tellers to come to me. I thought he knew I didn't have much experience. He put his hand into his pocket, pulled out a note, and put it under the teller window. I was very scared, dropped down under the counter, and hit the alarm button.

The guards came and held the man. Then I read the note. It said, "Would you have lunch with me?"

Adapted from a first person story by Mrs. L.N., taken from The Detroit News circa 1980

Comprehension Questions

Did the woman in the story have a lot of experience working in a bank?
1. Yes
2. No

Why did the woman in the story think the man came to her window?
1. She thought he was a robber.
2. She thought he knew she didn't have experience.
3. She thought he wanted to have lunch with her.
4. 1 and 2
5. 2 and 3

Why did the guards come and hold the man?
1. Because the woman yelled that someone was a robber.
2. Because the woman dropped under the counter.
3. Because the woman pushed the alarm button.

Was the man a robber?
1. Yes
2. No

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