It Happened to Me

The Cookies--Part 1

One day, while my friend and I were traveling through Germany, we were very hungry but we didn't have a lot of money. We decided to stop at a village market to get a few groceries. I chose some cookies and went to the front counter to pay. Near the counter I saw some packaged cookies in a large bin. They looked good and were a lot cheaper than the ones I had in my hand, so I took them instead.

We left the store and looked for a place where we could eat. We found a quiet place under a tree and we ate our sandwiches first, and then the cookies. We thought they were great.

"Let's get these again," I said. "They're cheap and they really taste good."

My friend can read some German, but I can't, so I gave her the package so she could look for the brand name. She looked at it and then started to laugh.

"Why are you laughing?" I asked.

"Because they're dog biscuits!" she said.

Adapted from a first person story by M.P., taken from The Detroit News circa 1980

Comprehension Questions

Why did they stop at a village market?
1. There weren't any restaurants around.
2. They were hungry and didn't have a lot of money.
3. Both 1 and 2.

Who was in the story?
1. Two men.
2. A man and a woman.
3. Two women.
4. At least one man.
5. At least one woman.
6. The story doesn't say.

Who thought the cookies were delicious?
1. Both people in the story.
2. Only the person who is telling the story.
3. Only the friend of the person who is telling the story.

Why did the person in the story buy dog biscuits to eat?
1. Because they looked good and were cheap.
2. Because he or she didn't understand the German on the package.
3. Both number 1 and 2.

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