It Happened to Me

The Grasshopper--Part 1

A grasshopper is an insect with long, strong back legs, that can jump very high. It looks like this:

Here is the story:

A man from the office was going to give me a ride home one day, so we walked through an empty lot with high grass to get to his car. A few minutes later, we were driving along a major street when I felt some creature, going up my leg under my pants. Like many women, I hate most bugs. However, whatever was there was climbing higher and higher. I couldn't bear it any longer. I screamed to the driver to stop the car while I frantically started to pull down my pants.

He was surprised, but he screeched to a stop next to a very busy sidewalk. I jumped out of the car. I pulled down my pants in front of a rather surprised group of pedestrians. A very large grasshopper came out. I jumped back in the car and we left again. It was embarrassing, but I was glad it wasn't a spider.

Adapted from a first person story by Mrs. E.D., taken from The Detroit News circa 1980

Comprehension Questions

Where did she first notice the grasshopper?
1. In the grass.
2. On the street.
3. In the car.

Does the person in the story like bugs?
1. Yes.
2. No.
3. Usually.

Why did the driver stop the car?
1. Because he saw her start to take off her pants.
2. Because he wanted to buy something.
3. Because she screamed and told him to stop.

Why did she take off her pants?
1. She was hot.
2. There was something going up her leg.
3. She wanted to surprise the pedestrians.

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