Write a Paragraph about Animals or the Environment.

Many people like pets in my country. In Guongzhou, most families just have one kid. The child stays at home alone when his parents go to work. If the child has a pet, he can play with the pet, but if you want to have a dog, you must have a dog license. I like to visit zoos. I can see many kinds of animals in the zoo. I can see the endangered animals there. My native country protects endangered animals like the panda. There are eight natural protected areas in my country. People can't live there and they can't cut the trees and kill the animals there.--May

I like some animals. They are pretty. I liked to visit them when I was a child, but I think people who have a lot of pets will have environmental problems. Americans treat pets the same as people. In my country it is different. Pets are not completely protected by the laws. Some animals are killed. I think many years from now we will have laws to protect pets.--Sumei

Americans treat pets the same as people in my country do. I like to visit zoos. I think zoos help endangered species. In my country, there are laws protecting endangered species. For example, the panda is an endangered species. The panda is a beautiful animal and walks slowly. There are very few in the world.--Xiaowei

I had a cat in my native country. It was white without any small spots of other colors. All of my family loved this very smart pet. I saw homeless people in the U.S. but I didn't see homeless cats and dogs. I have visited the S.F. Zoo, and seen many animals. These animals have a very small space for a natural life. Only national parks have enough territory for the natural life of wild animals. Each being alive on the earth should have the right to live and develop in its native environment.--Yuriy

I like animals and pets but I don't want to have one because here in the U.S. it is a lot of trouble to have a pet. With pets, you need to spend time and money, pay attention, and have dedication and responsibility. You can be in court if you don't give appropriate treatment to your pet. The time and the money you spend to take care of a pet here in the U.S. for me means a lot, because we work by the hour, and if you have a pet, you need to spend time taking care of this pet. Then you work less hours or skip doing something for yourself. Don't forget you need to spend a lot of money too. I don't agree with this. If you calculate everything between time and money you will have a large amount of money in the end with which you can take care of a whole family in Brazil. Over there there are many children who don't have anything to eat and Americans spend a lot of money to buy special toys, food, clothes, and beds for their pets. Do you think this is fair?.--Giuliane

In my country, I had a cat and a dog but I liked the little cat more because that cat could call me, wake me up, and join with me for work. It was very cute and beautiful. It liked to eat fish. I always fed it rice with fish. That cat was very smart. It could catch a mouse when the place had one. Even if I was bored, it could make me happy. Now I don't have a pet, so sometimes I feel bored.--Paul

Actually, I'm not into animals. When I came to America, I was very envious of the dogs in America. They get treated really well. Even when homeless people get money from other people, they feed their dogs first.--Myung Hee

All the animals are very important for the environment. There is a food chain through the world. If any kind of animal is extinct, the food chain will break. In my country, people cut a lot of the woods and stopped the river for electricity and they like to eat wild animals. Zoos can't help the endangered animals. They will lose their lives to hunting.--Bond

I had different kinds of pets in my native country. I also have pets here in the U.S. Anyway, I have a dog, rabbit, snake and fish, and I treat them like human beings because they have life. I remember in my country people kill dogs, especially when people see dogs in the streets. They kill them and cook them and eat them and they don't care whose dog it is. You know, my two favorite animals are really dogs in general and rabbits. I have a rabbit here and a chihuahua and I have an aquarium with fish. I also take my dogs out to the park.--Gabriel.

I had pets in my native country. Pets are good company for a family. I have pets at home--one dog, and two fish. My dog is female. She is intelligent. We lived with her in my native country for six years. We arrived in the U.S. with her. We are living together now. We love her very much. She understands Spanish and English commands. I think she is bilingual.--Victor

In my native country, there is a bad environment, because most of the people cut lots of trees and remove the jungles to build big industrial buildings. These industrial buildings create a lot of pollution. It makes people sick. On the other hand, the people of my native country treat animals very badly. They keep their animals out of the house. They don't love their pets. They only keep pets to use. Last year I saw the San Francisco Zoo. I liked the birds and owls. I never saw a zoo in my native country, so it was the first time I saw a zoo here in San Francisco. In my native country there is a law about protecting the environment, but nobody follows the rules.--Kulvinder

I love pets but I've never had one because I always lived in small houses and in my opinion pets need to live in a large place. In addition, feeding pets costs too much and when they die we suffer a lot. I think American people treat pets like humans and spend a lot of money on them. It's unfair. They could have the same behavior taking care of poor children, but they don't do it. In my country, people are more worried about poverty than about having pets.--Maria

On the Earth, there are more and more people, but fewer and fewer animals. The buildings are higher and higher, but the green places are fewer and fewer. Some animals will be endangered. Environmental problems will be the biggest problem in the world. What can we do for that? I think every country should have a law to protect endangered species. If someone breaks the law, they'll be getting big trouble. Nobody wants to live in the worst environment in the world. If the environment is getting better, we will be sitting on top of the world!--Wen

I like one kind of dogs and I hate cats. I think Americans treat pets different than people in my country do. Zoos in my country are nice. You can visit them once a year. Of course, any zoo needs to protect endangered species. You have to take care of any pet you have. If you don't take care of the pets, they will be dirty. I think people in my country treat birds, chickens and horses the same as Americans treat pets. When I saw some American people feed some animals, I was very confused because in my country, people feed dogs and cats whatever they have eaten, but Americans make some special food and mix it and then feed the pets.--Lyman