Write about Exercise and Sports

I like to exercise. I like swimming, aerobics, and volleyball. I often do sports 2 to 3 times a week. In my country soccer is popular with younger people and then men and women like different sports. Men like soccer and martial arts, but women like aerobics and softer sports. I like to walk the best because when I was a kid, my school was very far. I had to walk to go to school every day, so I like to walk now. I like to watch the Olympics on TV. I like to watch platform diving in the Olympics the best. Whether a man or woman jumps into the pool, it's very interesting.--Yue Hua

I like to exercise. I like to do yoga every weekday, Monday through Friday. On the weekend I like to run in Golden Gate Park with my family. Sometimes we play basketball in my backyard. In my native country, soccer, volleyball, ping-pong and a lot of sports are popular. When I was a kid, I liked to play badminton and ping-pong. I like to watch the Olympics on TV, especially diving.--Susanna

First, I like any exercise because it's good for your health. I like soccer, football, basketball, track and field, and tennis. I especially like soccer. Now I don't play soccer. Now sometimes I exercise by running. In my country, popular sports are track and field, especially 5,000 and 10,000 meter runs. When I was a kid I played soccer. At that time in my country, men and women did not play different sports. Now it is the same. I like to watch any sports, especially American football. Six months ago I didn't like this sport, but now I am very interested. Yes, I watched the Olympics. My favorite was basketball.--Sintayehu

I like to exercise but I don't like it so much. When I was a child, I played basketball. I was on a team, but in my family no one exercised. After that when I was in the universitym every morning I ran in the stadium for three or four years, but when my university finished, I didn't have time. I was always tired, and very busy studying. Now it's 10 years that I haven't had any exercise, but all the time I think about exercising. I go upstairs and downstairs at school, at the hospital, and in my building. If I have time, I don't take the bus. I walk. When I clean the house I guess that is exercise too. I don't like to watch any sports--Elizabeth

I like to exercise. A few years ago I took my kids to the swimming pool every week, so right now they swim very well. Sometimes they teach other kids in the swimming pool. In my family, everybody likes sports. Sometimes we watch football games on TV. In my native country, soccer is our popular sport. A lot of people like it. If soccer is in the Olympics, it makes everybody excited so sports is good for the people.--Xiao Li

When I was a child, I did track and field in elementary school in Peru and I had a competition with another school. It was very interesting and fun for me. In my native country the most popular sports are soccer, volleyball and boxing. The last Olympics I saw the whole thing, but I liked swimming, boxing, and relay races very much. I always see wrestling, boxing, baseball and soccer on TV. Sometimes I go to the ball park. At this time I do exercises for my back. I have an injury in my spine. Now I don't feel so good but I am going to be better. I hope so.--Julia

I like to exercise. I think I exercise every day. I like to walk and run. Before, I was doing aerobics. This is very good for you. I like to do it. In my native country, people play many, many games, for example, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis and more. In my native country, wrestling is very popular, sambo, judo, sumo and more, but the most popular is Mongolian wrestling. This is only for men. Once upon a time one woman was doing it, but now there are not any women. I like to watch basketball and tennis.--Lkhagvasuren

I like to exercise very much. I usually get up at 7:00 am and then I go to play basketball from 8:00 am to 8:50 am. I enjoy playing it, but I did not like it when I was a kid. I only liked running in my native country. Five years ago, I watched NBA basketball on TV. It was very exciting. Then I watched all the NBA Basketball games. I play basketball every day when I have time. I don't know what happened to me. The TV changed my mind. It changed my favorite exercise! Oh, the NBA Basketball and playing basketball is really fun, really interesting for me.--Zhong Yee

Exercise is good for health, but it's different in different countries, such as in my native country. It's only the young and a few old people who exercise. It's difficult to see adults exercise, no matter if they are free or busy. But I think in S.F. it is very different. I can see people at any age exercise anywhere and at anytime. People care about their health so much they make exercise one part of their life. It's a good idea I see in S.F.--Yu

I like to play tennis because we can meet new people and exercise. It is very good relaxation. In our native country, soccer is popular. Many people like to watch and play. When I was a kid, my friend and I liked to play soccer as a school sport. All people think their native team can get a good score and get a prize in the world.--Bo

I think doing exercise is good for the mind and for the body because it gives you enthusiasm and also more energy for work. I like to swim because it's fun and it's an excellent sport. In my native country, the most popular sport is soccer, but likewise volleyball gives many people satisfaction because they always earn prizes in competition. When I was a child, I played volleyball with my friends. In the last Olympics I was watching the different sports on TV and saw that the U.S.A. earned many gold medals.--Carmen

I like to exercise. I like to run and play badminton. In my native country, volleyball, basketball, ping-pong and soccer are very popular. Men and women like different sports in my native country. Men like basketball and soccer, but women like volleyball. I like to watch sports on TV. I like to watch the Olympics on TV. I like to watch relay races, swimming and volleyball.--Tracy

I like to exercise. I like to play basketball and pool very much. In my native country I played pool every day. When I was a child, I liked to play basketball very much. I like to watch basketball games on TV and the Olympic sport I like is swimming.--HZ

I like soccer. When I was a kid, I played soccer for a long time. I like basketball too, but I only play it sometimes. I like to watch it on TV.--Manuchar

I'm Duc. I don't like exercise. Sometimes I play ping-pong in this school. In my native country, everyone usually likes to play soccer. I usually watched soccer on Sunday when I lived in my country. I like everything in the Olympics. That's it about me.--Duc

Well, I don't like exercise, but in my native country, soccer is very popular. All the people like soccer. When I was a child I didn't play sports, but I like to watch sports on TV. Sometimes I watch soccer or boxing. When the Olympics were on TV, I watched gymnastics. I liked it so much. Since I came here, I've loved the Giants. They play baseball. Sometimes I go to the ballpark.--Maria R.

My name is Minh Nguyen. I'm from Vietnam. I came to the U.S. in June, 2003. I'm a student now. In my native country, I liked to swim when I was a child. Men and women like different sports in my native country. Men like to play soccer and women like to play basketball. Now I like to swim in the swimming pool, and I like to watch football too. Sometimes I run to Ocean Beach. That's about me.--Minh

My name's AK. I like to exercise. I like basketball very much. I play basketball about every day. The popular sport in my native country is table tennis, but in my native country men and women like to play badminton. I like to watch basketball games on TV, but I don't like to watch the Olympics on TV because I haven't got much time to watch TV--AK

I like exercise. I do Tai Chi every day, sometimes in the morning and sometimes after dinner. Tai Chi is always popular in my native country, and ping-pong is too. I like ping-pong and basketball, and to watch ice dancing on TV. I like to watch people do Tai Chi in my country. Now a lot of old people do dancing and Tai Chi and a lot of kids play soccer and ping-pong too.--Doris

I like to walk. This is my favorite exercise. When I find free time, I walk. I feel very good. I remember wrestling is very popular in my native country I love to play soccer and football with my kids. I think the sports my kids and I watch are basketball, ballet, swimming, and gymnastics. That's about it for Olympic sports. I think for me the best sport is football. It is very exciting, healthy, nice, and good.--Soad

I like exercise. I studied classical ballet from 3 years old to 25 years old, so I like to do and watch classical ballet, but I don't like modern ballet. It feels cheap, artificial, and not human. Recently I can't do running either. I can run once every two weeks. I want more running, but I don't have time. I want to try classical ballet again, but I can't move physically like I used to.--Emi

I have a good body because I like to exercise very much. When I was a child, I went to swim every day in the summer. When I was a young man, I always went to swim and rode a bike to go to work. On the weekend I rode a bike for a long distance to go fishing. Sometimes I went to play table tennis. Now I still like to do this exercise. I like to watch tennis matches, basketball games and ping-pong matches.--Ci Dian

When I was young, I played table tennis and volleyball only in my school class because I didn't have much chance to play. I like to watch football on TV very much. Soccer in my country is very popular. Everybody likes the sport. The Olympic sports I like to watch on TV are soccer, swimming, the marathon race, etc. It is very exciting.--Amy

I like to exercise and play sports. I liked swimming and playing volleyball, but it was a long time ago. In my country tennis and soccer are popular. When I was a kid, I swam and ran. I like to watch diving on TV.--Yan Hong

I like exercise. When I was a child, I liked playing soccer, playing basketball, running and jumping. I wanted to be an athlete, but my right foot got hurt so I stopped my athletic dream. Now I like to exercise too. In the summer or on vacation, I run and do exercises every day, but this semestesr I run and do exercises three times a week. I like to watch sports on TV too. During the Olympics, I watched TV every day. I liked to watch swimming and soccer.-Kendy