Write about Exercise and Sports

I like to exercise. I like to run and walk. In my native country I liked to play ping pong. I played tennis with my son. In my country, women and men do a little different sports. I like to watch jumping jacks and Olympics gymnastics and equestrian events (horses).--Sophy

My name is Oi Hing. I like to exercise. I often take time on the weekend for running. I like to do it. In my country popular sports are football (soccer), springboard diving, rhythmic gymnastics and artistic gymnastics too. I like to play some sports with my kid. In my native country the men and women like different sports. I like to watch boxing on TV and the Olympics on TV too. I like platform diving and rhythmic gymnastics the best.--Oi Hing

I believe exercise and sports are important for our body's health, so I like to exercise every day. I go to Golden Gate Park and do Tai Chi and jog. When I was a kid I always liked a long run. In my native country, many people like to play ping pong. I like to watch basketball on TV.--Mei Fung

I like to ride a bicycle. When I was in my country, I rode a bicycle to work and shop. It took me about three hours every day. I think this is a very good sport because it can save money and give me exercise, but now, if I ride a bicycle in San Francisco, it is very dangerous. I always like to watch the Olympics on TV, but last year I just watched the Olympics on TV a little because there was only one channel about the Olympics and I didn't understand what they said.--Vera

I like to exercise. I like to walk and play table tennis. In my country the popular sports are football (soccer) and table tennis. The men and women like different sports. The men like football, basketball and table tennis. The women like table tennis. I like to watch the Olympics on TV. I like the Olympic sport of diving the best.--Michelle

I like to exercise, but I don't do exercises. In my country ping pong and tennis are popular sports. When I was a child, I liked to play ping pong, ride a bike, and play hopscotch. Men and women like to play different sports. Men like to play basketball, tennis and bowling. Women like to go to gyms and do exercise, play tennis in the inside, and go for walks outside. I like to watch volleyball and soccer. At the Olympics I like to watch gymnastics, volleyball and ping pong.--Wendy

I like to walk, but I do it only sometimes. In my country the most popular sport is baseball. You can ask a question in my country and everybody will say, "Sometime I played baseball." When I was younger, I liked to ride a bicycle. My favorite sport on TV is baseball. I love the New York Yankees. The Olympic sports I prefer are swimming and gymnastics, although I like almost all of them.--Brenda

I liked to exercise when I was a teenager. I liked to play badminton and swim. I did it every day. In my country diving and gymnastics are very popular. Every time the Olympics comes I like to watch diving because it is very interesting to me. When I was a kid, I didn't like sports, but I liked to read.--Mina

I like to play sports very much, but I haven't played very often since I came to San Francisco. In my native country I played so many sports, like soccer, volleyball, ping pong, badminton, etc. I had gym class every day. The teacher taught us so many sports and played with us. I play soccer very well and I like it, but so many people like to play ping pong. I think it is because there are too many ping pong tables, and that sport is not tiring. I like to watch the soccer channel and I enjoy it.--Wei

When I was a kid, I always played volleyball and table tennis at school. After I finished school, I never played any sports because there was no place to play. In my country people like to play volleyball and table tennis because these sports are very popular in the country. I like to exercise. Right now I exercise every day, but I don't play sports. I play hula hoop and ride a bicycle. Sometimes I watch sports on TV. I like to watch ice skating on TV.--Carmen.

I like different sports, but my favorite sports are volleyball and gymnastics. In my country the most popular sport is soccer. A lot of people, men and women, play. I like to watch soccer, volleyball and gymnastics. I love them. I like to watch the Olympics on TV, but not all the sports, only the ones that are the most important for me. I think that every sport is special and I can't find which sport is the best.--Gloria Luz

I don't like to do any sports. I like to watch them on TV or go to the stadium and see baseball and football (soccer). In my country, the most popular sport is football. Men and women play that. When I was a child, I played football and baseball.--Maricel

I like to do Yoga and run for exercise. I did it three times each week from 7 pm - 9 pm in my country. I enjoyed walking. I went window shopping with my friend if I had any time. When I was a child, I asked children the same age as me to play hopscotch. I like to watch the Olympic sports of figure skating and gymnastics on TV.--Zhao Ping

I think everybody does exercise and watches sports such as walking, running, working out, and yoga. Sometimes I do yoga. When I was a child I did track and field at school. The most popular sport in my country is football (soccer). I always like to watch boxing on TV. The best Olympic sport for me in the last Olympics was swimming.--Julia