Write about Exercise and Sports

I like to watch some sports on TV, like baseball, tennis, swimming, football, soccer, volleyball, etc. I don't like golf. It's very slow. I've liked to play basketball for 10 years. I practiced basketball from Monday to Friday starting in 1995. Right now I can't practice because I had many broken bones in my body. Soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico. It has many fans. Only 70% of the population, heh heh! My favorite Olympic sport is running.--Miriam

I like exercise and sports. I like yoga exercises, running and working out in the gym the most. Every morning I do the same yoga exercises or run in the park. In my native country, winter sports are more popular, for example, the biathlon and skiing. When I was a child, I went to gymnastics and to the swimming pool. In my native country, some kinds of sports like Greco-Roman wrestling are only for men. I like to watch races, like Formula 1, on TV.--Irina

I did exercises in my country before. I went to the gym at 6:00 so I used different exercises. When I came here, I didn't go to exercise because I work and it is enough for me. As for sports, I like basketball and volleyball. Those were my favorite sports when I was in elementary and high school, most especially when we won the competitions. The teachers were happy too, and then they were proud of my school.--Marilou

When I was a child, I always liked to play table tennis because my mother wouldn't let me go out for a long time. I could invite my friends to my home to play table tennis. I enjoyed it very much at that time. Now, after I got married and had my kid, I don't have much time to do my sports, but I can take my boy out for a walk after supper. We run around in the playground. My son runs after me. We can do sports together. I like to watch the Olympics on TV. I like the sport of diving. In this sport, Chinese players are excellent. I feel it's exciting.--May

In my native country, when I was in primary school I belonged to a basketball team. In high school, I was a cheerleader, but when I was in the university I began to use a stationary bicycle. At this moment I don't do any sport because I haven't found one yet.--Marisol

I never do exercises and sports now. When I was in Japan, I went to a sports club twice a week. I didn't know how to swim, but I liked to walk in the pool because somebody told me I would be able to lose weight.--Michelle

I like to exercise. I walk for a short time on weekdays. I often run two times a month. When I was a child, I liked to play ping pong and badminton. They were good exercise for my health. Ping pong is a popular sport in my country. I like to watch diving or track and field on TV.--Janet

I like to exercise. I play tennis with my daughter every weekend. Sometimes I swim, and sometimes I walk on the beach. Tennis is popular in my native country. I like dancing and swimming.--Sherly

I like to play golf. I played golf for a long time, about 25 years, but I can't play now because my arm sometimes hurts, so I go to have dinner at Green Hills Country Club (golf club) once a week. Now I take dancing lessons twice a week. When I was a child, I played volleyball. I like almost all sports.--Aiko

My name is Lai Ho. I like to exercise because I want to stay in shape. Every day I get up at 6:00 AM and then I do aerobics for 30 minutes. After school I jog to the park and Ocean Beach for almost 2 hours every day. Sometimes if I eat dinner early, I will walk in the evening for about an hour. Usually I love exercise. Because I have a lot of free time, I can stay in shape.--Lai Ho

My name is Simon. I like to exercise and I like to swim and play ping pong. Sometimes I play ping pong in school. When I was a child, I liked to play soccer. In my native country, the men like to play soccer too, but the women like to play badminton.--Simon

I like exercise, but I don't have a lot of time to do it here. I like badminton and volleyball. I do it two times a year, and my young daughter likes it too. She joined a volleyball team. I usually watch her games on the weekend and sometimes I play with her in the park. In my native country, most of the people like volleyball. I don't watch sports on TV.--Shu Zhen

When I was in high school in my native country, my friends and I liked to go jogging in the morning once a week. The most popular sport in my native country is basketball. When I was a kid, I usually played basketball in the afternoon. Most men like to watch basketball and billiards, but sometimes women like to watch too. My favorite sports to watch on TV are basketball and billiards. I also like to watch any sport of the Olympics on TV.--Michael

My name is Wency. I came from Malaysia. I like to exercise. I exercised in my native country every day, but over here I haven't exercised in a long time because I want to work and go to school every day. In my native country, I liked jogging with my best friend in the evening, but in San Francisco the evening is cold so I don't go jogging. I like swimming, jogging and aerobics. In my native country, soccer, badminton, swimming and aerobics are popular sports. I went swimming when I was a kid. I like to watch ice skating and aerobics, so I sometimes like to watch the Olympics on TV. I like ice skating in the Olympics.--Wency

I like to swim, ice skate, and do gymnastics. I like to jog and dance. I exercise once a week. In my native country, popular sports are soccer, aerobics and volleyball. When I was a kid, I usually played ping pong and ran. In my native country, men like soccer and women like weightlifting. I like to watch swimming and basketball. I like to watch gymnastics in the Olympics. I think the best Olympic sport is swimming.--Fanny

When I was a kid, I skiied in school because I grew up in Sapporo, Japan. There is a lot of snow in the winter. Now I like to watch baseball on TV. I went to see the San Francisco Giants at SBC Stadium last month. They lost the game, but I had a great time. I hope they have a championship next year.--Shoko

I like to do hula hoop and badminton for exercise now. When I was a kid, I did many kinds of exercise, for example, running, volleyball, cycling, and ping pong. I ran the farthest in my class. I never watch sports on TV. I like to play sports more than just watching on TV. I want to be able to swim, but I'm afraid of the water in the pool.--Crystal

I like to exercise. In my country, I went to the swimming pool three times a week. When I was a kid, I played volleyball, but now I don't have time for exercise. I'm from Georgia (Russia) and in my country the most popular sport is soccer. Really every boy can play soccer. I like to watch the Olympics on TV. My favorite Olympic sport is figure skating.--Elena

In my country, the more popular sports are boxing, kickboxing, soccer and wrestling. I like to watch soccer and tennis on TV. For Olympic games, I like wrestling more. When I was a child, I liked to play soccer with my friends. I don't do exercises because I don't have time but I walk a lot every day.--Elen

I like exercise but I like sports a lot, and my favorite is soccer. Maybe I played soccer from when I was 9 years old. It's the best sport for me, but now I don't play because I don't have time, but I watch soccer on TV; Mexican and Spanish soccer. Mexico is a soccer country. Men and women play soccer, but some Mexicans play other sports, for example basketball, volleyball, baseball, American football too, etc. For us Mexicans, the Soccer World Cup and Olympic Games are so important; for me, soccer and running are the best Olympic sports because there is adrenaline and emotion. For that, sports are so good. I believe that...I like soccer...a lot.--Abel

I like to swim and run. I usually go swimming three times a week. In my country, most people do shadowboxing every morning. When I was a child, I liked to dance. Sometimes I watch Olympic sports on TV. I like to see swimming and running.--Candy

I don't like exercise, but I like to watch sports on TV. Ping pong is very popular in my country (China). I swam when I was a child. I watch all sports on TV. I like Olympic sports. I like springboard diving, platform diving, long jump, high jump, pole vault, and all Olympic sports.--Xiuying