Write About Families

I have a good family. I live together with my mother and my sister's family. I think it's very good for women to take care of their children, but sometimes women need to earn money to support their life. It's good for older parents to live with adult children because they can help to cook something for their adult children and the adult children can take care of them and then the family will be happy and safe. Now in Hong Kong parents can't spank children.--King Fung

I have a big family living in Viet Nam. I love my family. I think women working outside the home is very good but they don't have time to take care of their children carefully. If the children don't obey or are restive, you should take a long time to show them how to act.--Dieu

My name is Gloria. I have a big family, five sisters and two brothers. Three sisters are living in Southern California very close to San Diego. One brother is living in Orange County and the other one is in Mexico. My sister Luisa works just as a housewife, but I think that work is very tiring because she has five children and nobody helps her. Her husband works almost all day. My sister Liliana is very intelligent because she and her husband work together. They share every chore and work. My youngest sister just got married.--Gloria

I think the family is important to me. A family of people living together and helping each other makes life happy. I think women should work outside except for women who have small children. Women should take care of their small children at home. I think parents should not spank their children. Mothers-in-law have a stereotype.--Mei Fung

I'm going to write about my country's culture and my big family. I have four brothers and one sister. All my family live in my native country. In my country the majority of the women need to work outside the home because their lives are very hard, but I think when a woman has a little baby she needs to take care of the baby. I think sometimes it is a good idea for adult children to live with older parents because they need help. I think when children do something bad sometimes it's good to give them a little spank.--Maricel

I live in this city with my husband and our son. He's 3 years old. I have two sisters and two brothers. They live in New York with my parents. My sisters have three daughters and they go to school in Queens. My younger brother isn't married and he works in the NYPD in the computer department and my older brother is married but doesn't have children. He has his own business. In my family when the children are small the women take care of them and don't have a job and when they go to school then the mother goes to work. In my country sometimes it is the same. We rarely spank the children. I think it's better to talk with them. In my country the people have a stereotype for mothers-in-law. They think that they are busybodies.--Brenda

I have a big family. I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers. My family is in Macau. I'm the only one in S.F. In my country women work outside the home. Some women have a very good job and take care of their family very well, so I think women with small children should have a job. In my country a long time ago, older parents always lived with their adult children, but now it is changing. To me, living with older parents is okay.--Mina

My whole family is in San Francisco. They are retired. We like it here very much. I have a brother and a sister. I think women working outside or working with small children is the same. I think parents spanking children is not good. Some children complain to their teachers and then you have a problem.--Zi Qiang

I have a small family but it's wonderful and harmonic. I love them. I think there are many kinds of families, functional or disfunctional. It depends. Women shouldn't work when they have small children. They should be with them. Older parents are positive because they are a model to follow for education. The weather is convenient in San francisco because there isn't much rain or heat. My family is the reason I live.--Julia

Long, long ago, most of the people in China lived with their mothers-in-law, so the daughter-in-law must accept whatever her husband and mother-in-law said because she went to her husband and mother-in-law's home when they were married. If the woman doesn't agree with what her husband and mother-in-law said, the people think that the woman is not a good daughter-in-law. Her mother-in-law used to be a daughter-in-law.--Zhao Ping

I have a small family. My relatives live in San Francisco. Women work outside the home in my native country. I think women with small children have a heavy job every day. I think it is a good idea for older parents to live with their adult children. This family is very good. A stereotype for mothers-in-law in my native country is negative. They only love their children.--Luba

I have a small family. My brother's family is in China. In my country women who have small children maybe take care of their children and go to work. If old parents take care of the small children, the women go to work. In China, almost all adult children live with their old parents. Sometimes parents spank children because children are noisy. Mothers-in-law have a stereotype . If she says something, my husband and I agree and accept it.--Wendy

I have a big family. My parents and my sisters all live in San Francisco, but my grandfather lives alone in New York. I like a big family because everyone can help each other. For examle, my grandfather has to shovel the heavy snow in front of his house by himself after it snows. The adult children don't need to spend a lot of time to do housework, so I think it's a good idea for older parents to live with their adult children.--Vera

I have a small family. My husband and I are in San Francisco. In my country the women work outside the home. I think women with small children should have a job if the children have somebody to take care of them. If the children don't have anyone to take care of them, the women shouldn't have a job. I think it's a good idea for older parents to live with their adult children because they can take care of each other.--Michelle