Write About Families

I have a small family in the U.S.A. My mother-in-law has three children. They all work in Boston. My sister-in-law works in Boston too. They live with my mother-in-law. Only my husband and my children live in San Francisco. In my native country, I have a big family. My mother has seven daughters and one son. My mom works at home. My dad works outside.--Jackie

I have a small family with my sisters and brothers. All my family lives in San Francisco. We talked about women with small children working because women should stay at home. They should clean the house, cook, and their children can go to daycare. In my country women work outside the home. They cook barbeque and some people buy food. For most older parents it is a good idea to live with their adult children. Parents should spank their children when they have trouble. There is also a stereotype for mothers-in-law in my native country. They say bad words.--Michael

In Columbia, there were many people who married too young in the past, at about 14 or 16. My grandmother got married when she was 14 and she had 14 children. I think that the reason for this is less education. For example, my grandfather never finished primary school. At this moment, it has changed, because the people travel around the world and know different cultures, think and study, and go ahead to make a better life for themselves and their families--Marisol

I have a big family. My father, mother, and brother all live in China. Only my husband and I and his family live in San Francisco, and we are 6 people living together. My husband and I always go out working until midnight. We are very happy.--Winnie

There are eight people in my family--my sister, my parents, my husband, my kid, my mother-in-law, my father-in-law, and I. Now, my parents and my sister are still in China and the other people are here. We live together. My boy is almost 3 years old. He is very cute. Every day I go to school. He always asks me to take him to school with me. He said he wants to learn English too. Last week my husband and I took him to the zoo. The first time he saw the tiger and lion and giraffe, he was very excited. He asked me if we could buy one for him so we didn't have any idea what to do. Fortunately, we saw a model of these in the nearby gift shop. After we bought some for him, we went home.--May

It's good to have all the family in the same country, but sometimes you can't change anything. I think women have to work and not be housewives, because if a woman is not "realized," her life is not interesting, but if a woman has small children, she should take care of her children for about 1-2 years. In my native country, a mother takes care of children for 3 years and the government pays her for that. I think it's a good idea to pay mothers for the education of their children.--Tatiana

My stereotype of a family is when a man and woman live together in the same place (house, apartment, etc.). This relationship is based on love. The man in the family is a "hunter," the wife is responsible for the children's education and for keeping a fire in the fireplace. Warmth and comfort in a home depends on both, but usually comes from the wife. A father-in-law and mother-in-law can help a new family financially and spiritually because they have more experience in life, but it is not necessary that they live together.--Victor

In my native country, the family is united, but sometimes the family is fighting. The family sometimes follows the stereotype of a union, but other times the father or the mother takes one position because they are separated and it makes problems for the children.--Abel

In Mexico if the mother and father are divorced, the mother takes the children and the father doesn't pay for anything (no school, no food, no clothes). The Mexican single mother is very strong and she works all day to give the best to her children. Right now the Mexican woman is very independent about her husband, because she goes to school, she takes a job, and she cares for her children. When the Mexican family is "normal," it's very united and lovely. The father and mother care for their children until they are 20-25 years old.--Miriam

I think my family isn't very big. I have only one sister. We live together with our families. I'm married and I have two daughters. My sister has a daughter and a son. I'm from Georgia (Russia) and my mother and father are there. In my country, women work outside the home. I think it's difficult for women with small children. When my daughters were small, I stayed at home. I love my family. I want my older parents to live with me.--Elena

My name is Wency. I come from Malaysia. I have a small family. I have a father, a mother, one younger brother, and one younger sister. I live with my family right now. Before I came to San Francisco, I lived with my grandmother and grandfather. My opinion is women with small children should have a job because a woman just staying home and taking care of a baby is not good. In my native country, 70% of the women work outside the home. My opinion is parents should not spank their children because when the children do wrong things, the children's parents should explain to their kids and not spank their kids. If parents just spank their kids and don't explain or don't listen to their kids' reason, their kids will not understand why their parents want to spank them. And they will hate their parents.--Wency

I have a big family. My family isn't all in San Francisco. Some people are in China. In China some women work outside the home, but some women stay at home because they have to take care of the chlidren, clean the house and cook the meals. When the women have small children I think it's best that the women stay at home and take care of the children. I don't think parents should spank their children because they're very small so they don't understand. I think parents shouldn't spank their children and I think small children shouldn't have a job because they're so small. When they are adults, they can do that.--Da Sheng

In my country, most people live in one house. A long time ago, women just stayed home and took care of babies and only did housework. The men went out and made money to support the family, but now it is different. I have a small family. My father is in New York. He has his own laundry. I have two brothers. I am the youngest one.--King

I think my family is big. I have two sisters and one brother. They are married. My parents have four adult children and seven grandchildren. My family lives in S.F. I have a good family. I'm so happy. In my native country, a lot of women have jobs. Their old parents take care of their small children at home. Sometimes, some parents spank children. I think it's okay that way, but I don't like it for my children. I like living together with my parents.--Janet

If the money and house permits, I think a small family can live in one house. The older parents can live nearby. Maybe on weekends or vacation, they can be together. Older parents and their adult children should have their own freedom. I think women working outside the home is a good idea. When women have small children, I think they shouldn't stay at home. I think parents can not spank their children. It is not a good education. I like having more relatives in San Francisco because they can help each other and talk to each other.--Zai Yi

I have a small family. My parents have three children. My younger sister and my mother live in Japan. My younger brother and his wife and daughter live in China with my father. We haven't seen each other for a long time. I hope we can get together next Chinese New Year. My husband and I will go back to China and stay with them. It will be a wonderful New Year.--Michelle

My family in my country has 3 sisters and 1 brother. It's not a big family, but everyone has a job. They work in the government. One of my sisters has a family. She has 2 girls and 1 boy. My sister works in a hospital. She is always busy so she has one person who takes care of the kids and then she pays for it at the end of the month. Some of my sisters and my brother are single. They're not getting married. I can't say anything about my mother-in-law.--Marilou

I have a daughter. My husband and I live with my daughter's family. She has a son. He is eight years old. She has a job, so I have to take care of my grandson. I have to make lunch for him every morning. I always get up at 5:30. Her business is busy with work. She is going on a business trip this Sunday, to Chicago for five days.--Aiko

I have a big family. I have three sisters and one brother. They all got married and have children. Two sisters live in Daly City, one sister lives in China, and my brother lives with my family. I have three children, two girls and one boy. They're all at school. Now I don't have a job. I take them to school and me to school every day. After school, I'm very busy because I cook dinner for them every day so I only have a bit of free time.--Shu Zhen

I have a big family because I have three brothers and two sisters. They all are married and live in San Francisco. We have a party every month because we want everybody to visit each other. That's a very happy and fun time.--Lai Ho

I have a small family. I have a brother and a sister in Japan. I live in San Francisco with my daughter and her husband. He is Peruvian. He is a nice person, and a musician. He is very busy so I sometimes help him. They don't have any children, but they have very cute pets. We have a nice day every day.--Shoko