Write a Paragraph about Food.

Everybody needs food to eat. Some people enjoy eating in a restaurant, and some people enjoy making their own meals at home. There are many kinds of food that we can buy, so we can taste the different styles we want, and try foods from different countries. In America, it is very easy for us to find special food to eat because people from many different countries have opened their style restaurant. If we have enough money to spend we can eat many, many, kinds of meals. We can invite our friends to try them. It is very convenient, so many people want to come here.--Florence

In my native country, women usually eat at home and cook at home. Only men go to a teahouse or restaurant. I think Chinese women still follow the old Chinese tradition and they are too scared to look at all the different faces. But over here, men and women are all the same, eat at the same table, talk, and play in the same places together. Nobody cares who looks at you.--Julie

When I was in my country, I always ate rice, vegetables, and meat, but now I am in America. I had a big change. I can eat any kind of food in San Francisco. I like to eat pizza and Vietnamese food, but I hate hamburgers.--Tiffany

When I came here, I had a big problem with my son, because we ate differently in our country and I didn't know where to buy everything that we like to eat. For example, the tortillas are different in El Salvador. Here I have to make them because although there are many things from Mexico, they are similar but not the same. Some fruits, vegetables, seasonings and spices are difficult to find. I brought my cookbook but I think that cooking here like in my country is expensive. Some popular foods in my country are: tamales, pupusas, pasteles (corn and beef filling), empanadas (platano with milk). I miss Salvadorean cheese, cream, etc. A good breakfast in my country is: platanos, eggs, beans, cheese and French bread. When I cook like this my husband and my son become happy.--Wendick

I like to eat any kind of food. When I lived in my country, I lived by myself for my job around 15 years. Three times a day, every day, I went to a restaurant. sometimes I went to a Chinese restaurant, but I almost always went to a Korean restaurant. I've eaten every kind of food except dog meat and snake. But all the time I wanted to eat home-made food. Restaurant food is just delicious, but not good healthy food--you get hungry fast. For example, a long time ago my wife got pregnant. If we went to a restaurant and then to a check-up for a blood test and cholesterol test, the test results were not so good. They use a lot of seasoning. Now, sometimes we eat out for the kids, but I don't like it. No money, no time, not healthy. But my wife complains too much. She says, "I'm working too much for food."--Yoon-Saing

Well...Some eating habits have changed since I first arrived here. I was used to eating very spicy food and eating three times a day. Sometimes I went to the restaurants in my country, and a few times I cooked. Now my life is different because I almost never cook. I eat two times a day (sometimes once a day) because I'm always busy. I go to the restaurant three times a week and I have tried Italian food, Cuban food, Thai food, and Chinese food. I love seafood, and of course, MEXICAN FOOD!--Jorge

Because I came here just a few months ago and I am not adventurous, I have little experience with these topics. It's so different from my native country because eating outside is much more expensive than eating at home. I need to pay tips for a lot of things that I still haven't gotten used to. There are a lot of kinds of food at the supermarket that I don't know what they are. I learn about them from the supermarket advertisements. I know I can be more adventurous and experience more different cultures and open my mind and enjoy life here.--Emily

I like the American eating style. It it always convenient, enjoyable, and often too much for me. I like to go to the supermarket here. There are a lot of different vegetables from those in our country. The first difference is its size. How big are they? I think it's caused by the soil. The next one is color. How colorful are they? Yesterday I bought sweet potatoes to cook. I planned to boil those with apples, but I was so surprised to look at the cut surface. It was colored orange! I've never seen those sweet potatoes in my country. While I was cooking, I was doubtful about the results. Finally, I added raisins. That was a very nice dish!--Keiko

In Mexico, usually the food is fresh. The Mexican dishes are spicy and many times they have a lot of condiments. These condiments are sometimes stronger and heavier for tourists. One difference between American and Mexican customs is we eat three times a day: 1. Breakfast is between 7:00 and 9:00 am. We take a big meal, for example, 2 eggs with bacon, beans, tortillas or bread and juice or milk. 2. Our lunch often is at 2:00 pm. This is the biggest meal. This time we have soup, salad, beef or chicken or seafood. 3. At night we take something light for dinner around 9:00 pm. The people always need tortillas with their dishes.--Desirée

I'm from Guangzhou in China. There are many wonderful foods in Guangzhou. Eating is very important to the population of Guangzhou. Everything must be fresh. In this city, the way people shop for food is different from other cities. They might buy as little meat or fruit as they can, under 1/4 pounds, because they think if they buy a lot of food then they can't keep the food fresh and they want to eat the freshest food. I think this is the special thing in my country. But in Beijing, usually people don't buy food like this. They buy at least more than 1 pound of food at a time.--Simin

Everybody likes to eat food, for the body and for health. Some people like hot and sour food, but some don't. As for me, I like hot and sour food because our country is in the equator zone and it is very humid and hot. I like my Burmese fish soup with rice noodles. When you eat it you can add a little chili and lemon. When I first arrived in America I liked hamburgers, spaghetti, and tuna sandwiches and I liked to eat vegetable salads too, but now I feel so-so. However, lastly I like my own country's Burmese food we usually cook at home--spicy curry chicken with little potatoes and noodle salad. Burmese people mostly cook at home. Occasionally they eat out.--May

I like to try things I've never done before, so I like to try different food from different countries. I already tasted American food, Japanese food, Taiwan food, Indian food, Mexican food, and Italian food, but my favorite food is Chinese food. I can buy all of the food that I want in Chinatown in America. People almost always buy food every day in my native country. They can eat very fresh food. But now, I buy food once a week because I don't have enough time to go shopping.--Li

I really like Chinese food and I don't like Japanese food. It smells fishy. Since I got to the United States I've eaten pizza and hamburger, and also Mexican, Thai and Vietnamese food. In my country we go to the market every morning and evening because there are no refrigerators. We buy fresh meat and vegetables to cook right away. When I arrived in the United States, there weren't too many Burmese restaurants or grocery stores around here. They now have a lot of Burmese grocery stores and you can buy most things. In my country we use our hands to eat lunch and dinner and now I use a fork and spoon. In Burma we don't have supermarkets so we have to go to the bazaar. It's an outdoor market. In Burma most of the people cook at home. They didn't have too many restaurants but now they do.--Alice

Some American foods are different from Russian foods. There are some kinds of vegetables and fruit. I like all kinds of American food. In my country people buy food in markets most of the time. Cities always have 4 to 5 big markets. There are all kinds of fruit. People buy bread only at the bakery. Sometimes they buy macaroni, spaghetti, and sauce at the shops. I don't like eating in restaurants. I like to eat at home. Sometimes once a year I go to a restaurant.--David