Write a Paragraph about Food.

Chinese food is different than American food. In China many people cook rice, eat many vegetables, and eat less meat. Many snacks are cooked by steaming. It is better for health, so my favorite food is Chinese food. I like to eat fruit. San Francisco has more fruit than my native country. I like to eat bananas more than apples.--Bing

I like the food in San Francisco but it is not for American food. It's because in San Francisco there are many kinds of restaurants with food of the world. I tasted many kinds of food that I have never tasted in my country. I tasted Thai food, Indian food, Peruvian food, Greek food, Vietnamese food, and French food. In San Francisco this was new for me and I liked it. In San Francisco I made Mexican food, but the taste is very different from Mexico. I don't know why beause the ingredients are the same. It's because of that that we like to eat out in different restaurants from different countries. If we like that food, we come back; like Thai food--I love it.--Elizabeth

I like to eat food that tastes good. When I was eight years old my family already started to teach me how to cook. Now I feel I make good Chinese food. When I have free time, I will cook special food for my family. Sometimes I have a party with a lot of my friends. We make different style good food that everybody likes. I make a lot of food and they feel very good. I like my country's food because I feel it is usually fresher. We live in San Francisco. We are really lucky. San Francisco has different styles of food from many countries.--Jenny

I'm from Si Chuan Province, China. Si Chuan's food is special food in China. It has Si Chuan peppers for a hot and spicy taste. Many people like to eat Si Chuan peppers in a chafing dish. Mix a lot of Si Chuan peppers and other spices in a soup. When it cooks to a boil, put some meat and vegetables over them. It has a very good taste. Many people eat the food to get their body all sweaty. It's very hot, but they like it very much. In San Francisco I like to eat peppery tasting food too. I cook dinner and put a few peppers into the meat or vegetables every day. Sometimes, I take my son to La Mei Zi restaurant. It has peppery tasting food and it looks like my hometown's food. I like to eat it.--Kendy

Food is very important for people. Everybody needs it. Some food is good for your health but some food is bad for your health. In my family, we like fish more than beef because white meat is much better than red meat. Also, fruits and vegetables are good food so every day when I cook, I always make more vegetables than meat. Sometimes we cook American food like spaghetti. That's my favorite food.--Xiao Li

When I came to the U.S., I discovered some food that I never ate before, for example, persimmons. Also I tasted Thai food. This food is from Thailand and is different and very delicate. Both seem delicious to me. In this country we can find many unusual foods. It is good to have the experience and to know what the people in other places of the world eat. I enjoy cooking for my family and always like to surprise them. However, it is very nice to go to all the restaurants here because San Francisco is a gourmet city.--Carmen

First of all, I don't like to do any cooking because I have no experience. Sometimes I cook in my home. Many times I ate at the home of my brother's wife. She cooked. I don't like restaurant food because it is not good for your health. It has too many calories, too much fat, and anyhow it is not good. In my country the favorite food for me is ketefo and genfo. In San Francisco I ate broccoli and Chinese food for the first time.--Sintayehu

I hate to cook, but I have to cook because in my country most women cook for their families. I usually cook dumplings. To make them, chop some meat and vegetables and then put them in a round pasta. You must close them tightly and put them in boiling water to boil. When it is done, you can eat it with some sauce. It is very delicious. I like to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. The special vegetables like artichokes I like very much. In my country I never ate that food. Also, I like to eat pizza. We do not eat at a restaurant often. Sometimes we have to eat at a restaurant. We mostly eat in a Chinese restaurant since we know how to order.--Amy

I like to cook every day. I cook Mexican food. In my country the food is very spicy. I like fresh fruits and vegetables. I eat them very much because I have stomach trouble. I don't have a favorite restaurant. I don't like to eat in a restaurant because I think they are very dirty. I don't like American food but I like Chinese food.--George

I like to cook. When I cook, the food is good but sometimes not. I cook Mexican food, albondigas, tacos, soup, etc. The special food in my country is tacos. I like some fruits and vegetables. In my country I never saw persimmons--only here. My favorite restaurant is a Chinese restaurant. The name is "Three Immortals." I like Chinese food, American food and Indian food, but I don't like Japanese food.--Maria

I like my native country's food and usually eat it in S.F. I like milk products: curds with sour cream or honey. Also I like meat products: beef, pork and lamb with fried potatoes, mushrooms and vegetables. My favorite fruits are grapes, apples, and grapefruit. My favorite restaurant is "Old Ireland" on the corner of Geary Boulevard and Van Ness Avenue. Before I came to San Francisco, I didn't eat shrimp and bass, a fish.--Aleksandr

My family sometimes goes to a Thai restaurant now, because it is not like Japanese food. It smells good. There are some herbs in it. I enjoy eating food from all over the world in S.F. and in my native city too. I don't want to eat any fish in S.F. It tastes bad to me, so sushi in S.F. is not good. I have never eaten delicious sushi in S.F. One Japanese special food is called osechiryori. It's made at home but nowadays many people buy it. Starting on December 29th we prepare it for the New Year.--Emi

I like to cook, but my family always said the food that I cooked is very terrible, so I seldom cook now. Beijing Duck is my native country's special food. It's very delicious. I like it very much. I also like fresh fruits and vegetables, but I don't like fish, because it has many bones. There are many kinds of fruit here. I never ate cherries before I came here.--Tracy

I'm Duc. I came to S.F. 2 years ago. My wife usually cooks for me and I don't like to cook. The 7 courses of beef are special food in my country. I like fresh fruits and vegetables more than frozen. I never ate peaches and broccoli before I came to San Francisco. My favorite restaurants are Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants. I don't like to eat sushi and pizza, but I like to eat fried chicken.--Duc

I am from South China. If you want to know about the food in Chinese restauraunts, and what kind of food you like or you don't like, you should know the food from South China and North China is very different. In South China, the weather is so hot the people like eating fresh vegetables, seafood and fresh meat. They want to taste light food. They don't like spicy food but they like fried and toasted food. In North China, the weather is so cold. The people like some heavy spicy food. They also like spicy soup. If you want to go to a Chinese restaurant, first you must know what kind of food you like or don't like. Second, you can make sure whether it is a South or North Chinese restaurant.--Zhong Yee

My name is Minh Nguyen. I came to the U.S. in 2003. In my country there were a lot of fruits and vegetables but they were very cheap. My favorite food is Vietnamese food. I don't like to eat fast food. Sometimes I cook Vietnamese food. I like to go to a Vietnamese restaurant. Before I came to San Francisco, I never ate fast food. Some fruits and vegetables are different in my country. I think the fruits and vegetables here are very expensive. Sometimes I like to go to a Chinese restaurant. I never ate a peach before I came here.--Minh

I am from China. I like Chinese food in China. There was a different kind of food there. It is famous for four kinds of food. In S.F. there are many Chinese restaurants but restaurants in China were more delicious than these restaurants. I also have seafood and Japanese food. It is interesting for me. I think the Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant is spicy.--Bo

Food is very important for people. People need food every day. In my native country, people always eat seasonal vegetables and fruits. In San Francisco many supermarkets have a lot of different kinds and colors of vegetables and fruits. It is very easy for us to find special food to eat. We can taste the different styles of different countries' food; Japanese food, Italian food, Indian food, Vietnamese food, Thai food, and of course Chinese food--dim sum tea house restaurant and traditional Chinese food.--Susanna