Write a Paragraph about Food.

Salvadorian people usually shop every weekend or once a month for food like rice, beans, sugar, flour, coffee, salt, pasta, etc. For vegetables and poultry, some people shop every day so it is all fresh.--Norma

I'm from China. In China, there are many kinds of food. We can buy almost everything in the U.S.A, but some special food we can't, such as some local food, especially tasty local food from North China, like fried dumplings, stewed pork with bean sauce, and candied haw and haw jelly, etc. In the U.S.A., some food is new for me, like tacos. It's Mexican food. I found out about it after I came to the U.S.A. Another new food is bagels. In China, we first have a meal, then we have soup. If you are hungry, you will first eat dim sum--like cakes and cookies, but in the U.S.A. we usually first have soup, then the meal. The last one is dessert.--Kevin

I'm from Vietnam. Usually, in my country, they eat rice and a little meat. They like fish and vegetables. When they are eating, they use chopsticks and they eat together. But in America, they eat just a little rice, always meat, cheese, and butter. They don't know how to use chopsticks. They use spoons. After I came here, I couldn't find some fresh fruit from my country.--Cam

In China, you can see "McDonalds" and "Kutaki" fast food any place. This is similar to America. In the U.S., I can't buy rabbit meat. Turkey is a new food for me. In my country, I can't buy it in the supermarket. I usually used a pair of chopsticks to eat in China, but now I changed my habit and use a fork to eat food.--Wei Hong

I remember my first food in the USA. It was Mexican food. Suddenly I disliked it because it was not original, you know? The taste and smell were lousy. My new food is food from China, Russia, India, Vietnam and Japan. I like Indian food because the taste is spicy. I dislike Russian and Chinese food because they are fat. If you want Mexican food you have to go to Mexico and you can try bugs, cactus and BBQ.--Rubén

I usually go to Chinese restaurants because I came from China, but here there are some differences from my native country. Here I like the beef. It's good at other places and there are more different kinds of fish, so I love American food now.--Sam

In Brazil, people usually shop for staples like rice, beans, oil, etc. once a month, but they also buy vegetables and fruits every week. In my native country, buying food, vegetables, meat and fruits is not as expensive as it is here in San Francisco--Marlí

I like Korean food as well as Chinese food. Naturally, I like Japanese food the best of all kinds of food. We eat raw fish, octopus and whale in Japan. Furthermore, we drink soup directly from a bowl with a noisy sound. In addition, we eat food sitting on the floor. These customs are very different from American eating customs. In America, we can't buy octopus and whale meat. And we can't buy thin sliced meat for sukiyaki in normal American grocery stores. In the USA, we can find meat that is sold in big volume, and sweets, etc.--Shinji

I like Mexican, American, and Italian food. I tasted Chinese food, but I don't like it. I think it is so sweet. I think American eating customs are similar to Mexican ones. In Mexico, the people shop for food in supermarkets and small stores. There are so many small stores. In my town there are not so many restaurants, and they are smaller. I like San Franciso because it has many kinds of restaurant foods to find, so I think it is a great city.--Jorge

When I came to the USA, it was the first time I tasted Japanese and Mexican food. I liked sushi and burritos, and tacos. Here there are a lot of restaurants from different countries. In my country more people cook themselves because eating in restaurants is very expensive. Here, eating in restaurants is cheaper. I like cooking at home for my family. My husband and son like Russian pelmeni, borscht, and plov.--Svetlana

There is a little bit of food from my native country that you can't find in San Francisco. For example, in my country we have a kind of plant similar to spinach we call mora. I didn't find that plant in San Francisco. Since I arrived in San Francisco, I tried Chinese food, Italian food and Mexican food. I like American food, Chinese food, Mexican food, and Italian food. I really dislike some kinds of Chinese food. For example, some Chinese people eat rats, frogs, and snakes. I never tried those animals but I don't want to try them.--Mirna

American food is different from my country. I don't like American food. I love Guatemalan food. I can't find my favorite food here in S.F. In my country they have lots of choices of food, tamales, rice with beans, tortillas. My favorite food is from India.--Lucia

Besides Polish food, I also like seafood. People in Poland shop for food the same way as people in the US. Eating in restaurants is different. People don't make noise.--Mariusz

This is my first time in the United States, in San Francisco. To me, the food is very different in the USA. I like cooking and I cook every day. Sometimes I go to restaurants. In restaurants they have very good Chinese food. I like rice, fish and vegetables. They have good salads and fruits. They have great food and a great atmosphere. I like pasta. In this country, there is very good pasta. I can buy everything here and I can cook, because I like that.--Ewa

Hi, I am from Ukraine! In my country people prefer to buy fresh food at the farmer's market. They buy meat, eggs, fish and so on. This decision has a good reason, because at the market, the food is fresher and cheaper than at supermarkets. I am an old sailor and I like fish and seafood. In S.F. I know a lot of good seafood restaurants. I like cooking at home too. I prepare borscht, stew, fish, and a lot of other courses for my family and friends at home.--Igor