Write a Paragraph about Food.

I don't like to cook, because I don't know how to cook well. I only can cook easy food, like boiled vegetables, fried beef, and fried chicken. I don't like to cook difficult food. I like to eat many fruits--pears, oranges, apples, bananas, and avocados. I never ate avocados in Hong Kong. When I came to S.F. I ate a lot.--Carol

I like Chinese food and American food. I don't like special food. The fruits I like are bananas and oranges. The vegetable I like to eat is broccoli. The restaurant I like is a Chinese restaurant and I don't like special food. Carol likes Chinese food and she doesn't like special food either.--Mei Hing

I like to cook. I sometimes try to make different kinds of food. I make cupcakes, salad, and pasta. I like my native country's salt fish. I don't like spicy food, but I sometimes try a little of that. I like this country's fruits. There are many kinds of fruits you can choose. I like to eat sushi when I eat out.--Judy

I like to cook because every night I need to cook. Sometimes I cook chicken, sometimes fish, beef, and pork. In my country, the special food is seafood. Some seafood is crab and lobster. I never ate cherries before I came to San Francisco. My favorite restaurant is a Chinese restaurant. I like Malaysian food and I don't like Japanese food.--Su

I like to cook. My native country's special food is Thai food. My family goes to eat at a Thai Restaurant. My mother and older sister like spicy food more. Thai food is very spicy. I never ate coconut.--Ma

I don't like to cook but I must cook every day. I always cook Vietnamese food, and sometimes I cook Chinese food. In my country there are a lot of special foods, but I don't know the English name. Sometimes, my family and I go to a Chinese restaurant or a Vietnamese restaurant for a birthday party. Sometimes, I eat Korean BBQ or at a Japanese restaurant. Thai food is very spicy but I like Thai sour soup. I really like fresh fruits in my country, but now I can eat frozen fruits that are too expensive. My favorite restaurant is a Vietnamese restaurant, but I like different food from other countries.--Thanh Em

My native country's special food is Beijing duck. I like to cook too. I usually cook dinner for my family. My family is from China, so I also make Chinese food. I sometimes try to make other country's food. It is different, but looks like Japanese food. They don't cook the fish but we do. I also change some things in Chinese food. I never made salad before I came to San Francisco. Now I also use fresh fruit and vegetables to make a salad. It is good for me to try to learn more about food. Actually, I like to make sushi too.--Meng Na

In my family, I like to cook. Usually I cook Chinese food. Sometimes, on the weekend, I cook Vietnamese food. I like spicy food but my daughter doesn't. On the weekend I take my family to a Vietnamese restaurant. They like to eat Vietnamese noodles. I don't like to eat hamburgers, but my daughter does.--Stanley

I like Chinese food. I like fish and to make chicken soup. Sometimes I go to a Chinese restaurant with my family two times a month, but I don't like spicy food at all. We have fruits and vegetables every day. We have apples and bananas. We have bok choy and tofu. In my country it's easy to buy everything to cook and eat. Here I always go to Clement Street to go shopping there. You can buy everything you want.--Rhoda

I like to cook dinner. I want to cook many kinds of food, but I can't cook many kinds of food. I like to cook Italian food and Ethiopian food. I never ate many kinds of vegetables and fruits because they are very expensive. My favorite restaurant is Abbis Ababa. My favorite food is doro wat and kitfo. I don't know what to say about food I dislike. My native country's special food is many kinds of food. My country's food is very spicy.--Lishan

I like to cook but not so much, but I need to cook. I cook Mexican food. The Mexican people have a lot of different kinds of food, but most of them are spicy. I like fresh fruits and vegetables because it's good for your health. My favorite restaurant is my kitchen and the best chef is my mother. I love her food. I like a lot of kinds of food, Mexican food, Italian, etc. For now I don't know what kind of food I don't like.--Copitzy