Write a Paragraph about Health and Exercise.

I like to do exercises and I keep on doing exercises every day. Exercise will give one good health and strength and also will help one lose weight. I like walking, running and swimming if I have more spare time in summer. Actually, it is more fun and exciting in the Olympics.--Lai Kan

If I talk about exercise, I don't know which kind of exercise I like, but if I have time, I'll try to take a walk around the ocean because I think it's good exercise and healthy. I can relax and get some fresh air. I like to watch skiing on TV. It is exciting.--Joanne

Five years ago, I used to eat a lot of meat and coffee and I always had too much for every meal. But since I had a very bad stomach pain, I began to eat less meat and had no more coffee. Then my health started getting better. It was very strange at first when I began to have just a little meat, but right now, I don't like it so much any more.--Hui-Luan

In my country, there are a lot of sports, especially swimming. At the Olympics, they always get the gold medal. I like walking and yoga. I joined the group exercises cardio-kick boxing and Core on the floor. I enjoy all of them very much. They are so good for your health. Fifty years ago, I think they used bicycles all the time for transportation and exercise.--Doris

Lifestyles in my country have changed; the people are healthier now. They try to buy healthy food and exercise. In my opinion, you can try many different kinds of diets, but if it is just for a week or a month, it won't help you. Your systems inside and outside the body should work together. If you eat too many sweets, you will have problems with your skin and weight. I prefer to eat healthy products, but sometimes I can't stop myself from eating some sweets or cookies or ice cream (I love it!) During school, I eat some fruit and in the evening I exercise. Your body, your skin, and how you look depends on doing everything in moderation.--Julia

Health is very important for everyone. When you are healthy, you will be happy and you can do better when you do something. That's why I like to take a walk in Golden Gate Park. It is usually for about one hour. I enjoy it because I can breathe fresh air and keep fit. It is good for my health. I have been here for ten months and take a walk every day. Now I lost eight pounds and I feel more energetic. Before I felt tired in the morning, and now I don't. Exercise is good for your health. I will keep on doing it every day.--Emily

I love to exercise. I like to walk and go swimming. I go to the YMCA every day with my seven-year-old and four-year-old sons. Now people in my country are getting interested in keeping healthy. I don't like to watch sports, but in my native country people like to watch Thai kickboxing. Thai kickboxing is popular in my country. I think every sport is good but I don't have time to watch. Doing exercises is good. After exercising, you feel good and it's good for your health.--Thip

I like sports because I am a boy. I think most boys are like me. My favorite sport is soccer. I used to play soccer with my friends when I was in high school. That was so interesting. It is a team game. In my country, soccer is the most popuar sport too. Sometimes, we are oblivious when we watch a soccer game on TV. Our country 's team took part in the World Cup for the first time, so the soccer fans were very excited and soccer is getting more and more popular in my country.--Ricky

I think all exercise is good because it can make you healthy and happy. When you have good health, you will have a long life. In China, people are having big changes now. Before, some people used to smoke and drink alcohol. They didn't care about their health, but now some people only work five days a week and each day has eight hours so after they have dinner, they like to take a walk around the neighborhood. The younger people like to run, play soccer, badminton, and volleyball. The seniors like to do Tai Chi. Now they are very careful about health, so they quit smoking, keep doing exercises every day, and don't eat much meat. When you have good health, you'll be happy. In China, there is a saying, "Safety and good health is more important than money."--Rebecca

My native country is Russia. Many years ago, it was a great country named the Soviet Union. There were a lot of people in my country who were interested in sports, and there were a lot of Olympic champions there. Many people played sports in their free time and they also loved to watch sports on TV. All men in my country were interested in soccer and hockey. All women were interested in ice skating and artistic gymnastics. All schoolboys and schoolgirls attended a lot of sport sections in their schools. Now, it is a different country and it has different habits. It is too expensive to do some sports and to keep healthy. Our government does not pay attention to the needs of its people.--Irina

My favorite activities are running and eating less. I think a good way to lose weight is not to eat too much, but with me sometimes it doesn't work. One of my bad habits is sometimes I don't eat too much for a few days and then I feel really tired. I think doing exercise is good for your health. It doesn't work well for me, but I really enjoy doing it.--Cristina

I usually like to walk around the city. Walking is my favorite activity because this activity makes me enjoy the beauty of the city. In my native country, soccer is the first sport, but my favorite sport to watch on TV is boxing. My favorite Olympic sport is volleyball. I'm not a smoker, but I enjoy all kinds of food, and I think a diet is a bad habit.--Kamel

In my native country, most people like to play basketball. Recently, most people like to watch soccer on TV. When the World Cup of soccer competition was beginning, a billion people watched those sports on TV. When I was young, I didn't like to do exercises or play ball because I only liked to study. If I had free time, I always read a book on the bed. Since I arrived in America, I like to watch baseball games on TV and I also like to watch basketball games too.--Tony

When I was young, I was a good sportsman. I liked to ride bicycles, do gymnastics, and swim. I was a master in this exercise for a long time. When I studied in school, I got in command. This time I didn't forget my exercise. I went in the pool and spent more time swimming. Two or three times a week I rode a bicycle. My weight at this time is 40 pounds more than when I was young. At that time I could regulate my weight.--Iosif