Write a Paragraph about Health and Exercise.

Health is very important for everybody. We must keep doing exercises every day. When I was young, I used to swim every morning, but now I don't any more because I live in San Francisco, and there are not many pools in my neighborhood.--Victoria

I think that lifestyles are changing not only in my country but also in the world. We were poor, so we didn't eat too much meat, but today we eat more vegetables partly because we want to be healthier. We didn't have too many choices about food, but now we have a lot of alternatives. Even dogs do too. I think that the trend is good for us. Contrary to more concern about our health, is that it is more common that a lot of young people smoke nowadays. People stay out late at night and have fun. It was a more simple life before. I think it may be the reason that it is easier for us to be sick than before, although we are concerned more about our health.--Emily

I like exercise, especially running. When I was a child, I had bad health. Now, I want to lose weight. When I was a child, I got many diseases. My teacher told me if I ran every morning, I would get better. So I did it. I got up at 6:30 AM every day and ran on the playground for two miles, not so fast. After one year, I really got better! I kept running every morning until I finished the university. Now I already have two kids. I want to lose weight, so I will run every morning again, because it is easy. It will not only help me lose weight, but it will keep my good health. More important, running is the cheapest exercise and saves time.--Zhao

I'm from China. My native country's popular sport is baseball. All the sports are good for health. I like exercise. I walk every day. I think it's good for health to eat more vegetables.--Tiffany

I do exercises once a week. Sometimes I walk in the park. Sometimes I do some exercises in my backyard. I think it's good for health and always puts me in a good mood. Soccer is very popular in my country, but I don't like to watch it. I like to watch table tennis.--Li

I think health and exercise are very important for everyone. I am from Vietnam. Vietnamese people like to play soccer and ping pong. Now I live in America. I am really interested in watching football and basketball. I watch every year. Also, I went to the stadium to watch the game. I really enjoyed watching the players hit each other. I like to watch Olympics too. The Olympic sports I'm interested in watching are running and swimming. About my country lifestyles, people work hard and are poor, but everybody still goes out to have fun on the weekend, to go dancing, to a movie or a night club. As for diets, my idea to get on a diet is to go running, swimming, and go to the gym to work out. It is not hard to get on a diet. It is all in your mind. If you think you can do it, you can do it, especially eating right, like white meat, vegetables, and eating at the right time and not eating junk food. That will help you to get on a diet and you will have good health.--Cuong

I like to swim and jog. They made me control my weight. I go jogging twice a week. Soccer, volleyball, and ping pong are very popular in my country. I like to watch volleyball, ice skating, and fishing. My most interesting Olympic sport is ice skating. In my country, they used to wear "Burmese custom" only and now they wear pants, blouses and jackets. Burma used to have not good medicines and doctors, but now they do. I started to eat less at dinner and I've lost 16 pounds. My bad habit is I like to eat candy and sweet desserts and I can't have them. I wish I could control myself to cut them out.--Alice

When I was younger, I liked to play volleyball all the time. Also I was a good volleyball player. But these few years I changed my mind because I couldn't find someone to play with me and my husband and kids like to play football and baseball, and like to watch them too. So I joined them and we play together every weekend now. Sometimes, my cousins and nephews join us too. I have another idea to talk about health habits. I'm on a diet now. My way is to do more sports, eat more vegetables and fruits, some fish and not eat too much meat. I lost 15 lbs. in one year.--Julie

Although playing tennis is not popular in our country, I've played tennis for 20 years. That's my great exercise. I've trained my legs and I've kept my strength to play a long time on the court. The most important exercise of all sports is doing stretching, not only before playing sports, but after doing them. I hate smoking and drinking alcohol because they're very bad for the human body, and of course for sports. Most people in Japan smoke and drink, but they are getting better than 30 years ago, because people got more knowledge and have changed their bad habits lately.--Keiko

I like to take a walk in the park. I find it interesting because it helps me to be healthy and sometimes I meet people from different countries and different occupations taking a walk like me. Usually I take a walk once a week. The most popular sport in my country, Colombia, is soccer, and I enjoy watching soccer too. I think volleyball is an interesting Olympic sport. I think 50 years ago the people were the same as now. It doesn't matter how many years ago. People were healthy then. Now, I think if you have good eating habits and do exercises and avoid alcoholic drinks and drugs you could be a healthy person.--Felipe

I like thinking exercise. Every morning when I wake up, I lay in bed and think about different exercises that I can do. When I was a young man, my friend told me about this German method, and I like it. But I like hard work. In my native country, I had a big garden where I loved to work. Five days a week I went to my university, and two days I went to my garden where I worked and rested. In that time I had good health, a very good appetite, and didn't weigh too much.--Yuriy

I like to do exercises every morning and I like to run too. I've been doing exercises for a long time, since April, 1943. I do my exercise for 30 minutes and run about 12 thousand steps. I liked to play soccer. It's the favorite game in my native country. I like to watch hockey and basketball. I like to eat all kinds of food. I was smoking for 27 years. I stopped smoking in 1970. I don't like alcohol. I drink some beer and red wine. My health is good for my years.--David

I wake up every day at 7:30 am, sometimes earlier. Sometimes I do a special exercise for my spine, but not regularly because I'm a lazy person. But I walk to school every day, for 40-45 minutes, and then home for 40-45 minutes. That is my main exercise. Before when I was young I liked to swim and play volleyball and table tennis. Now I like to watch skating and dance competitions on TV.--Nelli

I like swimming very much, but unfortunately now I don't have such a possibility. I go walking to Golden Gate Park almost every day. The winter is long enough in my country that people have the possibility of going skiing. Estonia is a very small country, but Estonian skiiing athletes won many medals at the last Olympics. Actually, I don't like to watch TV because I like activity, but dancing on ice is very beautiful. I don't want to be a victim of advertising and hate the discussion about diets on TV. But I try to watch what I eat. I don't smoke, don't like fat food, but..hmmm...I like sweets very much.--Inna

I like to ride a mountain bike. I often ride my bike to school and ride in Golden Gate Park. In Mexico City it is difficult to ride a bike on the streets. I took spinning classes (stationary bicycle) three days a week. In Mexico, football (soccer) and boxing are the most important sports. Football is considered a family sport because families watch the football game together. I like to watch football and tennis. I don't like to watch sports when the players hit each other. The Olympics are exciting for me.--Desirée

For health and exercise I will choose swimming. The first reason is I like swimming very much because swimming made me change my life! Four years ago, I was a fat kid. At that time I was still in school studying, but the fat made me unhappy, and made me tired. All my friends didn't like to play with me because I was fat. But later I heard my mother say, every day I should go to swim. I can lose weight, and I do whatever my mother tells me. Later, it was like my mother said. I lost 20 kg. After that, I felt I was more beautiful than before, and I wasn't feeling tired any more. Also, all my friends liked to play with me and now I'm very lucky to get a very nice husband, and be healthy. That's why I like swimming. The second reason swimming gives me pleasure is to be Chinese, because every time in the Olympic sports, for the diving, China is first or second. It makes me happy to be Chinese.--Jasmin