Write About Your Home

I love my home. It is a studio with a bright bedroom and large bathroom. It is upstairs and downstairs. I have a living room and a small kitchen. There are two doors, one is in the hall away from the street and the other is for the nice backyard with trees and flowers. My apartment is small but I keep everything clean and organized. I live a few blocks from my job in the Marina District and I have a great neighborhood, but this costs me a lot of money because my rent is expensive. In Brazil, I lived alone in a nice apartment with two bedrooms in a large condominium in front of the beach. My rent was very cheap, but my neighborhood wasn't safe.--Giuliane

We rent a home that has 2 bedrooms, 1 living room and kitchen together, and 1 bathroom. It's near the Pacific Ocean and three parks. It is very quiet and safe there. If there isn't so much fog, that is my favorite place, because I like to walk in the park. There are many trees and fresh air. It makes me very comfortable. I like to see the ocean and sunset. It looks beautiful and makes me happy. I like my neighborhood very much, but I don't like the home, which has expensive rent. When I was living in my home in China, I didn't pay rent every month. That neighborhood wasn't like now. There were only big buildings and streets. The parks were far away from my home. Finally, in China, my home was bigger than now.--Wen

I've lived in San Francisco since May, 2004. I live in a house and I like the kitchen. It's not too small to make food. It's big and the bathroom is also so comfortable, but I don't like the bedroom. It's not quiet. When I want to sleep the noises from next door bother me. They play music loudly. At that time I feel bad about the place I live. In San Francisco it's better than in my native country. It is big and comfortable and has fresh air.--Natsenet

Since I came to the U.S.A. last October, I've been living with an American family. I have a small but comfortable room with a computer, TV, DVD, telephone, CD player and a heater. The room is downstairs and I have total privacy. I live near the beach in a quiet neighborhood. It's very convenient to live there because I can find several businesses, like banks, shops, restaurants, drugstores, grocery stores and Golden Gate Park, where I can walk and relax on weekends. I don't know any of my neighbors, but I like to live there anyway and I don't intend to move to another place at least until next year when I return to my country.--Maria

The place where I live now is nice, but I'd like to live near the Pacific Ocean beach in order to watch the sunset and enjoy the Pacific Ocean, the best ocean in the world. I dream of living on Sutro Heights, seeing that walk to the Cliff House and staying for several minutes near Seal Rock. My neighborhood has lots of businesses, because it is near Geary Street. Of course my living place in my native country was more interesting, more fascinating, because it is the capital city of Russia. I lived there on the most healthy, interesting, favorite, preferable place, Leninski Prospectus, but I didn't like to walk there because it's very crowded. There are lots of country people from the provinces speaking fast and using low class language. I have loved San Francisco since I came here. I saw the Pacific Ocean from its other side, from the Japanese Sea, but here it is the most beautiful and more charming.--Tanya

I lived in one of the best places in my native country, Cusco. It has the 7th Wonder of the World, Machupicchu. This is an archaeological place. There are a lot of tourists and the neighborhoods are so kind and lovely. They have many businesses for tourists, small hotels, stores, tour buses, and restaurants. My life in San Francisco is different.--Victor

I'm living in an apartment in San Francisco. I don't know my neighbors. I've lived in this apartment for only two months. Most of my neighbors are Chinese and Russian. In my native country I lived in different kinds of places and different cities. In the U.S.A. I've lived in a townhouse and an apartment. I prefer to live in an apartment because I think it's safer.--Cibele

I live in Daly City with my family. We live in a house and there are 5 rooms. I have my own room. I like to be in a private room because I'm a private person. I don't want anyone to go inside my room. I just want to be alone. One thing I like about where I live is that it's very quiet and peaceful and the neighbors are very kind. Some of them I know and some of them are very good friends of mine. Sometimes we go to play tennis, badminton, and iceskating. That's all I can say for now.--Gabriel

I live in the Richmond on 5th Ave. That is a safe and clean place. Even though I've lived there for four years and three months, I don't know who my neighbors are because I get up early to go to work and I finish work late. When I lived in my native country, I lived in Tai San. That's a beautiful place. The people are very friendly, but the weather is so hot in the summer. That is the only thing I don't like. Now I live in S.F. I like it here because I like the weather and I can improve my English fluency.--Paul

I live in the Richmond District in San Francisco. My neighborhood has a big supermarket and golf course. My neighborhood is easy for me to park. I have a bedroom and living room. I think the living room is too small but the bedroom is big enough for me. In my native country it was better, bigger than these, but I like the U.S. because in the U.S. the air is better than in my native country.--Kevin

I live between 31st and 32nd Ave. and Clement. It is a very nice and quiet place to live. On the right corner there's an Albertson's. When I was in Mexico, I used to live in a small town, so it was different than living in S.F. but I like both places.--Aminadab

I've been in the U.S. for a little over four years and I'm still going to study more English. In my native country I stopped going to school and I was working in a company, but now I want to know a lot of things in the U.S. Now I changed my life. In the U.S. I go to work Monday to Saturday 8:00 to 5:00, and at night I stay home and watch TV, do my homework, or listen to music. Before, in China, I even went out to dance, gamble, walk with my friends, drive anywhere, and also eat out with friends. That was my life in my native country.--Lyman

I was born in China. My hometown is a small city in South China, but this city is famous in my native country because China's first president was born there. Now this city takes its name from the first president. It's a beautiful city that is safer and cleaner, and the people are more friendly. I miss it very much. Now in S.F. I'm living in the Sunset and feeling lonely and sad. I am nothing here. I need to start everything over.--Bond

I was born in Turkmenistan, in the capital of Ashgabat. Turkmenistan is in Central Asia, close to Uzbeckistan, Iran, and Turkey. It's really a nice country, but without a future. Fate gave me luck and now I'm here in the United States of America, the country everyone is dreaming about. I have a lot of examples about my country, but this one is most important. I already wrote there is no future in my country. Education is the future, but without educaiton, you are nothing. In my country, the future is for Turkmen people only and there is the same problem with jobs. There is no Internet connection, no television in your native language--everything is in the Turkmen language despite there still being a lot of Russian people living in Turkmenistan. I can write more and more about the people and everything that happened in my country and I feel pity for all my Russian friends who are still in Turkmenistan. I appreciate all the choices that I have now. Thanks a lot.--Elmira

I have been living in S.F. about three years. In the first year I lived in the Richmond with my mother, father, and sister. My sister's house is on California Street. My neighbors were nice. In the second year I moved to another house in the Richmond too, but I have to pay one thousand dollars. In my native country I had my own apartment. I didn't have to pay any money, so I felt rich. In S.F. I have to work hard and pay more money to rent a house, so I feel poor. However, I like living in S.F. I will improve my English, find a good job and buy a house.--Xi Peng