Write About Your Home

My name is George. I'm living in an apartment. My apartment is very small. It has only 1 bedroom, 1 living room, and 1 bathroom. My neighbors are very nice people, but only one neighbor is very dirty. In Mexico my house is very big. It has 5 rooms. Its very big, with a big yard and a big garden.--George

I'm from China. China houses are different from U.S. houses. In China, most buildings are tall. People live in apartments. The apartments are almost always over 5 floors. Some buildings are skyscrapers. They aren't for business. They are apartment buildings. In the USA, most houses are built using wood. More people live in houses. The houses are often two or three floors. A family lives in a house. There is a yard and a garage.--Bo

My house is in the Sunset District. It is a single-family house. It has 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a dining room. It has a garage, a backyard and a washing machine. I think it is very good for one family. The housing in San Francisco is different from in my native country. In my country, one building has many familiies living there. It's like San Francisco's condos, because the city has too many people. It doesn't have a lot of land to build single-family houses.--Zhong Yee

I live in a house in the Sunset. The house is small, but it is clean and beautiful, so I like it. In my country, China, I lived in a building. It was tall and beautiful. The building had 7 or 8 floors. Many families lived in the building. It didn't have an elevator and it didn't have a yard. It's framing was different than San Francisco's houses. The tall building has different material for building. It used a lot of steel, brick walls, and concrete. It was strong, but sometimes it was dangerous, for example when there were fires and earthquakes, many people died and got hurt.--Kendy

My name is Jenny. I live in the Richmond in San Francisco. I live with my parents. My home is an apartment. It's between Clement and California. My apartment has two bedrooms and one living room. We live on the second floor. Downstairs there is a big public garage and washing machine. My neighbors are nice people. I like living in my apartment. It's also a very clean and beautiful place. The houses in San Francisco and my country are very different. I like San Francisco houses.--Jenny

In my country, I lived in an apartment in a city. Our neighborhood was very friendly but crowded, and sometimes noisy because some neighbors had many children. They made noise when they played outside. In San Francisco, I live in a house in a quiet district. It has a big backyard but the house inside is smaller. The neighbors are mostly nice, but one neightbor has a dog. Sometimes it barks all the time and bothers me. Otherwise it is very safe there. I can enjoy beautiful views of the sunset.--Amy

I have a house in the Sunset District. It is a very nice house. We have six rooms, a big backyard, and a garage. We planted a lot of trees and flowers, like apple trees, oranges, and peaches. Also we have some grass. I enjoy planting some things in the backyard very much. In the kitchen, we have a washing machine and dryer. They are very convenient. I like it very much, but in China it is very different. There are a lot of condos there. So many people live in the same building they use the public stairway.--Xiao Li

I do not own a house. I just rent a house. I live on the second floor. There are three bedrooms, one living room, and a dining room. The garage is on the first floor. There is a washing machine and a dryer there. I live with my wife and two sons. In my country, I lived in an apartment. There were four bedrooms, two living rooms, but no garden or garage. The house was bigger and brighter. I liked it.--Ci Dian

I live here in an apartment in the Richmond. My neighborhood is quiet, safe and clean. The neighbors are very polite and I feel pleased, although sometimes I feel homesick for my house in my native country. I remember my garden and spending time planting flowers and taking care of them because here I don't have a garden. I like the beautiful Victorian houses of San Francisco. This is different from the other cities of the U.S., because in other places you don't see similar architecture.--Carmen

I live in a house. It has five rooms. There are three big rooms, a living room, and a kitchen in the house. Five people live in it. It has a backyard, but it's too small. I don't know my neighbors. My neighborhood is noisy.--Yan Hong.

My neighbors are all good. They sometimes give my son snacks, and they are very kind. Also I like my neighborhood very much because I see the sunset every evening, but the price is too expensive. Yesterday my son's favorite tricycle was stolen. My son was crying. I got angry. He probably won't get back the tricycle.--Emi

I live in a house in South San Francisco. My house has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, two living rooms, one dining room, a garage, and a backyard. My family is my son, daughterin-law, grandson, grandaughter, and my wife. Now this house is bigger and nicer than a Hong Kong apartment.--Keihung

I have a house. It is a two-story house. The main floor has a garage and family room. The second floor has a living room, dining room, kitchen and two bedrooms. It has a big deck in the back and it has a big and nice backyard. I love it very much. We can play basketball over there. It has a garden around the yard. We planted two Japanese maple trees and bamboo, a plum tree, orchids and some chrysanthemums. It is in the Sunset. Across the street is Golden Gate Park. We can walk around the beach and see the Pacific Ocean.--Susanna

I live in an apartment in San Francisco. I have three rooms and a small kitchen. I live with my wife. I have open parking next to the apartment building. I don't have a yard, but around the apartment building there is a small garden. The apartment building has two washing machine rooms. I lived in an old city. I lived in an apartment and had two rooms and a kitchen. One room was very large. In my native country they didn't build a garage in the buildings. Usually the garage was separate. My rooms had a tall ceiling, about 5 meters.--Aleksandr

I live in San Francisco. My neighborhood is the Richmond. I live in an apartment. I have 3 rooms; two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Three people live in it, my husband, son, and I, and my cat. I have a big garage and a small yard. I don't have a washing machine. This is very bad. In my native country I had a house. It was much bigger than my apartment in S.F. I don't know my neighbors. I like my neighborhood, the Richmond.--Laura

I live in an apartment in S.F. It has 2 rooms. My wife and I and our 2 children live in the apartment. It doesn't have a garage. It doesn't have a yard. In my native country my house was bigger. My neighbors were friendly. My neighborhood is the Western Addition. My neighborhood is quiet.--Manuchar.

I live in an apartment. My apartment has a kitchen, living room, and one bedroom. There are four people living there. We have a garage, washing machine and backyard. I know my neighbors. I think everything is good in my neighborhood. In my native country I lived in an apartment. Some people live in an apartment and some people live in a house, but there's not any rent. Usually every family has a garage and washing machine. Along with the house, the family has a very big yard and everybody knows each other.--Lkhagvasuren

I live in an apartment in San Francisco. In my country, I lived in a house. San Francisco and my country are very different. In San Francisco it is very crowded and there is no free place. In my country there are many free places. In my native country I had 2 bedrooms, one living room, and one kitchen and a big yard. I liked it. The place in San Francisco has the same rooms but it has a hall and they are small rooms. Anyhow, it is comfortable. It is good. I hope in the future I will change my apartment. I hope this is a good idea.--Sintayehu

I live in a flat here. It has 3 bedrooms, 1 living room and 1 dining room. It has a garage and a backyard too. In my native country, we had an apartment. It had 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, and 1 dining room also, but it didn't have a garage or yard. In my country, only the houses have garages and yards, but they are very expensive. I like to live in San Francisco because the plants in the yard make me feel glad.--Tracy.

I'm Duc. I live in an apartment. It has 2 rooms. There are four people living in it, but it doesn't have a garage and a yard. It doesn't have a washing machine. The apartment is very different from my native country. In my country, my house had three stories and there was a garden on the terrace. I don't know my neighbors, but it is very convenient in my neighborhood.--Duc

I live in a house. It has 4 rooms and 6 people live in it. It has a garage, a yard, and a washing machine. Before, in my native country, the house didn't have a garage, a yard, or a washing machine. My neighborhood is very quiet and safe, different from in my native country. But in my country, you could go anywhere if you wanted and here I can't. In the evening in my native country, a lot of people walked on the street and they rode motorcycles.--Minh

I live in an apartment in San Francisco. It has three rooms. It has a garage and washing machine. I think it is okay because we don't have much furniture, and I live in a very convenient place. There are many grocery stores and there is a street near where there are a lot of restaurants with many different kinds of food. It doesn't have a yard. I miss my apartment in Mexico because it is bigger than San Francisco apartments. It has a yard, a garden, and the most important thing is I own it. I really really miss my apartment and my neighbors and my neighborhood.--Elizabeth

I'm going to talk about my apartment. I like my apartment here, because it is a good place. We have 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen and 1 living room. In my house there are 4 people, my aunt, uncle, the baby and me. We don't have a washing machine but we have a garage and a yard. We don't use the garage because we need to pay money for it. My uncle parks his car outside in the street. We don't use the yard because it's too ugly. We don't like it.--Maria