Write About Your Home

I live in a house. It has two rooms, a living room and a bedroom, but it has a backyard and a washing machine. We are two people living in it, and it's not bad. It is in a good neighborhood, close to the bank, post office and many restaurants. I can walk there.
In my native country, it was different. I lived in a big apartment. It had five rooms, a living room, dining room, and three bedrooms, and had two bathrooms and a washing machine at home.--Sally

I live in the Sunset District. I live in a house. It has seven rooms, including a kitchen and dining room. It has two garages and a small backyard too. My neighborhood is very clean and quiet. My family likes living in the Sunset.--Carol

I live in a house. There are four rooms in my house. My husband and my son live with me. We have a big yard in back, and there is a small yard in front too. We have an old washing machine in the garage. We know our neighbors. We are very close. I love my neighborhood because it is very convenient. It is near the supermarket, library, bookstore, bus stop, and restaurant. I think in the United States it is easier to do shopping than in my country.--Lin

I live in Visitation Valley. It's very quiet and clean. My neighbors next door are very good. They help me a lot. My house has three bedrooms, one kitchen, and one living room. I have a dryer and washer in my kitchen. I can do my laundry any time when I need to. It takes five minutes to drive to the supermarket. I like my neighborhood because it has a lot of places I can park the car.--Stanley

I live in a house. The house has four bedrooms. Four people live in it. It has two garages, a yard, and a washing machine. The house is different than in my native country. In my native country, there are apartments, and the apartment buildings are very tall. The apartments are very small and have two bedrooms. They don't have a garage or a washing machine.--Mei Hing

I live in an in-law apartment. I have three rooms. My kitchen is very small. I have a backyard, but we need to share. Housing in this country is different than in my native country. In my country, there are no apartments and no dryers. People like to hand wash their clothes and people like to use the sun to dry them. In my country neighbors like to talk and it's very nice.--Judy

I live in San Francisco. My address is 455 Bay Street. I came to San Francisco ten years ago. My apartment is small, one room. I don't have a car. I have a washing machine. In my native country the apartments are big, four rooms. I have a windy apartment. It's on Bay Street. This is very bad.--Lev

I live in a house. My father bought this house in 1990. It's a big house. It has five bedrooms, one living room and a kitchen. Also, it has a garage and a big yard. It has a washing machine in the garage. My father always does the laundry. My neighborhood is good. It's very quiet and clean. My neighbors are very friendly.--James

I live in a house. It has four rooms. Two people live in it. It has one garage. It has a big yard. The yard has a lot of flowers. It has a washing machine and a dryer. Before, when I lived in China, the neighbors were always very close. In San Francisco, the neighbors only say hi, but I like this style.--Mei

I live in an apartment. My apartment has four floors. I live on the third floor. There are four rooms in my apartment. Five people live in it. My apartment doesn't have a garage or a yard. My apartment building has a washing machine on the ground floor. San Francisco has many apartments and houses. My native country has houses but not any apartments. I talk with my neighbors. They are seldom noisy. I think they live with many children. I like my neighbors because they always help me.--Ma

I don't know my neighbors in San Francisco. In my country, I know all my neighbors. It's very different in San Francisco. In San Francisco, life is not together. Everybody lives alone. I'm very nervous. In my country, we eat, drink, and live together. If I'm sick, somebody comes to my house and says, "How can I help you? Do you need money or what? I'll help you." If I want something, I can ask him or her to do everything for me. I like living together. San Francisco life is very difficult for me.--Lishan

I live in a house. There are four rooms in my house. I live together with my dear parents and my younger sister. We have a garage, a yard and a washing machine. Houses in San Francisco and in my native country are so different. I like my neighborhood. My neighborhood is Chinese too. I know an old woman in my neighborhood. She is affable.--Alex

I live in an apartment. My apartment has two rooms. There are three people in the apartment, me and my parents. My apartment has a garage. My apartment has a very small yard, and it has a washing machine. It's very convenient and easy to use the washing machine. There is nothing different in my native country. I don't know anything about my neighborhood.--Kholoud

I live in San Francisco with my friends. I arrived here last week. All my family stayed in Brazil. I live on Castro Street. It's a good neighborhood. It's quiet and there are bus lines close to my house. There are only three rooms. Now I am sleeping in the living room, but things will be fine. There isn't a yard or a washing machine, but there is a washing machine upstairs, so it's very easy to wash my clothes. I live with two people. They are so nice and helpful.--Rafaela