Interview 1

Fiona is my partner. She has lived in San Francisco for about ten years. She has her own house located in the Sunset. Her house is in good condition and has a big backyard. Her neighborhood is near the Safeway, and is a very convenient place. I really want to go take a look.--Becky

My partner's name is Fanny. She has lived in S.F. for thirty-two years. Fanny lives in the Sunset District on 28th Avenue between Lawton St. and Kirkham St. She has lived in her house since her mother-in-law died. Before that she lived in her own house also, but she sold it. It was on 40th Ave. Her house has two floors and ten rooms. The house is very old, about 100 years old, but not in bad condition. There is a backyard. She grows flowers. She knows her neighbors only when she talks to them on the street or she sees them in her yard. Many places are in her neighborhood--bus stops, a restaurant, and a church. Her neighborhood is quiet and safe.--Oleksandra

My friend's name is Liza. She has been living in S.F. for 14 years. She lives on Buckingham Way. Her friend helped her to find her current apartment. Before, she lived in four different places. Her apartment is really big and has one bedroom, a kitchen, and a living room. It is in good condition but the carpet is a little bit bad :(. She doesn't have her own yard, but she shares a yard with her neighbors. Also, she knows her neighbors and most of them are Russian.--Fatemah

My partner is Kim. She has been in San Francisco for more than 10 years. She lives in the Sunset. She found her house through a real estate agency. She's always lived in the same place in San Francisco. Her neighborhood is good and nice. That's why she loves the Sunset.--Satoshi

My partner's name is Ibtisam. She has been living here about 6 years. Now she is living on Bartlett. Her son found the apartment before she came here. She's lived in different places.--Hoa

My partner's name is Connie. She has been in S.F. for 10 years. She lives in the Richmond. She found her house in the newspaper. She still lives there.--Hongen

His name is Vilen and he has been in San Francisco for thirteen years. He lives in the Sunset District. He found his apartment in a newspaper. He lived in an apartment that was in the same place as that place. His apartment has two bedrooms and enough space for his family. It is in good condition. This apartment doesn't have a backyard. He doesn't know his neighbors. There are many Chinese stores in his neighborhood, which is safe, peaceful, and quiet.--Ellen.

Yasuko has been living in San Francisco for 20 years, but in her 3rd Avenue flat for 17 years. Her husband bought the flats before he married her. They live in the upper flat, which has 3 bedrooms. She doesn't know her neighbor that well.--Deborah

My partner's name is Chih Chen. He is from Taiwan. He has been in S.F. for 12 years. He lives on Ridgewood Ave.--

Satoshi is my partner. He has been living in S.F. for two years. He came from Japan. He is living in the Sunset with his wife. They are living in a house. They have been living there for two years. They never moved to another place. They like living there because it is a good place and in a nice neighborhood and the landlady is nice too.--Kim

Ellen has been in San Francisco for 15 years. She lives in the Sunset. She lives in a house which her mother bought. Before her mother bought the house, Ellen had lived in an apartment. Her current house has three bedrooms, a living room and dining room, two bathrooms, and a kitchen. The house is in good condition. It has a small backyard where her family planted different kinds of vegetables. Ellen doesn't know her neighbors. There is a good shopping center on Irving Street close to her house. She describes her neighborhood as a peaceful, safe and quiet place.--Vilen

My partner is Nora, and she has been in San Francisco for two and a half years. She lives near Galewood Circle. The house was found by a real estate agency. It has a garage, 3 bedrooms and a big kitchen. The condition of the house is quite good, but some things are wrong, such as some parts of the floor are slanted. Her house doesn't have a yard. However, the neighborhood surrounding her house is very quiet. The bad thing is there is no store; therefore, she has to drive to buy any stuff for her family. The people in her neighborhood are nice, but she doesn't know them very well.--Johnson

It was nice to be introduced to Patty. She has been living in San Francisco for 24 years. Her family consists of 3 members. She has an 18-year-old daughter. She's a college student. When Patty came to S.F., she bought a house on Silver Ave., where she and her family are still living. Their house needs a lot of work, like painting, changing appliances, and much more. Most of the time she has a girl help her clean her 6 rooms. In her yard there are a lot of flowers and trees. The family and their guests like to spend their free time there. She told me a little bit about her neighborhood. It's very noisy because there are a lot of places, like a car repair shop, gas station, market, etc. Also, the neighborhood is not safe. I wish her good luck in her life.--Zinaida

Fatema has been living in S.F. for 4 months. She lives on Webster Street. She found an apartment on the Internet. She lives in the same place. It is on the 14th floor, and has 2 bedrooms, a living room, and a balcony. It is in good condition. She doesn't have a yard. She doesn't know her neighbors. She has everything in her neighborhood--Safeway, Walgreens, restaurants, banks, and Japantown. It is a nice, safe neighborhood.--Liza

My partner is Johnson. He has been in San Francisco for five months. He lives on Geary. He found his apartment on the Internet. He used to live in the Sunset. His apartment has two bedrooms, one living room and a kitchen. His apartment is not in good condition. He has some trouble with his bathroom faucet because it is leaking. He doesn't have a yard. He didn't know his neighbors. His neighborhood is too noisy and he described his neighborhood as so noisy.--Nora

My partner has lived in S.F. for five years. She owns a house in the Sunset. There are two bedrooms and one bathroom in the house. She has a big yard. There are many flowers and an apple tree in it. She knows her neighbors. They're very nice. There are two small liquor stores in her neighborhood. There is a bus stop. It is safe and convenient.--Fiona