Interview 1

The name of my partner is Meri. She has lived in S.F. since 2001. She lives in Park Merced. She found her apartment with advice from her friend. She lived in the Richmond District with her son the first year. The next year she moved to the Sunset. She has lived in Park Merced since 2004. The apartment where Mary lives is a one-bedroom apartment. There is a very large living room and a big enough bedroom. Her kitchen has a dishwasher and a large window.--Dora

My partner Dora has been in S.F. for nine years. She lives in the Richmond in a flat in an old house. At first she lived in the Richmond, but in another house. She found her house in an advertisement. She lives in a two-bedroom flat on the first floor. There is a medium-sized living room with a window, 1.5 bathrooms, and the kitchen has a window too. Her flat isn't in good condition. There are old cabinets, and an old refrigerator in the kitchen. There isn't a dishwasher in the kitchen.--Meri

My friend's name is Grigoriy. He came from Russia. He told me he has been in the U.S. for 7 years and likes San Francisco very much. Not only is the weather comfortable, but also the people are nice. Now, he lives in Park Merced. Actually, I don't know where it is. I've just been in the U.S. for one month, but he said his apartment is warm and comfortable. That's all for my friend.--Long Xiang

Now I'm going to tell you something about Pearl. Pearl is one of my classmates. She has been in San Francisco for 28 years. She lives on Twentieth Avenue in the Sunset. For 28 years, she has lived in the same place. Her house is big. You can find two bedrooms, one dining room, one kitchen, a bathroom, and a big yard. Her neighborhood is quiet, safe, and very convenient.--Larissa

My partner's name is Ibtisam. She has been in San Francisco for 8 years. Now, she lives in the Mission District, more precisely on Bartlett Street. She lives with her husband in her son's building. Before living in their apartment, she rented another one on Elizabeth Street. Her apartment is in good condition. There is nothing wrong with it. She has a yard with some flowers and she shares it with her son. She likes the Mission District because she can get what she wants. There are a lot of restaurants and grocery stores.--Nathalie

Nathalie has been in S.F. for five months. The first month she lived with her friend until she found her apartment using Craigslist Internet website. It's in the Sunset area and close to the UCSF hospital. She likes her apartment, which has one bedroom. The floor is parquet and it has a terrace outside the door. Sometimes she has her lunch on the terrace with her husband. She likes the area because it's safe and she can find everything she needs there.--Ibtisam

My classmate's name is Larissa. She has been living in San Francisco for three months. She lives on Webster Street. She found her house using Craigslist on the computer. At first she lived on Union Street and then she moved to Webster Street. Her house includes two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen, and a bathroom with one toilet. It is in good condition. It's nice, and there is a post office, restaurants, supermarkets, and banks nearby. It's safe, nice, and quiet.--Pearl

My partner is Betty. She is a very kind person. She has been in San Francisco for 20 years. It is a very long time for me. I have been here for only 3 weeks. She lives in an apartment on Pacific Avenue. She said, "I applied for my apartment from the government." She likes her apartment. The ceiling of the apartment is very high, so she feels very comfortable alone in her apartment. Because of this reason, she hasn't changed this apartment. She has a yard and there are several big trees. She has a lot of neighbors. She knows everyone because she may be the oldest resident there. She loves her neighbors. There are so many married couples. Her neighborhood also is so good. It is three minutes to a very famous street: Lombard. That is a very famous tourist place in San Francisco. Many people can only see the place where Betty has been living for a long time. She is lucky.--Ozden

Vilen has been living in San Francisco. He came here from Kazakhstan. He is living in the Sunset District. He found his apartment in the newspaper. He has been living in the same apartment for 15 years. His apartment has two bedrooms. It is on the second floor. It is close to the ocean and it has an ocean view. it is in good condition because Vilen keeps it in that way. Sometimes there may be some problems with the apartment, but the landlord handles it. The apartment has a backyard, but the whole backyard doesn't belong to only Vilen. He has to share the backyard with five neighbors. He doesn't know all the neighbours. He knows only some of them. His apartment is close to a big Chinese supermarket and a big trade center. He thinks that the Sunset is peaceful and clean.--Ayse

The name of my classmate is Ayse. She has been living in San Francisco only for three weeks, when she moved from Ankara, Turkey. In her native country she had been working for the government and here she is a student at the university where she is studying financial subjects. Ayse lives in a rented one-bedroom apartment in the Panhandle area of the City. Her apartment is in good condition and her area is cool, safe, and convenient. She is optimistic about her living and studying in San Francisco, which she likes.--Vilen

My partner's name is Rosatta. She comes from Hong Kong. She has been in San Francisco for more than ten years. She lives in the Sunset. She found her house through her friend. Before she moved to the Sunset, she lived in Chinatown. Her house is a three-bedroom house. It is an old house, but it is in good condition. It has a small yard with bamboo trees. She knows her next-door neighbors. Her neighborhood is in a residential area, but grocery stores are in walking distance. Her neighborhood is quite busy but safe.--Khin

My partner's name is Dima. He came from Ukraine. He has been in S.F. for a month. He has been looking around the landmarks of the city. He lives on 31st Avenue and Cabrillo Street. His mother found the house on the Internet. He didn't change his place in S.F. because he has just been living here for a month. His flat is not very big; two bedrooms and one living room. He thinks it is in good condition for him. He has a yard but the landlord cut the trees down and took the flowers out so the yard is now empty.--Cuong

My partner's name is Khin. She came from Burma and has lived in San Francisco for about 7 years. Her counselor helped her find her two-unit apartment in the Richmond District. Khin lives on the first floor with no backyard, but it is in good condition. She only knows the people who live upstairs by their faces but they are not close. Khin lives in a safe, quiet and convenient neighborhood which is also near the beach. Her only complaint is that it is always cold.--Rosa

My partner is Ozden and he just came here 3 weeks ago. He lives near the Panhandle. He found the apartment on the Internet. He just came a short time ago and he is renting a one-bedroom apartment with a dining room. It is in good condition and in a convenient area. It has a yard and a few trees. He doesn't know anybody. He said he lives in a quiet, safe, clean neighborhood.--Betty

My partner's name is Cuong. He came to the USA (SF) two years ago from Vietnam. He applied for a job but then he decided it would be better to learn English and went to City College. He lives in a small flat in the Richmond. He thought it was small for living here because there is only one bedroom and no yard. He found it in the newspaper. Cuong has a few neighbors. He knows them but doesn't talk to them. There are a lot of places of interest in his neighborhood, such as restaurants with international food, movies, supermarkets, etc.--Dima