Write a Paragraph about Your Partner.

Dima came from Ukraine. He doesn't have a job in San Francisco. He studied in the university in his country. He didn't finish studying because he came here. He didn't want to be anything special when he was a child.--Brenda

My partner, Betty, came to S.F.from Taiwan. She has work. She is a nurse assistant. She works at a patient's home or at the hospital. It depends on where the patient is. In her native country she worked at an escrow office as a property agent. Working as a taxidriver would be boring to her. Working as a nurse would be interesting to her. When she was young, she wanted to be a taxi driver. When she grew up, this work was boring to her. She is interested in working as a nurse. In her country, some jobs are done more by men, and others are done more by women.--Meri

Percy came to S.F. from Peru. He is a sports teacher. He likes his work very much and if he were young, he wouldn't change his work. Percy got married a few months ago. He's lived in the U.S. for seven months. In the future he plans to return to Peru. Percy is an interesting companion.--Grigoriy

My interview partner is Joyce. She told me she didn't have any job in San Francisco, but she tried hard to look for one. After the economic crisis, there are a lot of people who lost their jobs. Also nowadays if you want to find a good job, it's not really easy. Joyce also told me she was a cashier in her native country. She loved her job because the wages were quite high. She feels being a teacher would be the most boring job for her. She wouldn't like to talk in front of the class with everybody watching her. When I asked her what kind of jobs she thought would be interesting, she said a job that offered a high salary. That was so funny.--Darrent

Brenda is from Hong Kong and she's studying here. She's searching for a job, but first she wants to improve her English at CCSF. Before she came to San Francisco, she worked in a restaurant and was bored with it. She interviewed people and worked with the computer. She would like to work in a hospital. Working in an office is boring for her and she wouldn't like to do that anymore.--Elvira

Vilen doesn't have a job in San Francisco. He had a job in his native country. He was a geologist. He thinks the job he wouldn't like would be a boring one. The job he would like would be an interesting one. When he was young he wanted to be in the military, but when he grew up, he changed his mind. In his native country most men have outside jobs like joining the military or doing heavy work. Women usually work at home, like taking care of children.--Ann

My partner's name is Rosa. She had a job in San Francisco in PG&E. She was a technician. She was a secretary in her native country. She thinks the most boring job is a job counting numbers, and the most interesting job is a job with people, such as a teacher or a nurse. When she was young she wanted to learn Japanese, but it was too difficult.--Dora

Elly told me that she is working in San Francisco as an au pair. She takes care of a seven-year-old boy. She came here from Germany. She thought that the most boring job for her is office work and the most interesting job is one connected to people.--Dima

Cindy is from China. She was a teacher in China teaching Mandarin in an elementary school. She had worked as a newspaper editor for a Chinese newspaper. Now she is only studying and not working anymore. She thinks any job working with machines is boring, but working with people is interesting. In China, most women like to be teachers, nurses, and saleswomen. Most men are police officers, do physically demanding jobs, or do business.--Khin

Khin is from Burma. She had never worked in her native country. She worked in a retail store a few years ago. Now she is a full-time student. She doesn't like to work with a machine. It's boring. In Burma, women don't do physically demanding jobs. Also married women don't work outside the home. They only work at home and take care of the kids.--Cindy

Celine was studying chemistry in France, and she wanted to live in the U.S. so she came here nine months ago and she has been working as an au pair with an American family. She has been living with them and she's been studying English at John Adams school. She said that she hoped to be a doctor but for some reason she couldn't. She is interested in communicating with people to improve her English and to experience the culture here.--Ibtisam

I am already retired. I was an accountant in a very big "Dragon Seed" department store for ten years. I kept inventories, worked in the Claims Department, did closing stocks reports, etc. I felt working as a saleslady would be boring because it would be trouble to beg friends or people to buy your products. I think if I were a tour guide it would be interesting for I'd have chances to visit different places, taste different foods, meet more people, and have good views to take some photos to remember for the rest of my life. In Hong Kong, because of the expensive financial situation, now women have to work to earn a living. A husband and wife usually have one or two children.--Pearl

Ibtisam came to San Francisco six years ago. She came here with her husband to live closer to their son. She helps her son, who has a store in San Francisco. In her country, she was a teacher in high school and at the end of her career she was a high school director. She really loved her job, and she told me about that. It was very interesting. For her, the worst job is to be in an office in front of a computer all day. She likes to move around and meet people. When she was young, she wanted to be a psychologist, because she likes to understand people and what they think. But she couldn't do that because she needed to leave her country to go to the university and her parents didn't agree with that. So she decided to be a teacher. In her country, it's the same thing as in America; women and men can have the same job, and men help their wives with the housework and taking care of the kids.--Celine

I interviewed Dora. She is from Russia and has been living in San Francisco for about nine years. She is babysitting her four-year-old granddaughter. Dora wanted to be an interpreter and dreamed of speaking different languages. She learned French. We both agree that we have not seen any female garbage collectors.

Gregory was a math teacher in Russia and he enjoyed it. He says that to learn mathematics, you don't have to memorize it but you have to play with numbers. He actually is living here because his family lives here too. He practiced gymnastics when he was young and helps his wife doing the housework. Gregory taught math at Moscow University and he enjoyed teaching it.--Percy

My partner Ann hasn't ever had a job in San Francisco and because of her age she isn't looking for a job. She had never had any job in her native country. She had been a housewife. She liked her job of being a housewife and being with her kids all the time. She thinks it would be boring if children were disobedient sometimes. She thinks she has had the best job raising her children and she has never changed her mind about it. In her native country, China, most doctors were men and usually married women worked inside the home. She said in America many things in society are completely different and she likes them.--Vilen