Write a Paragraph about Your Partner.

My partner's name is Ma. She has a job in San Francisco. She is a waitress. She didn't have a job in her native country. She sometimes speaks English at school. She has some plans for the weekend. She usually goes to the park.--Xiue

My partner's name is Thanh Em. Thanh Em works at home. She takes care of the children, takes them to school, and then goes home and cleans up the house. Sometimes she goes shopping to buy food and then goes home to make dinner. Monday to Friday she usually takes the children at 8 AM and picks them up at 3 PM. She works hard every day, so she doesn't have a lot of time to go to school.--Ling

My partner's name is Sati. She is working at a restaurant. She is a hard-working person. She usually studies English by herself at home because she never learned any English in her native country. Now she must always speak English at school. She used to practice conversations with herself, but people usually didn't understand her, so she took a class. She must study harder. Now her English is improving. Finally, she wants to visit her friends this weekend and go on a picnic.--Mona

My partner's name is Mona. She doesn't have a job in San Francisco or in her native country. She would like to have a job as a flight attendant. When she was young, she wanted to be a teacher, but now she changed her mind. She speaks English at home and on the bus. Some people don't understand her. One day, she went to the store to buy shampoo, but she didn't know how to pronounce the word. She is going to go to a show on the weekend.--Sati

My partner's name is Mei Hing. Mei Hing is from Hong Kong. She lived right next to the airport. She knew Chinese and her own native language. Mei Hing's English is improving little by little. She is going to learn English very well.--Slava

My partner's name is Natalia. She doesn't have a job in San Francisco. She is attending school to learn English. She wants to speak English well to get a good job to improve her family life. When she was in her native country, she was a salesperson. She sold some food in a grocery store.--Carol

My partner's name is Olga. She is very nice and beautiful. She talked to me. When she was young, she wanted to be a teacher. It's an interesting story. She came here to live with her family. She speaks English very well. I like her so much.--Elaine

My partner's name is Elaine. She is from a country near China. Her native language is Chinese. She lives in San Francisco with her husband. Her two daughters stayed in her country. They are twins. They are nineteen years old. They are studying at the university. Elaine didn't study English before she moved to the United States. She comes to John Adams Campus every day and hopes to improve her English, but at the moment she has trouble understanding other people. Elaine has some plans for the weekend. She is going to go shopping with her husband.--Olga

My partner's name is Lishan. She is a pretty woman. She doesn't have a job now. When she was young, she wanted to be a doctor and lawyer. On the weekend, she stays home and plays computer and watches TV, but sometimes she visits her cousin.--Judy

My partner's name is Ling. She has a job in San Francisco. She is a homecare worker. That's an easy job. She had a job in her native country too. When she was young, she had a dream to become a doctor when she grew up. She speaks English in San Francisco. She speaks Chinese at home. Sometimes she speaks English on the bus and in a store. She knew English a little when she came to San Francisco. On the weekend, she sometimes stays home and cooks for her family. Sometimes, she goes to the supermarket or in a store to buy some things on the weekend.--Thanh Em

My partner's name is Judy. She doesn't have any job in San Francisco, but she had one in her country. Her job was in a beauty shop. She would like to work in a clothes store. She speaks English in school and on the bus. When she speaks English, some people understand and sometimes they don't understand her. She can't remember something that was hard for people to understand. She came to San Francisco before she learned any English. Her English is improving. She has plans for the weekend. She is going somewhere. She is going to go to Golden Gate Park with her son.--Lishan

My partner's name is Xiue. She has a job in San Francisco. Her job is a housekeeper. She had a job in her native country. She was a driver. She doesn't speak English at home. She speaks it on the bus, at work, and in a store.

My partner's name is Carol. She doesn't have a job in San Francisco. She is a student. She studies English at City College. In the future she wants to be a clothing designer. When she was young, she dreamed of being a clothing designer.--Natalia

My partner's name is Alex. He doesn't work. He stays at home and helps his mom. Alex was taking English classes in China. He doesn't have a problem understanding other people. He also thinks his English is improving. Alex wants to be a doctor.--Jessica

My partner's name is Slava. He doesn't have a job in San Francisco because he came to San Francisco two months ago. He is a student. Slava speaks English at school and sometimes at home. On the weekend he will go to see a movie.--Mei Hing