Write a Paragraph about Your Partner.

My partners' names are Sintayehu and Doris. Sintayehu came from Ethiopia. He usually eats tibs, ingera and kitfo (Ethiopian food). In San Francisco the food he eats is a little different. He likes Chinese food and Mexican food and different kinds of food. Last year he went to South Africa and Brazil on vacation. He likes those countries' museums and he enjoys sightseeing a lot. Doris is from China. She likes San Francisco food very much. She likes Japanese food and different kinds of food too. Last year she went to New York to visit her nephew. She likes the Statue of Liberty there, but doesn't like the traffic and noise.--Susanna

My partner's name is Jenny. Jenny had a vacation in Hawaii a few years ago. She told me that it is very beautiful there. There are a lot of mountains, flowers, and she saw some famous volcanos. It has a lot of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Around the big islands there are also beautiful views and bridges. She ate some special native food, and took a boat around the islands. She enjoyed a lot of fun things in Hawaii. I hope that if I have a chance I will be able to go there to take a vacation.--Amy

My partner's name is Bo. My partner usualy has milk and bread for breakfast. For lunch he eats meat and rice, and for dinner rice, meat and vegetables. Bo sometimes cooks the food, and sometimes Bo can eat in a restaurant. Bo tried seafood. He sometimes eats "fast food." My partner Bo went to Seattle. He visited his friends.--Manuchar

My partner's name is Maria. She's from Mexico. She came to the U.S. two years ago, and now she lives with her family. In the morning she usually eats eggs and drinks milk for her breakfast. She usually eats a sandwich for her lunch and she eats fish and rice for her dinner. Sometimes she cooks food for her family. On the weekend she eats in a restaurant with her family. Sometimes she wants to try Chinese food. She likes Chinese food very much. Sometimes she eats fast food--about once a month. When she was a child, she came to Mexico D.F. She saw a pyramid and cathedral. She's going to go to Hawaii in the future.--Minh

My partner's name is Minh. He usually eats noodles for breakfast and rice and chicken for dinner. He doesn't eat lunch. His mother always cooks. He ate the same food in his native country. He likes Chinese food and fast food too. He went to L.A. 3 months ago. He saw famous people. He saw Hollywood and the big bridge. He took a lot of pictures. In the future, he's going to go back to his country.--Maria

My partner's name is Manuchar. He usually eats breakfast. He eats eggs and bread. For lunch and dinner he eats meat, bread, rice, and vegetables. He never cooks. His wife always cooks for him. He doesn't like to go to restaurants because it's very noisy there. In San Francisco he eats the same kind of food he ate in his native country. He likes to try and eat new food. He likes to eat pizza but he never goes to eat fast food. Last year he went to Sacramento. He went to see the Capitol and went sightseeing. Some time he will go on a vacation but now he doesn't have a plan where to go.--Bo

My partner's name is Carmen. She usually drinks orange juice for breakfast. She prefers to eat a sandwich for lunch. At dinnertime she loves to eat Japanese food. Every day she cooks the food for her family. Sometimes she eats at a Chinese restaurant with her family too. She ate different food in her native country. She tried Chinese food. She likes it very much. She took a vacation to Yosemite National Park. In her future she wants to go around the world.--H.Z.

My partner's name is Amy. She's from Taiwan. She lives with her husband. She usually eats cereal for breakfast. She usually eats noodles for lunch. Chinese people usually like to eat rice for dinner every day and Amy also usually eats rice every day. Sometimes she tries different kinds of food. She likes sushi very much and she likes fast food. In 2002 she traveled to Washington with her husband. She traveled around Washington D.C. In the future she wants to go to Hawaii.--Jenny

My partner's name is Sintayehu. He usually eats a banana and pancakes for breakfast. Sometimes he cooks. He is from Ethiopia in Africa. He usually eats his country's food. He likes "fast food." He went to Brazil last year. He likes Brazil. It's beautiful. It has a long beach. It has a lot of museums. He likes vacations. My other partner's name is Susanna. She always cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner. She usually eats egg, ham and milk for breakfast. She eats Chinese food for lunch and dinner. Her daughter likes "fast food." Sometimes her daughter and her husband eat it with her. Her family went to Toronto. She likes Niagara Falls. It's very beautiful.--Doris

My partner's name is Emi. She usually has a cup of coffee and a piece of bread for breakfast and then eats Japanese food for lunch and dinner. Emi likes to cook. Sometimes she and her friends eat in a restaurant. She doesn't like different kinds of food, so she only eats Japanese food. Emi has eaten "fast food" in Ameria, for example, toast, sandwiches and hot dogs. Emi tells me she went to Las Vegas. She saw cactus in the desert. It's very interesting and famous. The city has many buildings built by architects. They are beautiful.--Yue Hua

My partner's name is Lkhagva. She is from Mongolia. She usually eats some fruit, cereal, milk, and bread for breakfast, vegetables, beef, lamb or chicken rice for lunch, and rice, fish, salad and fruit for dinner. Sometimes she cooks, or her sister does. She enjoys making Mongolian food. She doesn't try any new food. She seldom eats fast food. One year ago she went to China and saw restaurants, schools, museums, etc. She said she doesn't know where she wants to go on vacation in the future.--Julia

My partners are two young women. Their names are Susanna and Doris. This is about Susanna. She is from China. She likes S.F. She often eats fried egg, ham, and milk for breakfast. She likes this food. She cooks every day. She doesn't eat in a restaurant. She eats the same kind of food she ate in her native country. She likes Chinese food. She doesn't eat fast food because she says it's not good for your health. She visited another country, Toronto, Canada. She liked Niagara Falls. That is a special place.--Sintayehu

My partner's name is Alex. He is from Russia. He studies English very hard. He usually takes the bus to get to school. He is never absent. He always eats cereal for breakfast. He usually eats potatoes, meat, soup, salad, chicken and rice for lunch and for dinner. He likes his native country's food. He doesn't like fast food because it might make him heavy. He likes to try some new foods. He tried eating lobster and crab. They were good. He likes to travel. He went to Colorado Springs on vacation. Last summer, he visited his old friend. They climbed a high mountain together. That city was beautiful. He liked it very much. Next summer, he'll go to his native country.--Kendy

My partner's name is Carmen. She comes from Peru. She usually has bread, juice, and milk for breakfast. She likes American food, Japanese food and Chinese food. She always eats these kinds of food for lunch or dinner. She can cook many kinds of food. She is a good housewife. Sometimes Carmen takes a vacation. She likes to travel. She went to Yosemite National Park and other places. She enjoys the American views. She is a happy person.--Ci Dian

My partner's name is Vai. She is a housewife. She takes care of her family every day because her kids are too young and her husband has to work, so that is very busy for her. Every day she has to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and to take care of the kids. Usualy she has tea with bread for breakfast. She cooks noodles for lunch, but she cooks a lot of food for dinner, like rice, meat, and vegetables. She is a busy person. She doesn't have time to go on vacation, but she plans to go on vacation next year. She'll go to Canada.--Xiao Li

My partner's name is Xiao Li. She usually has oatmeal and milk for breakfast. For lunch she eats noodles, and for dinner she eats rice. She needs to cook every day. She doesn't have someone to cook for her. Sometimes she eats in a restaurant. She eats the same food as in her native country. She likes new food, American food and spaghetti. When she has a vacation, she'll go to Canada, China, and Hong Kong.--Vai

My partner's name is Julia. She usually eats oatmeal, a sandwich, toast, ham, chicken, peanut butter, marmelade, and milk for her breakfast. For lunch she always eats fruit--apples, grapes, and water. She always eats Chinese food and salad for dinner. Sometimes she cooks the food, but she usually goes to a Chinese restaurant and gets food to go. She sometimes eats the same kind of food as in her native country. She really likes to try Chinese food and she doesn't like to eat fast food. Two years ago she visited Los Angeles. She saw Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, museums, and many things. Now she will go to Las Vegas.--Lkhagvasuren

My partner's name is Yue Hua. She usually eats noodles for breakfast. Yue Hua and I are both Asian, but I don't ever eat noodles for breakfast, so I was surprised. She wants to try Korean food. She went to Vietnam and saw interesting people, buildings, clothes, and culture. She'd like to go to Washington D.C. in the future. I would too. I'd also like to see the East Coast because it is very far away from Tokyo, so I want to go while I'm staying in America.--Emi

My partner's name is Jason. He always eats lunch and dinner, but he doesn't usually eat breakfast. He doesn't cook the food--his mother cooks it for him. He always eats Chinese style food like in his native country. He likes to eat hamburgers. He never eats "fast food." He went to Beijing before. He saw Tiananmen Square, took some pictures and ate a lot of Beijing style food. He wants to go to New York and Hawaii in the future, because he never went there.--Tracy

My partner's name is Kevin. He usually eats bread with eggs for breakfast. He eats meat, vegetables and rice for lunch. Sometimes he eats chicken and turkey. He almost always eats salads and fruit for dinner. He cooks for himself. He didn't eat the same food in his country. He likes to try hot dogs, sandwiches and fried chicken. He went to England, France, and Australia. He saw Big Ben in London, Disneyland in Paris, and the opera house in Sydney. He was sightseing there. He is going to Yellowstone in the future.--Duc

My partner's name is Duc. He usually eats noodles for breakfast, chicken, shrimp and rice for lunch and dinner. He almost never cooks because his wife cooks for him. In his native country, Vietnam, he ate the same kind of food. He tried some new food in the U.S.A. such as fried chicken and pizza. He likes fried chicken but doesn't like pizza. He also ate other fast food. He took a trip to Los Angeles and San Diego for sightseeing, and went to visit Seaworld and 6 Flags Park. He played at Magic Mountain there, and liked it very much. In the future he intends to visit China--Kevin.

My partner's name is Kendy. She is from China. She usually has eggs, milk and a piece of bread for breakfast. She sometimes cooks. She ate the same kind of food in her native country. She tried new "American food." She sometimes eats "fast food." She visited her native country and saw her parents and took her son to the USA. She is going to L.A. in the future.--Aleksandr

My partner's name is J. J. has orange juice, milk and pancakes for breakfast. He usually eats one sandwich or crackers for lunch and Chinese food that he prepares himself. J. likes to travel and a year ago visited Tokyo. That city made him happy. He went to the stores and saw the progress of technology of that country. J. is younger and wants to travel around the world in the future.--Carmen