Write a Paragraph about Your Partner.

My partner's name is Gloria. She usually eats fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch and has sandwiches for dinner. Sometimes she cooks the food because her sister cooks for her. She eats different kinds of food. She seldom eats fast food and she is going to have a vacation some day.--Dieu

My partner's name is Sio Wan. She usually eats bread and drinks tea for her breakfast. She eats rice for dinner. She wants to cook for herself but sometimes she eats in a restaurant. She likes to eat the same food as in her native country, but she also tries Italian food occasionally. She went to Hong Kong. She saw many beautiful sights. She bought many things. Next time she will take a vacation to Hawaii.--Sophy

My partner's name is Sophy. She usually drinks coffee and eats bread for breakfast. She eats rice and meat for lunch and dinner. She cooks her food by herself and she sometimes goes out to a restaurant. In her native country she ate the same kind of food. She tried fried chicken and she liked it. She even eats fast food in McDonald's when she is busy. On vacation she took a trip to China. She saw beautiful sights and ate good-tasting food. Next vacation she is going to China again.--Sio Wan

My partner's name is Vera. She likes bread for breakfast and lunch. She doesn't cook. She likes noodles. Sometimes she likes McDonald's food. She likes Chinese food. She would like to go to Canada.--Paulina

My partner's name is Paulina. She eats yoghurt, cereal and fruit for breakfast. She eats salad for lunch and for dinner too. She usually doesn't like to eat meat, so she used to eat salad in her country. She never eats "fast food" such as McDonald's. She didn't have a vacation so she didn't have a trip. She doesn't like vacations, so she wouldn't like to go somewhere in the future.--Vera

My partner's name is Julia. I am glad to know that she likes to eat Chinese food because she is not a Chinese woman. She likes different foods for her breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes she buys Chinese food in a restaurant. She doesn't like to eat "fast food." She likes her native country's foods. She wishes to go to Cuba in the future if she has a vacation. She went to Palm Springs. They drove for 8 hours by themselves to get there from here.--Zhao Ping

My partner's name is Zhao Ping. She is from China. She usually eats bread and fish soup for breakfast. She likes to cook Chinese food. She never goes to restaurants. Sometimes she eats fast food. She told me about her vacation in 2003. It was interesting because she visited Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia by plane and train. She had a good time. She went sightseeing and saw different cultures, museums, zoos, and other places. It was a pleasure to meet her.--Julia

My partner's name is Michelle. She is from China. She came to San Francisco four months ago. Usually for breakfast she has bread and milk and for lunch she likes rice and meat or noodles. For dinner she almost always eats rice, vegetables, chicken and soup. She cooks her food but sometimes her husband cooks too. Every weekend she goes to a restaurant. She eats the same food here that she ate in her country. She likes to try new foods like Korean food and Popeye's Fried Chicken. She went to Japan and Thailand for a vacation and saw some beautiful buildings. She went sightseeing around the cities. On her next vacation she is going to go to Las Vegas.--Brenda

My partner's name is Lai Yee. She likes bread and milk or a big sandwich for breakfast. She likes tea and drinks it 3 times a day. Usually she drinks coca-cola and eats hamburgers. She likes vegetables and meat. Meat is not good in her native country. She tried mushrooms in S.F. This is a new food for her. She likes going to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It is a lot of fun. Her son lives in Los Angeles. -- Luba

My partner's name is Maricel. She is from Costa Rica. Maricel usually eats chocolate and a slice of bread with butter for breakfast. For lunch she makes rice, chicken, meat and sometimes pasta, and for dinner she eats the same food. Sometimes her husband cooks for her and sometimes she likes to eat in a restaurant. She eats the same food--rice. She likes seafood very much. She eats "fast food" sometimes. She went to Costa Rica and swam at a volcano. There are hot springs there. She went to visit her family.--Laila

My partner's name is Laila. She is from Russia. She usually eats cereal for breakfast, and for lunch and dinner she likes to eat soup and salad. Sometimes she likes to go out for dinner. She tried sushi here and now she likes it. She went to Turkey for her vacation and she likes the beaches very much. She swam and she went shopping. She likes the place. Now she would like to go to Italy.--Maricel

My partner's name is Claudio. He is from Brazil. He usually drinks coffee for breakfast. He works at a restaurant so he can eat at the restaurant. He said the food here is different from in his native country. He doesn't like fast food. He didn't take a vacation because he came to S.F. last October so he hasn't had a vacation yet. When he has a vacation, he will go to Lake Tahoe and Hawaii.--Mina