Write a Paragraph about Your Partner.

My partner Julia likes to do a lot of activities like reading, watching TV, and sleeping. Usually she gets up at seven. She takes the bus to school. Julia takes four classes. She starts at eight. The first class is grammar. Julia likes to eat sweet food like chocolate, cake, and candy, but she prefers healthy food. In the afternoon she likes to do some exercises to keep herself in good shape.--Kamel

I'd like to introduce my new friend, Tony Chan. He likes to watch TV and read newspapers in his spare time. He usually watches the Chinese news on Channel 7 after dinner. He told me he always gets up at seven. It's so early for me. Then his wife makes him breakfast. He usually goes to school by bus; sometimes he takes #7, sometimes he takes #21. He only takes one class, because he said it is too hard for him. He's older and it is too tiring for him. He likes Chinese food a lot, but I don't like it at all, because Chinese food has too much oil. It will make me gain weight.--Kay

My partner likes watching TV, reading newspapers, and listening to classical music in her spare time. She gets up at 7:30. She comes to school on two buses. She likes to eat Chinese food. She wants to go shopping, cook, and watch TV.--Lilya

My partner looks kind. Her name is Rebecca. She has two children and a nice house which includes a little garden that has four fruit trees inside. She likes it very much and takes good care of it. We both are Chinese and have two classes the same at this school. She usually gets up at six-thirty because she has to prepare breakfast for her husband.--Hui Luan

In the classroom, I had a communication with my partner. She is a part time student. Every day she gets up at 6:00 in the morning and after she eats breakfast, she starts to walk to school. She said it takes 45 minutes from her home to school. Every day she takes three classes at school. She likes Chinese food. When she has spare time, she likes to travel.--Helen

My partner is Hui Luan. She came here about 13 years ago. She lives near the school so she likes to walk to school. She is taking two classes at John Adams Campus, which are the same as mine. When she has spare time, she likes to watch TV and read books. She prefers healthy food to meat. She wants to visit her father at the hospital this afternoon. I hope her father will get better soon.--Rebecca

My partner likes to spend her spare time reading books and with her family. She wants to go shopping, go see a movie, and go to the market to buy some good food to cook for her family. She said she would like to spend her spare time that way.--Lindy

My partner is Ricky. He is 18 years old. He comes from Kwangjou, China. He has been in S.F. for six months. He likes to play on-line games so he enjoys on-line games in his spare time. He has many Chinese friends. He gets e-mail from his friends, so he goes to bed late and gets up late too. He gets e-mail or talks on-line with people in another place and time zone. How amazing! He likes Japanese food, probably sushi and sashimi or domburi--me too. But sometimes I want to have mother's food. Usually he takes four classes, so he studies in the afternoon.--Jay

My partner's name's Jay. She is a beautiful lady who came from Korea. She gets up at 5:30 and takes the MUNI to school. She is a hard-working student who takes three classes a day. In her spare time she likes to listen to music. Her favorite food is Korean, Chinese and Japanese food. After the class she will cook dinner. I think she is good at cooking everything.--Ricky.

When I was speaking with Kamel, I learned many interesting things about his spare time. He likes going outside, walking around the city, and he likes the ocean. He also likes going shopping. (I was surprised because I thought that many men don't like to do it, or just do it very fast.) He has three classes a day, so he doesn't have to wake up very early. He gets up between 8 and 9 o'clock in the morning. He told me he has a job in the supermarket and comes home at 2 a.m. every day. In my opinion it is very good and easy to learn English if you study at school and also if you have a job or American friends. He likes any kind of food. Kamel enjoys Mexican, Italian, and American food.--Julia

Kay is my partner. She comes from Taiwan. She studies at John Adams, and takes three classes every day. She usually gets up at eight o'clock every morning. She comes to school by car. She likes to eat Japanese food and American food. She wants to study English this afternoon. She is very happy to live in the U.S.A. too.--Tony

My partner is Lilya. She likes to watch TV, cook, and listen to music. She usually gets up at 6:30 and cooks breakfast. After she finishes breakfast, she walks to school. She has 3 classes. She likes to eat Russian food and Chinese food. After classes she goes home and cleans up the kitchen and takes a nap.--May

Today my partner is Roza. Roza likes to listen to music best of all and to dance just alone. She is very excited about that. She enjoys it by herself. She usually gets up at 6:30 in the morning and goes to bed not later than 11 p.m. Roza takes the bus to school. It's very convenient for her because the bus stop is near her house. She is taking two classes this semester, but sometimes she has to miss some classes because she works part time. Roza likes to eat everything. She is good at cooking and likes to treat her friends. This afternoon, she wants to do some routine things like cooking, cleaning, and so on.--Irina

I talked with Irina. She was my partner. Irina prefers to read books. She reads a lot, and she gets up at 6:30 in the morning even though she goes to bed very late. She is very active and likes to do everything. She likes music, cooking, cleaning her apartment, studying English and computers. I enjoyed talking with Irina. I want to have many friends like her.--Roza.

My partner is a very quiet and nice person. In her spare time, she likes to go shopping and go to the library. She usually takes a bus to school. She has five classes at John Adams Campus. She studies very hard. She likes to learn English. I hope she'll be a professional worker in her future.--Joanne