Write a Paragraph about Your Partner.

My partner's name is Natsenet. She is from Eritrea. She works in a store, but she'd like to work as a photographer. She is not married. She has been in San Francisco for only three months. Her English is good. She likes her native country's food.--Basel

My partner's name is Basel. He is from Syria. He is 24 years old and he has family in San Francisco. He is working five days a week. He has been living here since 2001. He lives with his family. His first language is Arabic. He wants to speak English very well. He is single.--Natsenet

My partner's name is Paul. He came from China alone. His country is big, famous, and has a very long, interesting history. He studied English in his native country at school. He has lived in the U.S. for four years and has studied English at John Adams for four years. He is working now. His hobbies are various; mostly he likes to play basketball. He likes to watch TV in the English language. He has lived in the Richmond for all four years. His aunt likes to cook for him. Sometimes he likes to eat at a Chinese restaurant that is located between 4th and 5th Avenue on Balboa in the Richmond.--Tanya

My partner's name is Daisy. She lives alone. She's from China and she lives in North Beach. Her country has a lot of people, nice and friendly people. She has lived here in San Francisco about four years. When I asked her about Japanese food, she told me she likes it a little bit. She cooks for herself, of course, since she lives alone! She works with a family and she knows a lot of things about Brazil.--Marcus

My partner's name is Paul. He came from China too. He came to S.F. in 2000 and he came alone. He likes his native city, Tai San. He studied English for four years in his native country. He has been studying English in John Adams since 2000. He really likes to play table tennis in his spare time. He likes to exercise a lot and likes to watch TV in English and Chinese. He lives in the Richmond. He likes his neighborhood. Also, he didn't live in a different neighborhood. He's not a cook in his family. He doesn't know how to cook.--Danny

My partner's name is Giovanna. She came from Italy. She has lived in California for one year. She came to California with her dog. Her dog's name is Jilla. They love each other very much. She has lived alone in Noe Valley in a 3-bedroom apartment. She worked in her native country as an architect.--Lilianna

My partner's name is Lilianna. She has been in S. F. for four years. She moved from Russia with her husband. She studied for two years at the university, but she translated and didn't speak. She has been studying at John Adams school for three semesters. She likes studying. She isn't working now, but she worked in her country as an engineering geologist. She doesn't have spare time, because she has to take care of her home and her daughter's. She doesn't watch TV but when she meets her friends, she likes playing chess and bridge. She lives in S.F. and she cooks for her family and she likes Italian cuisine.--Giovanna

My partner's name is Karla. She's from El Salvador. She has been here about ten years. She lives in San Francisco and works in a furniture company. She has studied English in John Adams about two years and she also learned English in her native country, but not so much--just a little. She likes Chinese food and she likes to cook at home.--Jan

My partner's name is Jan. She's from China. She has been here since 2002. She came with her family. She studied English in her country, and she has been studying English for four years. She is working in a drycleaner's Monday to Saturday. She lives in the Sunset. She doesn't cook, but her mother does. Her favorite restaurant is a Japanese restaurant. She like sushi and vegetables a lot. One thing I forgot to put is that she likes to swim.--Karla

My partner's name is Lisa. She is from China. She's been in the U.S. for 5 years. Lisa came to San Francisco with her family. She is married and has 2 children, a 10-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter. She did not learn English before coming here, and she has been studying English in John Adams campus for 1 year. She is a working woman. She makes belts in a little factory in S.F. She worked in China as a cashier at a restaurant. She likes to watch TV, mostly Chinese movies, and American comedies. She is very nice and friendly.--Natalie

My partner's name is Natalie. She came from Lithuania. It's near Russia. She came here with her family. She studied English for 2 years in her country at a college. She has two children, one son and one daughter. She came to S.F. 18 months ago. Now, she lives in the Richmond. She used to live in the Sunset District for 1 year. She works at a health center. Her hobbies are reading and listening to the radio. She played the piano in her country and her husband played the violin. She is a beautiful lady. She is nice and friendly.--Lisa

My partner's name is Wen. I knew her from last semester. We sat close to each other in another class and now we sit close to each other again. She came to the United States from China almost 4 years ago. She has a family, a husband and one fourteen-year-old daughter. She is such a nice and smart girl, Wen is very proud. Everybody in her family can speak English except her, but I think it's not a very big problem. I'm not fluent in English either. Maybe it's fate, because we became good friends, and I was really glad to see her again. Maybe it's double fate, because she has a job close to the place where I live right now. Every time when I walk down the street and see her we always say a big "Hi" to each other.--Elmira

My partner's name is Elmira. She's been in S.F. for 1-1/2 years. She's from Turkmenistan. She lives with her family. She's studied English since she was a teen in high school in her country. She had a job here, but she wants to be working on an airplane. Her parents can't speak English. They speak Russian and their country language at home. She and I have taken the same class since last semester. I know her English is better than mine, especially for listening and speaking.--Wen Rong

My partner's names are Kimberly and David. They come from China, but they don't speak the same language. Kimberly came from China 10 years ago, and David has been here 5 years. He studied English a little bit. She had never studied English in her native country.--Creuza

My partner's name is Marcus. He's from Brazil. He lives with his uncle. He came to the USA in June. His country's people love to play soccer, but he doesn't. He likes to run and use the Internet. He's never studied English in school, but his English is very good. I think he is a smart guy. He studied English from TV. He likes Japanese food, Brazilian food, and Chinese food. He likes to cook with his uncle (just Brazilian food). He knows how to use chopsticks. He told me his country's people are very friendly. His country is very beautiful.--Daisy

My partner's name is Creuza. She has been in San Francisco 4 years. She came from Brazil. She never studied English in her country. She's been studying English at John Adams since 2000. She wants to improve her English to get a better job.--Kimberly

My partner's name is Kathy. She has been here since February this year, and came from Guanzhou, China. She came here with her family. She's studied English at John Adams for several months and works as a saleswoman downtown. She likes to use the Internet on the computer and watch TV in her spare time. Her mom usually cooks for her family. She lives in the Sunset and she thinks the Sunset is a good neighborhood.--Mandy

My partner's name is Mandy. She has lived in San Francisco for two years. She's working in a hotel now. She loves her job very much. She likes to do some shopping in her spare time, and sometimes she likes to watch TV at home. She likes English movies. A Japanese restaurant is her favorite restaurant. She said she likes the sushi best of all.--Xiao Yun

My partner's name is May. She is a cashier in a restaurant. She is working during the day. She likes to swim. She came to San Francisco with her family. She has lived in the Sunset District on 20th Avenue for one year and a half. She is a very beautiful Asian girl. She didn't want to tell me her age, but I guess she is 23 years old. She likes to laugh.--Giuliane

My partner's name is Danny. He came to San Francisco in July, 2000. He came alone. He likes China's landscape. He studied English in TaiSan, China, for 6 years. He has studied English at John Adams since 2000 because he wants to improve his English. He wants to get a good job. In his spare time he also likes to play pool, and his hobby is smoking cigarettes. He likes to exercise, for example: soccer, ping pong, and tennis. He also likes to watch English and Chinese programs too. He lives in the Sunset. He didn't live in a different place. His mother cooks in his family. He doesn't like to cook. He eats out twice a week.--Paul

My partner's name is Bond. He came from Ching Sa Quong Tong. Now he lives in the Sunset. He goes to work in just two minutes. After work he comes to school to learn English at John Adams. I meet him four days a week, every evening in the class.--Pho

My partner's name is Pho. He works at a restaurant in S.F. He has been living in S.F. for 13 years. He is single. He said being single has more freedom. I felt he was lying because he just has had one girlfriend. Before he moved to the U.S. he had lived in South China near Vietnam. Now he works very hard. He doesn't have a day off at all. He spends all his free time studying English. I said, if you won all the money but have no health, you have nothing.--Bond