Write About Jobs

My name is Xiao. I came from China. I was an accountant in China. I worked there for more than ten years. That was a good job, but when I came to the U.S.A., my English was not good. I couldn't look for a good job as an accountant. I just found a job in the California State Department of General Services. So right now I want to study more English to change to a good job.--Xiao Li

My name is Jenny Cao. I'm from China. I don't have a job in San Francisco. I want to have a good job in the future. I am a student. I want to learn better English. I was a beautician in China. My customers were usually women. I think beauticians are only women. In China, there aren't any men who do this job. I like the job of beautician.--Jenny

When I came to San Francisco in 1992, getting a job was difficult. I looked for a job in the newspaper for a long time. At last I got a job in a furniture store, but the job was very hard. In my country I was an electrician. I liked the job, but it didn't pay too much money.--Ci Dian.

I was an art teacher. I like a job in art. Now, I am a business reporter for the China Press. I feel my job is very interesting. I think a job in the arts or as a business reporter are all good jobs. In Hong Kong, jobs for women are different than jobs for men.--Keihung

I don't have a job now because I am a newcomer. I speak English poorly. I think I can't look for a good job. I was a teacher in China but I don't know what I can do in S.F. I need my teacher and my classmates to help me. What jobs are right for me? Would you tell me? Thank you!--Yue Hua Ding

I worked in my country (Taiwan) as a file clerk. I think in my country it was much easier to work than in San Francisco. Jobs were not like here, very hard and difficult. I retired from my job and came here to San Francisco, but my language is still not good. So, I want to learn more English for my retirement.--Amy

Now I don't have a job, but I am looking for one. I talked to my friend and looked in the newspaper, so I hope to find one. In my country I had a job. I worked in the Product Marine factory. I was in quality control. That job was so hard because I stayed busy all day. I think a good job is a lawyer because you make good money, and a bad job is a janitor, because you have to work hard. In my country, jobs for men and women are the same.--Teresa

I'm an acupuncturist. I have an acupuncture license. I worked in my office for about 4 years before I went back to my country. I worked at a hospital for about 20 years. I came to the U.S. for the first time in 1987, but in 1992 I came back to my country for 11 years. I worked in my sister's company's Beijing office. I came to the U.S. last year. I opened my office. I like my job, because I make some people happy. Being a doctor is a good job in my country. The U.S. is the same too.--Doris

I am an otorhinolaryngologist, or ENT doctor (ear, nose, and throat) in my country. I like my job a lot because my job gives me much satisfaction. Now in this country I don't have a job because I need a license, and I need very good English. I'd have to take 7 to 9 tests about medicine and then I'd get it in about 5 years but I'm only going to stay here for 1 year. On Tuesday and Wednesday I go to UCSF Hospital to get practice about ENT and I like my profession a lot.--Elizabeth

I was a manager in my country. I worked at a hotel, but now I don't have a job. I must study English. I am hardworking. I want to study English for two years in this school. I want a good job. I'll become a banker or a postal worker.--Kendy

My name is May. I had a job in my country. I worked in a department store. I was a salesgirl. I like this job.--May

Before I came to the U.S., I worked in Canton, China. My job was in I.T. (Information Technology). I worked with computers and the Internet. I love this job, but now I am studying English as a second language in the USA. I love computers, so I want to get a job in I.T. This is a good job. I don't work in bad jobs like waiter or cleaner. Those are hard jobs. In China, they usually give the hard jobs to guys to do and they give the easy jobs to women to do. But in the U.S. men and women always work the same jobs so I like the USA!--AK

I like the job of mechanic for my future, so I have to learn more English and go to college to take the mechanic classes to study it. I think men's jobs are in business or construction, and women's jobs are like designers and teachers. In my opinion, a bad job is like cleaning a hotel or something like that.--HZ

Now I don't have a job in San Francisco. I think if we have a good job, we must speak very good English. In the USA, English is the native language. All of the people talk or use Engish, so I think if your English isn't good, your job won't be good. We need to study English so that we can look for a good job.--Hao

Job! Job! Job! Many people want to find a job, and me too. I find it's very difficult to find a good job as a newcomer. I have tried to find a job in newspapers and with friends, but none of them fit me because my English is not good or I don't have a car, and so on. Anyway, I must try my best to find a job to make a living.--Yu Sheng

I don't have a job in S.F because I am retired. In my country I worked in science and research in the Marine Shipbuilding Institute for the last 20 years. Before that I taught mathematicas for students in high school.--Alexander

Jobs in San Francisco now are very difficult to find. I think the war is the cause. The best jobs are: teachers, doctors, and nurses, for both men and women in my opinion. Some people can look for a job in San Francisco through newspapers, agencies, churches, friends, computers, etc. I had a job in my country as a lab technician for twenty years.--Julia

In San Francisco, I'm retired. In my country I had a job. I was an accountant. Jobs for men and jobs for women in my country and in the U.S. are the same.--Raisa

My name is Tracy. I am studying English in John Adams. I don't have a job now, because I want to go to a university. In my country I didn't have a job either. I was a student in my country. When I was in Grade 11, I came to S.F. with my family. In the future, I want to get a job which has good pay and good hours.--Tracy

I don't have a job in San Francisco because my husband is a student at U.C. Berkeley. I can't work but I have a job in Japan. My husband's family runs a hotel. If I go back to Japan I will help my husband. I love San Francisco but I will be pleased to go back to Japan.--Emi

My name is Minh Nguyen. I came to S.F. in 2003 and I don't have a job now. In my country I had a job. I was a lieutenant with two stars. Now I'm studying at John Adams. I want to study English only because I need to learn about English. I like to live in S.F.--Minh

I don't have a job now, but I'd like a job. In Mexico the jobs are different than in San Francisco. In my country some women work but many women only stay at home. I think all jobs are good because all the jobs give money.--Maria R.

I have a job in this city. I work at a liquor store but it's a hard job for me because before I came here I worked in the Ministry of Education. That was a good job. But I like to work with tourists.--Zaher

I don't have a job in San Francisco because I am a student. I want to get part-time work so I can spend half my time working and half my time studying. I worked in my country. I worked in a store. In my country I was a businessman.--Sintayehu

I don't have a job in S.F. I am looking for a job in S.F. I was a taxi driver in my country. My job was very interesting. I liked my job. I want to be a taxi driver in S.F. too, but I don't know the city and my English is not good enough for a job either. I think driving a taxi is a good job for me.--Manuchar

I don't have a job now. I want one but it is difficult because I can't speak Cantonese (a kind of Chinese dialect) and only have very limited English. Before I came to the USA, I was a manager of an exhibition company in China. That was a very good job both in China and in the USA, but I can't find a job like that. I'd like to do anything in the USA, but there has still been no job opportunity since I came here eight months ago.--Kevin