Write About Jobs

In China now it is very difficult for people to find a job. Even if you finished college and you want to find a good job, it is also not easy. Women usually retire at the age of about 45. Men work longer. They usually retire at about 60 years old. Twenty-five years ago, I remember many jobs were waiting for people, but you couldn't choose one over the other, you couldn't quit your job, and your boss couldn't fire you easily. Now, everything has changed so much. You can do anything that you want to do.--Wen

In my country, I was working at two part-time jobs. I worked for the government in Health Care, training new employees with computer system programs. In the other job, I was working in the Human Resources Department of a multinational company in telecommunications. I was doing admission, training, and dismissal of employees. In the U.S. I'm a full-time babysitter.--Giuliane

"What kind of job am I looking for?" I ask myself all the time. I came to the U.S. and I got my first job. I was so excited about that. Now I'm working in the Health Center with old people. I really like working with people, doing something useful for all those people, but to be honest, I understand it's not me. Suddenly all my excitement is gone. When I was a child I had a dream. I dreamed of being a flight attendant and that dream is still in my mind. My friends are starting to recommend that I be a nurse or in medicine because they said I can make good money all the time. For a while, I was confused a bit, but one day I decided for myself. I would like to be a flight attendant and that's it! Now my mother said, "Follow your heart. It's a good job, good money, but most important--that you really like it!" And I think it's better when you get great pleasure from your work every day than making big money from work which you don't like.--Elmira

In my country I worked for the government. In the U.S., I have had different jobs. I worked as a nanny for three years. Now I am working hard because I'm doing house cleaning.--Creuza

I'm Mongolian. I'm a teacher and psychologist. I worked at a high school in my country. My job was very interesting. I like my profession and I like working with children very much. I wanted to be a journalist when I was a child. Unfortunately, I can't work in my profession in San Francisco. I'm a pastry chef in a Russian bakery. Before I had liked to cook, so it was easy to work in a bakery. I think if a person likes his job, it's more important than getting a lot of money.--Oyungerel

I came from China. In my native country, people usually start to work when they finish school. The people who are less than sixteen years old can't start to work. That is the law. About ten years ago, many people worked at the same company all their life, but it's different now. You can change your job easily now. Men retire when they are sixty years old. Women retire when they are fifty-five years old.--May

In my country, I was a jeweler. I bought some silver to make rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Then I held a sale for businessmen. I liked that job. That was interesting. Now I have a new job. Sometimes I am a cook. Sometimes I am a salesman. I work at a Chinese market. It's so boring. Sometimes I work over ten hours a day. I think I want to improve my English and then find an interesting good job.--Paul

I've got my job in construction. I'm happy with my job, but I'm looking for an American company. That means I can improve my English. Anyway, I love my job. It's very interesting. I can think something over. I would like to consider everything, make a plan, think of how I can understand it. Now, I can do it by myself. I've a dream about beginning a contract--Lyman Peng

When I came to San Francisco, a good friend gave me a job working in computers. I had to do the schedule of daily activities for the whole year. This job was for each worker. I enjoyed doing it and it was a good experience.--Victor

I work in a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco. My friend helped me to find this job. Before I came to the U.S., I worked in a factory in China. My factory made motors so I always worked with a machine, and my work place was very bad; dirty, noisy, hot, etc., and the pay was very low. Although I have to serve customers in the restaurant now, I like working in the U.S. I can buy a car, a computer, a TV, etc.--ZiCai

When I was a child, I wanted to be a doctor. When I graduated high school, a handsome man came to our school and talked about looking for oil. This man changed my dreams. I went to the university and studied geology. I worked as a geological engineer for 35 years. It's a very interesting job. I liked my job very much.--Lilianna

If you want to find a job in San Francisco, you can find one on the Internet or in the newspaper. I found my job in the newspaper. I'm working in a Chinese store now. In my native country, people usually begin to work at 18, and they usually retire at 55, but people can keep working if they want to.--Kathy

My first job I got the fifth day after I came to the USA. At that time there were many jobs in construction. My relative took care of getting me a job the first time. I worked as a manager at a plant. When I was a child, I wanted to be an engineer at a plant. In my country people start to work at 18 years old and go to retire at 60 years old for men and 55 for women. In my country men have more different kinds of jobs than women. I think you need to have a job where you get paid enough money and have a more interesting job for you.--Yuriy M.

I'm a medical doctor in Japan. My major was urological oncology but I cannot work as a medical doctor becuase I have no medical license in the United States. Now I'm working as a researcher in the U.S. The research job is very interesting, but I'm a little bit worried about forgetting the work that I've learned as a medical doctor when I go back to Japan.--Tatsuya

I'm working in a pizza place. When I was in my country I was not working. I think the best way to find a job is by networking or looking in the newspaper. In my country, people start work very young and they retire when they are in their 50's. --Aminudab

First I would like to talk about jobs for men and jobs for women in my country. It is almost the same kind of job for men and women if you can do it. Ten years ago, my father told me women worked at home and worked all kinds of jobs out of the home. At this time there is equality in my country. Let me tell you about my job in my country. I worked as a photographer, taking pictures. When I was a child, I wished to be a hostess, but I didn't keep it. I changed my mind and I wanted to do any kind of work which pays money.--Netsanet

I started an interesting job in San Francisco last week. I've been taking care of a little girl. She's 3 months old and her name is Hannah. I love children and taking care of them is a big pleasure for me. It's very interesting to stay all day with a delicate baby and enjoy his growing up. In my native country I worked in different kinds of jobs. My last job was in a library. I enjoyed it a lot because I had the opportunity to talk with people, to help students, teachers, and the public in general to do research on the Internet. I've missed that wonderful time I lived there. Now, I'm happy to have found a job that I appreciate and can do with love.--Cibele

When I was a child, I always dreamed I'd become a female soldier but my dream didn't come true. I was working as a public notary in China. Now I am working in Kaiser Hospital in San Francisco as a nurse assistant. This is a big change for me, but I love it because I can help people directly.--Feng Tian

Before I moved to San Francisco, I was a barber in my country and I had two barbershops. I made good money in my hometown. I had two boys and a car and a house. Now everything is changed. I am still a barber but I am not the boss and need a basement to live in. After work I need to go to learn English for my future. It is very hard. My job is boring. I remember when I was a child I wanted to be a musician. Now I want my children to be one, but usually musicians are poor.--Bond

When I decided to come to the USA I was interested in improving my English. Fortunately I got a job as a babysitter, and I'm living with an American family taking care of two wonderful girls who talk a lot. Therefore my English knowledge has been increasing day by day and I don't intend to change my job for another one. I love my American family and they love me too. This is more important than making a lot of money and I'm sure I'll never forget this great experience of living abroad.--Maria

In my country people can start to work at age 18. When women are 60 years old and men are 65 to 70 they retire. I started to work when I was 20 years old. I was an accountant. I've worked since I arrived in the U.S. about 17 years ago. I'm interested in working in a casino. It's more important to make a lot of money. The job I like is taking care of children because children are childish. They make me young. A boring job is to take care of senile people because they are very strange and they have a bad temper.--Daisy

Back in Switzerland, I did my education as a childcare teacher. After four years of teaching, I made the decision to have a time out for myself!!! But I wouldn't go completely away from my job. So I decided to take one year as an au-pair. In this kind of "job" you live together with a family and take care of the family's child(-ren). I'm happy that I made this decision.--Nathalie