Write About Jobs

I don't have a job in San Francisco, but I'm looking for a job now. I think office jobs are good. Hotel jobs are bad. In my country, men's jobs are different than jobs for women, but in San Francisco men's jobs and women's jobs are the same.--Sophy

I have been looking for a security job. Sometimes I'm glad it's dangerous, and sometimes I think it is safe. In China, security guards must be very strong, but in the U.S. I think I can be a security guard. In the U.S. we can go to jobs.com to find different jobs, but in China we can't. We just go to the company to find it.--Wei

I don't have a job in San Francisco. I have a job in South San Francisco, in a food company. We make Italian salami and beef too. Sometimes the job is too hard.--Yao

I don't have a job in S.F. I think hotel housekeeper is a job you can get with just a little English. I had a job in my country. I worked on TV, and I was a journalist. I think a singing star is a job that is good. I think a hotel housekeeper or restaurant worker job is bad.--Firuza

I had a job in San Francisco before 2005. I was a seamstress. I liked my job because it was fun for me. I was a seamstress in my country too. In my country, there were no men working as seamstresses. I do not have a job now. I'm still looking for a seamstress job. I can sew jeans, pants, jackets, and everything about clothes.--Lai Yee

I don't have a job in San Francisco because my English is very poor, so I'm not looking for a job. I think that a job with good prospects for advancement and a lot of money is a good job, and the reverse is a bad job. In China, jobs for men and women are the same. What men can do, women can do too.--Mingxing

My name is Da Ying Ruan. I am a custodian. I've worked in the San Francisco School District for four years. Before that, I was a waitress in a Chinese restaurant. I got a lot of tips, but no benefits and low pay. In China I was a salesperson. The best way to get a job in San Francisco is from your friend. It is much better.--Da Ying

I came from China and I can only speak a little English, so I don't have a job in S.F. I don't want a job now. I wish I could speak English well, so I try to study English in John Adams. I had a job in Macao. I was a sales manager. I think it's a good job. In my country, the jobs are not different for everyone if you get good conditions. I don't like the jobs that have a lot of manual work. I think that is a bad job because I'm a weak woman. I would feel very tired every day. I think the good job is a teacher, a doctor, an engineer, and so on.--Xia

I had a job in my country. I worked as a lab technician for many years, until 1992. In 1993 I traveled to the U.S.A., San Francisco. I didn't speak English. That was hard for me. Immediately I went to the adult English classes at the campus. Since that time I sometimes study and I was studying to be a CNA (nurse). I liked it a lot. In San Francisco there are many kinds of jobs. There are the same opportunities for men and women, but now it is difficult. I think that what jobs are good or bad depends.--Julia

My name is May. I'm from China. I don't have a job in San Francisco, but in my country I had a job. I was a salesgirl. I sold a lot of rice every day. I liked my job because every day I served many many people.--May

I was working in a supermarket about ten years ago. I liked this job but I couldn't improve my English so I changed my job. I found another job. Now I do housekeeping. I want to improve my English. In my country, it's easy to find a good job. In the U.S. it's difficult because I don't have higher education.--King Fung.

My name is Xiao Wen. I have a job in a hotel as a housekeeper. I've worked there about nine months. Sometimes I like my job, but sometimes I don't like my job because the rooms are very dirty and take a lot of time to clean and I get tired. When I like my job, it's because sometimes I get a tip and the room is clean.--Xiao

I have a job in San Francisco. I'm a home care provider. My parents are my recipients. I like my job. I'm helping two old people. I think this is a good job for me now. I was a Russian language teacher. This was my job in my country.--Luba

I work at the San Francisco Tennis Club. I am a housekeeper. I wash towels and clean machines. I like this job. I see the members every day. I am learning some English.--Sue

Hi. My name is Gloria. I'm not looking for a job, but I am a nun. Now I work with young people in different churches on the weekends. During the week I study English in college at John Adams in San Francisco. In my country I was a nurse. I love my two jobs because it is very interesting to help people.--Gloria

I had a job in my country. I was very lucky when I came to the U.S.A. I got the same job as before in my country. I was a sample maker. I liked my job very much, but last year I got laid off. I was very upset. I think right now it is difficult to find a job in S.F. My English is not good. I want to learn more English. I want to come to school every day. I hope I can find a good job in the future.--Carmen

I was a clerk. I worked in a Chinese store. I served customers. Sometimes I was a cashier, and sometimes I sold something to a customer. I liked the job but the salary was low. Now my boss is retired. I don't have a job. I want to get a new job. I continue to study English. I want to get a job cleaning houses.--Mei Fung

In my country I was an anesthesiologist. I liked my job, but now I need to learn English to have a job in a hospital. I'm studying very hard. Why? Because in one more year I want to go to school to do something about my career. I think respiratory therapy is good for me because I know about this work. I'm from the Dominican Republic and the jobs in my country are the same as here, but the pay is too bad. I think that a good job is one that you do well and you say you are happy with. When you don't like the job, then it is too bad for you and for the people that work with you.--Brenda

In my country I was a waitress. I liked this job, but then I took care of my son so I didn't have a job. In my country most jobs are very hard. In San Francisco I don't have a job. I don't speak English, so I need to study English. Then I will look for a job.--Wendy

I had a job in my country. I was a mechanic. I liked this job. Now in San Francisco, I don't have a job. I go to school Monday to Friday and study English, but it is very difficult for me.--Zi Qiang

I don't have a job now because I don't speak English. I'm studying English and then I'm going to find half-time work because I want to study more. I want to be a nurse. In My country I was a salesperson in a big store. I worked in a restaurant too. I was a waitress. In my country I did not have many options but now it is different because I have many opportunities to study and work so I can be a professional. I want to study hard.--Maricel

My name is Dieu. I'm from Vietnam. I was a hairdresser in my country. I think this job is very good for me in my country and in the U.S.--Dieu

I got a job at Levi's six years ago. I was a sample maker. I liked my job very much because I could make my own clothes, but now I got laid off. I don't feel good about that, but I can go to school and learn more English. I hope some day I can find a good job.--Chao Peng

My friend has a job. She is a salesperson. She works in an import and export company. I think that her job is a big job because she is very busy every day. Every day she deals with many documents, makes offers, replies to her customers and makes contracts with her customers. She often said that she doesn't have any time to meet me when I call her, so I don't like her job. If I had a job, I would like to be a teacher. I would have two vacations in a year. I could take a trip around the world.--Zhaoping

I don't have a job now. In my native country I was a seamstress. I liked it. I want to learn English because I need to look for a job for me. I'd like to work in a department store.--Maria