Write About Jobs

I'm a carpenter. I work for a construction company. I need to drive far to the South Bay every day. Building houses is very hard and very dangerous, but it's very interesting because not every house has the same design. If you finish the house, you must be happy. I enjoy my job very much.--Sam

For me, the most interesting job is the one that I had in Brazil. For about 25 years, I worked as an assistant director in a bank, and for me, what was more important was that I liked it and I knew how to do it. It was very easy for me and I enjoyed it a lot. But, in order to get my job back, I need to study English because this language is very important and necessary for this kind of job. The most important thing for me is that I need to get a kind of job that I like and if I do that, I'll be able to get more money.--Marlí

I am from China. I was a seamstress in my country. When I just came to S.F. my mother helped me look for a job. The weather in my country was hot in summer and very cold in winter, so it's very different in San Francisco. In China it's common to start to work at sixteen and retire at fifty.--Sue

In my country people had different kinds of jobs. For example, in the factory they start to work at 7:00 am and end at 5:30 pm. In some places the age people usually start is 18 and they can retire at 65. People are interested in different kinds of jobs depending on the education that they had.--Antonio

I have a job now in construction and I found this job because my friend told me about it. I like this job but I don't like to wake up in the morning (at 7:00 am). When I was a child I never thought about the future. I just lived in the present. I'm not sure about when people start to work in my country but I think people start between 18 and 20. I'm really not sure. In my country now there are many opportunities for women and for men to get jobs.--Jorge

I arrived in the USA one year ago, and now I still don't have a job. In Russia, I was a history teacher. I liked to work with children. Together we considered any questions and answers.--Konstantin

The first step for a job is not to follow the rules or pay a lot of attention to them. At work, you should be happy with yourself and you'll be happy with all the people.--Rubén

The jobs in San Francisco! If you can get one, of course it's never one you like. I don't know anyone yet who likes his job. Here people work in the first job that they find. We need to pay the rent and our bills, so if you are new in the city, you hurry to get any job.--Felix

In China, I had many kinds of jobs. I think the most interesting job that I had was becoming a clothes designer. But it was a pity I couldn't do that until the end. I had no ideas. I became a doctor last and from that time my life began to be serious. I had a gift for my doctor job. Now I came to San Francisco. I don't have a license here. I can't be a doctor. But before I came here, some people already knew about me, so they introduced me to some patients that modern Western medicine can't treat well.--Rena

I think it's more important if you like your job because you can be content with yourself. If you don't like your job but you make a lot of money, you can think "That is the recompense." I think the interesting kind of jobs are every one that is concerned with medicine because it's interesting to know about good health, and how to take care of different kinds of diseases.--Mirna

I'm working here in S.F. My job is babysitter. It's hard to find a job in S.F. if you don't speak English. The housecleaning jobs just need a little English. I never worked in my country, I studied. When I was a child I wanted to be a nurse but now I changed my mind. In my country you start to work around 16. People keep working until they can retire. The jobs for men and women there are different. S.F. and my country have lots of differences. It's more important to make a lot of money because in SF it's too expensive. Any kind of job is okay for me.--Lucia

My name is Dennis. I come from Hong Kong and landed in San Francisco five months ago. When I was a student, I expected I would have a nice job as an accountant. Unfortunately, I was very lazy in my school life. Of course it was not possible to get the job which I expected at eighteen years old, so I got a job in a garment factory for seventeen years until I arrived in the States. Luckily, I got a job related to my work in San Francisco by reading a newspaper. I need money to support my daily life but I will not give up achieving my goal.--Kin Ming

My job is very important to me. I'm babysitting. I care for three kids. They are very wonderful. My job is very good for me. I like working with kids. I like playing with them. I like spending time with them. In my country there is not very much work. Young people finish studying, but they don't have a job. It's very hard to find a job. When I finished my school, I decided to fly to the United States to find a job. I found a job and I'm very happy, because I have a job and I travel, and I can spend time with children.--Ewa

I have a job in Alameda, and I like it. I supervise the entire operation of building and installing furniture. My company name is "Woodmasters," and I've been doing this for over four years. In my country, I did a five-year internship with a master woodworker at the Polish Technical Institute.--Mariusz

First, I don't want to talk about my jobs. I'm going to talk about the jobs in my country. It's so hard to find one. There are a lot of companies, but it is difficult. I don't know why. I think it is because all the companies want people with careers, but not all the people have an education including university, and some don't find jobs because they don't know English. It's so hard to find a job, but when you get one, it's better to take care of it.--Yaressi