Write About Jobs

I came to S.F. in 2004. I looked for a job. Then I found a job in San Francisco as a salesperson. My boss is very bad. She pays us very low wages, only $6 per hour. She sits down there looking at us all day. We don't talk to anyone. If we talk a little, she opens her eyes and looks at us very angrily. She is a very bad boss. In China, my boss was very nice. She always smiled and said hello. She was very friendly. We all liked her.--Rachel

I don't have a job here. I'm a housewife. A good job here is a doctor. It has a lot of money. My daughter is studying Biology at the university.--Xiuying

My name's Anna. I'm from Hong Kong. I was a seamstress in my country. In San Francisco I didn't get any job because my children are very young. I'm a housewife now.--Anna

I work at a shoe retailer. I like my job. I have learned how to use a computer and serve different customers. Sometimes we have fun if we aren't busy. It is different in my country. Here I work 35 hours or 33 hours in one week and I get paid per hour. I have good benefits too. In my country, I worked for 28 days in one month and the salary was not good.--Marilou

I'm Simon. I have a job in South San Francisco. The company name is Columbus Salame Company. I am very happy working in this company. I was a cook in China. Here I don't like to work in a restaurant because sometimes the restaurant work is too hard.--Simon

My name is Sandy. I don't have a job in San Francisco, but now I want to look for a job. I think I'd like to work in childcare with children, so I'm studying early childhood education.--Sandy

My name is Lai Ho Lee. I was a seamstress in my country and in San Francisco. I enjoyed my job very much because I can sew many kinds of clothes, and I can teach some people how to sew something. But now I don't have a job because my company closed. Why? Because in San Francisco the salary is high. The pay went up every hour to almost $2, so now many people don't have a job. That's very terrible!--Lai Ho

I am a waitress. I work in a Japanese restaurant. My friend recommended this job to me. I've worked there for two years. In our restaurant, the food is very fresh and delicious, so we are busy every day. I am tired, but I'm happy because the customers give us a lot of tips.--Michelle

My name is Julia. I'm from Russia. I've lived in S.F. about 3 months. I think that if you want to find a job but you have bad English, I may give you some advice about what to do: Speak with people. Don't be afraid to tell them to speak slowly.--Julia

I used to be a high school Chinese teacher in China. I'm good at teaching the ancient Chinese language. My students liked my class very much. I'm a newcomer. My English is too poor to get a good American job. I'm eager to be a news journalist. I'm keen on studying international relations, especially Sino-American relations. I hope I will study it in a university some day. I hope my dream comes true.--David

My job now is as a caregiver. I work five hours a day, five days and three nights a week. I look after an old person. I prepare food, wash, have conversation, give medicine, and walk. If my patient is a good person, my job is easy, even if it's hard work, but sometimes it's heavy work. In my native country I worked as a chief accountant in a big company and was in charge of many people. I can't compare this job and that, because they are different things.--Irina

I was a seamstress in China. I was a seamstress here too. I worked in Levi's. I was a sample maker. I liked that job very much. I live here because the sample room was close. Now I don't have a job. I don't want to find a job now because I must take care of my children. Later I will find another job.--Shu Zhen

I have a job in San Francisco. Before I had two jobs. One was as a cashier and one was as a sales dealer (Activate Cellphone.) I had two jobs in my country, Malaysia. My jobs in Malaysia were as an accounting assistant in the Quiksilver office, and as a hotel receptionist.--Wency

I am from Japan. I worked for a bank in Japan. It was very hard and very feudalistic. If a woman got married, the woman had to stop working. They might have changed the rule now. I don't know. Now, I'm retired, so I'm a homemaker.--Shoko

My job was as a plastic engineer. I worked in a chemical factory. My job was very interesting. I don't have a job in San Francisco because I study English and this is my job now. I look for a job in the newpapers and at an agency and ask my friends, but every job needs good English. I think every job is good but the better ones are jobs with children or having a restaurant. Maybe in the future I will have my own restaurant or child-care services.--Mila

I'm a cashier. I work at a hotel. Before, in China, I took care of children. I taught them a little English. I like to play with children. I also worked at a beauty salon. I'd like to work at an office and to help people. I'm happy now. I want to work at a job with English. It's very good.--Crystal

My name is Si Hong Wang. I lost my job in San Francisco last week. Before, I was a cashier in a store. The store sells restaurant equipment. I spoke Chinese a lot in my job. I was an accountant in my country. I liked my job in my country very much.--Si Hong

My name is Elen. I'm 21 years old. Now I'm working in the Russian Delicatessen, Gastranom. In San Francisco men and women can do the same job, but in my country it's so different. In my country I worked in a beauty salon. I cut hair. I don't know which job is bad, but I think the jobs are for all people. In the U.S. people can get a good job if they know English well.--Elen

I was a preschool teacher in my country. I'm studying to be a preschool teacher in S.F. now because I like to work with children. I plan to study about skin care at school, because I like beautiful faces and I like to make somebody beautiful.--Wei