Write About Jobs

I had a job before. I was a busser in an Italian restaurant. In my country, I was a kitchen helper. I think in America, finding a job is not very difficult because there are many ways you can use to find a job. But, for some people who don't know English, it is not easy to find a job. In Hong Kong before, women's jobs were not the same as men's, but nowadays there is no difference.--Bruce

My name is Adel. I am a teacher. I like my job because I am happy with my major. My major is chemistry. Now, I will register in San Francisco State University to take a Master degree in Biochemistry. Finally, I hope to achieve my goal.--Adel

I don't have a job in San Francisco, but I want to look for a job. My brother thinks I don't have to look for a job. He wants me to help him in his house. I was working in a Kodak Express store. I was a manager.--Ru Xin

I have a job in San Francisco. I'm a waitress in a restaurant. I think a counter job is a good job for me because I worked in this job in my country.--Sally

I have no job in San Francisco. I have been a student guide in my country. I think accountants and doctors are good jobs. I think cashiers and receptionists are bad jobs. I think jobs for men are doctors and managers, and jobs for women are teachers, computer programmers and business management in the U.S.--Ma

My name is Alex. I'm 21. I came to San Francisco 9 months ago. I have no job in S.F. yet. I need a job. I am a student now, but I usually read newspapers looking for jobs. I think looking for a job in S.F. is hard, because I just know a little English.--Alex

My name is Carol. I was a fashion designer in my country and in San Francisco too. Now I'm out of work. I'm going to look for another job, so now I want to study English. I hope to have a change. I'm going to look at newspapers or ask friends.--Carol

Hi. My name is James. I came from Tokyo, Japan but I was born in Shanghai, China. Eighteen years ago, I went from Shanghai to Tokyo, Japan. I was a teacher in Shanghai. When I went to Tokyo, I studied Japanese again. In Japan, I was a businessman. I moved to San Francisco in January, 2004, because my parents live here. I don't have a job because I speak English very badly. I want a job but I don't like to do just anything. I like a teacher's job.--James

My name is Stanley. In my native country, I had a job. When I arrived in San Francisco, I went to work with my brother because he is a foreman at a construction company and he taught me how to do it.--Stanley

I think San Francisco is a good place to look for a job, because S.F. has a lot of jobs. Some are good jobs and some are bad jobs. Sometimes people work in construction and it doesn't pay good. In my country there is a lot of work. Women work the same as men, like in the US. I think that all work is good but the best is in architecture because this work is more useful for people in designing buildings, houses, etc. Bad work I think is the people who work in the fields. The pay for farmworkers is too low.--Copitzy

I have a job in San Francisco. I am a waitress in a restaurant, but I don't like my job. I come to school every day to learn more English. After this I will go to another college to study nursing. I like being a nurse. If someone asks me about looking for a job in San Francisco, I'll tell him about the agency or the Internet or newspapers. I didn't have a job in my country. I was a student in my country and in my country the jobs for men are different than jobs for women. Men can do any job but women can't, but right now women can do a lot of things like men. The men in my country can be taxi or truck drivers, but the women can't do that or a lot of things, but now everything is changing.--Kholoud

I don't have a job. I want a parking job in a hotel or parking lot. My friends will look for a job for me. I was a student in my country. I think being a policeman or banker is a good job, but my English is not good. That's my problem. I want a parking job because I like cars so much.--Bobo