Talk about Leisure Time or Vacations

When I lived in my country, I had a lot of leisure time. In my free time I always went to good places with my family. We had days off on the weekends. Sometimes we went to my dacha with my friends' families. There we played basketball, volleyball, tennis and football. I was pleased to have leisure time in winter. I like snow very much. Especially on the holidays my family celebrated a very wonderful New Year. In America, I have little free time, but I want to have good free time. I think those who want to have free time must look for free time for themselves.--Oyungerel

In my free time I would like to say that I usually go out to eat Mexican food, hang out with my friends, play soccer and in the evening, if we have time, go to the movies. This is my normal day off. But if I compare this with the things back home, it is totally different. I used to have more free time and here I have only one day off. Comparing Americans with my people, I think Americans have more free time and they spend it in different ways (going to movies, to the mall, etc.). In my country the people usually go to the park at nighttime, visit a friend or relative or only stay at home and relax. After all, I think I like the life here or at least I am used to it, but I miss the calm of my hometown so much.--Sergio

I think American people are responsible for their lives, especially in education and health. When I moved to San Francisco, I saw people in this city take care of their nutrition. They know how to eat right, and how to look healthy or young. Most of the people in the USA always go to the gym or play any kind of sports, so I think it's the best thing for humans. Not everybody in Mongolia does that. When I have free time I always try to do something like work out, take a dance class, or go bikeriding.--Tumur

If I have some leisure time in the U.S., I draw some pictures. I like to draw some kind of building plan and decide how to design a house. How can I decide how to make it look good? Also, I listen to music on the radio. I think people in the U.S. are different from people in my native country. For example, American people don't really walk on the street at night and talk to the neighbors, but those in my country do. Also, in my country people work Sunday or Saturday, but in the U.S. the routine is pretty good for people. They have leisure time.--Lyman

In my country I had less free time than here. We only had one day off per week in my country ten years ago, but now it's changed. Ten years ago my son was a little child. On the weekend I had to take care of him and had to teach him. Also my country has fewer holidays than the United States. Since I came here I have had more free time to watch TV and to take vacations. Sometimes we go to play golf, eat in a restaurant, or go shopping.--Sumei

I would like to read some books or talk to my friends or access the Internet in my leisure time. I think I have less free time here than I had in my native country. I used to visit my grandparents and travel around the nearby city in my free time in my native country. From what I have seen, Americans spend their free time in the same ways that people spend their free time in my country. They both like traveling. They like gardening and cooking too. I think people in my country would like to go to Europe, Japan or Australia.--Kathy

I think American people don't have more free time than people in my native country. I need to work 10 hours every day, six and a half days a week. That's hard for me, so I just have less free time here. If I lived in China, I'd have a lot of free time. I liked to play something with my friends, for example, soccer, basketball, ping-pong or mahjong. I also liked to go swimming in the ocean. I remember when I studied in high school, I went to the ocean and went swimming with my classmates. We swam to a big ship and climbed onto the ship's head. The ship's head was high over the water. We stood there and jumped into the water. Our bodies spent a long time in the water. Now I think that's so dangerous.--Paul

When I was young, I liked to use my vacation for resting while camping. I liked to cook on campfires, eat near campfires, and sing with a guitar. I like nature very much. I took my children camping with me too. They like nature too. My daughter, like me, uses her vacation to go camping here now. I went camping with my daughter's family on the Russian River, Lake Berryessa, and Yosemite National Park. My grandchildren like nature too.--Lilianna

I don't have any hobbies now because I don't have a lot of leisure time and money. I work six days a week. I have to use some money to pay for many things, but I used to have some hobbies in China. I collected stamps for many years. I collected coins from about sixty countries. I often took them out to look at them and it gave me fun in my free time. Sometimes I showed them to my friends. I like to do that very much. I think I'll keep doing my hobbies very soon because I enjoy them and find it interesting to do them.--Wen

Yes, I have a lot of free time since I came to the United States, much more free time than in my country. Americans like to spend a lot of time taking vacations going somewhere. That is a very good idea. Humans need to relax from work and need a change. I like to play golf and tennis on the weekend. Sometimes I take vacations. I went to Las Vegas, L.A., and Yosemite. Oh that is beautiful country, and those are beautiful cities.--Xiaowei

Actually, what I do in my free time is always go to the gym and work out, and play basketball and badminton. I also like swimming and sometimes I go to see movies with friends. The last time we watched National Treasure and it was a good movie too. Sometimes we just stay in our house and have a few drinks and go to a bar. You know, I like nightlife, I like crowds at a party, and everything. The last time I watched a Metallica concert at Candlestick Park with my sister and friends. You know, they are our favorite metal band, and seeing them perform was amazing. Wow! Two thumbs up.--Gabriel

In my free time I like to meet my friends, walk in the park or on the beach, and enjoy the Pacific Ocean. In my native country I spent leisure time in the same way, the difference only in that I walked in the forest, not on the beach. I had more possibilities for sightseeing as in my city there were many more museums, art galleries, and other places for entertainment. In my opinion, Americans have less free time than people in my country, because they work very hard and they spend their leisure time in more interesting and more healthy ways. I used to spend my vacation near the Baltic Sea in a small town that was built by Sweden a long time ago. The weather and water are warm in July there and people are pretty nice and kinder than in other parts of Russia. We can take a tour by ship or bus and visit other cities of the Baltic Sea.--Tanya

In my native country I usually spent my free time going to the beach with a lot of friends and my family. In the USA I can't do it because of the cold weather. Instead, I go to the movies and see 3 or 4 films a day. It's amazing but it was the best way I found to relax and have fun. In my opinion American people are very quiet. On their leisure time they like to stay home playing with the children, cutting the grass, or going to the computer--certainly to buy something. This is their favorite hobby. In my country people prefer to enjoy their free time outdoors.--Fatima

I prefer to write on the topic of whether Americans have more or less free time than people in my native country. Americans have less free time because as we know they work two kinds of jobs, and work longer hours than in my country. In America most people are always busy working full time, weekends, and night time. That's why there is less free time. All the people are busy. In my native country, holidays mean no working. There's no work at night but people working full time take a long break. Most people don't have work. There are no more jobs. If you have a job, probably your wife does not, so in my native country there is more free time than in America.--Natsenet

I am a full-time worker. I have a lot of work. Anyway, I have two days off, and that's my leisure time. I have a membership at the 24 Hour Fitness Club and a third of my free time I spend in the gym. I like working out and it's my kind of relaxation. I'm crazy about watching new movies. Almost every Sunday I go to see another new movie. I am not a party animal, but I like to go to some nice bars or nightclubs with my friends. It doesn't happen very often, but once every two weeks. I spend my free time with my friends. If it is necessary, I can spend my time doing shopping or if it's nice weather I like to go to the beach. I have a lot of things to do if I have free time. Anyway, for sure I have time to clean my room and try to do some work for English lessons at John Adams Campus.--Elmira