Talk about Spare Time or Vacations

I like to design some clothes in my spare time, and I like to collect stamps, coins, and paper money too because these are my hobbies. I have collected them for a long long time and from then up to now, when my family gets a different stamp or coin, they give them to me to collect.--Carol

In my spare time, I like to read and do needlepoint, but sometimes I get very tired so I try to get a nap. My favorite thing to do when I have spare time is usually reading and needlepoint. Especially in summer time, I would like to go for a walk or a little exercise out of my house. I like to see everybody on the street.--Sati

I would like to go to Hawaii in the future because I love the beach and like to swim a lot. I think it is a beautiful place to go on a honeymoon. One other place I would like to go is to Rome. I could see all of the Catholic places.--Jessica

I don't have any hobbies in the United States, but I like to watch movies in my spare time. I watch them to help me with my listening. In my country, I liked to go to libraries or bookstores to find some new books because I didn't like to go out. I was lazy, so I liked to stay home and read a book. I really wanted to go on vacation, but my husband said my son is too young. We would have to take too much. Maybe we will wait two years.--Lin

In my spare time I like to take vacations. I like vacations in Hong Kong. My family and I eat snacks and go shopping. The food is very good for me. The clothes are not expensive. In San Francisco the houses are expensive, but I like San Francisco water.--Mei Hing

My hobby is playing baseball. In Tokyo, Japan, I always played baseball with my friends. Then I moved here. I also play baseball here. I think baseball is very interesting. I like to do that in my spare time, but I like to travel in my spare time too. I like to visit any place. I visited New York and Canada. Then I'll visit Mexico next summer.--James

I went on a vacation in my country one time. I went to the beach and I went on my vacation by bus. It was a long day and a wonderful day. We stopped in a nice place and we had a good lunch with my friends. I rode a horse for a little bit and a camel too. After that we went to the place. There were a lot of games to play . After that we went to the Dead Sea. There were a lot of people there. It was a sunny day, and a lot of people came from many different countries. We visited a lot of places on that day.--Kholoud

Every summer, my husband takes a one-week vacation. We go to Garden Grove by minivan. My children are very happy because they enjoy it a lot. We go to Disneyland and Legoland. Sometimes we go to a Vietnamese restaurant and shopping mall to buy some things for them. In the future, I would like to go to Hawaii because there are a lot of beautiful places there. In my country, I liked to go around the neighborhood and talk to my friends when I had spare time. In San Francisco, I only watch TV and listen to music when I have spare time. I really liked spare time in my country.--Thanh Em

I don't have any hobbies, but I like to take some pictures my son drew or something he wrote and keep it. Five years ago, my husband and I went to Lake Tahoe. I like that lake, woods, and view. Now I don't have money for a trip but sometimes I go to see a trip on the Internet. I want to see Japanese flowers and eat fresh seafood sushi.--Judy

In my country I had wonderful vacations. I went to another city and visited my brother and my sister-in-law. In the U.S. my spare time is wonderful too. Sometimes my friends and I go shopping. Sometimes I just stay at home. I clean my home, wash my clothes, and cook some good food. I enjoy it very much. In the future, I hope I have enough money and then I will go to my country and visit my family. I miss my family so much. This is my dream. I hope to make it come true as soon as possible.--Yanci

In my native country I didn't have spare time because I worked hard, but on the weekend I liked to meet my friends. Usually we spent the time in a karaoke club. In San Francisco I have spare time because I don't have a job. In my free time I like to prepare food. If I have more time, I like to knit. I like to travel very much! In my native country I took a trip to another country every vacation. I was in many European coutnries. It's so ineresting for me! Every country has a very different history and tradition. Now I'm in the USA. I'm very glad, because this country is very interesting too.--Anna

In my country my family and I went to the Baltic Sea on vacation. We rented a small house and relaxed and went to the beach. Sometimes on vacation we traveled around my country. We visited beautiful small places and towns. In the U.S. I don't travel a lot. Last year I went to L.A. and Las Vegas. In the future I want to visit other states in the U.S.--Natalia

I had spare time. In my spare time I took vacations. In my spare time I read books, listened to music and slept. In my spare time I took vacations in my native country, but in San Francisco I can't take vacations because in San Francisco it's too expensive. I would like to go on vacation in the future to Mexico and Hawaii. I like my spare time.--Lisha

I went to Reno on vacation. I liked to go in my spare time because I wanted to see snow and I ice skated. In my native country I went to the beach with my parents. I want to go to New York, Japan, Paris, and other cities in my free time in the future.--Ma

Last week was spring vacation. I had a lot of spare time so I did many things. I went to Napa Valley with my friends. It was a good place to relax. We visited a factory. We saw many barrels and some machines that make wine. After that we went to look at some views. It was beautiful. I enjoyed it very much. I hope I can go to a snowy place on vacation in the future.--Meng Na

In my spare time I like to rest and do exercises. In my native country I went to another city for my vacation. In San Francisco I will visit other cities too. I have a lot of cities I haven't visited and some great famous cities. If I have a long vacation I will visit Russia, because in Russia there are a lot of special buildings.--Zhi Min