Talk about Leisure Time or Vacations

In my native country, it's hard to take a long vacation--even a honeymoon. I think our average for honeymoon vacations is seven days. In my case it was ten days, but I wanted to travel more.

When I was small, my parents had a full-time job so we didn't take long vacations. Usually we stayed in a hotel for two nights during my summer holiday. My memory of summer holiday when I was a child was that I could watch TV with my siblings as long as possible, because at that time my parents had to work and we stayed at home without our parents. Almost always in the morning, we went swimming at the school's pool by ourselves. I was glad to watch TV a lot, but it was also boring.--Mizuho

My leisure time right now when I live in S.F. is very different from Thailand because in S.F. I spend time studying English and working all day long, so I have little leisure time on the weekend to relax. In Thailand I didn't have to study and my job was as a salesperson, so I had a lot of leisure time during the day. I used to go shopping, travel, and do something that I wanted to do. I think American people have more free time than in my country because it is a very different economy. Thai people like to spend free time at the department store shopping and relaxing. They don't go to the park like American people because the weather is too hot.--Cherry

I want to talk about my free time. Actually, I don't have any free time because when I wake up in the morning, my job is starting. First my daughter gets ready for school. After I drop her off at school, I come back home. I take my backpack and then I come to my school. I'm used to coming to school every day, but now I don't have time to do my homework. I should help my daughters with their homework and I have to clean the house and cook. I am waiting for the summer. Probably this summer I am going to go to Turkey. I hope I'll have free time there.--Aysegul

Free Time!? It's different in my country. I used to get a vacation twice a year for a month and visit my parents in another city. For little money, I could even rent a big apartment in the best area of the city, but now in San Francisco I'm used to working every day, almost all day (or a reasonable amount) and it's hard to take a long vacation. I had to change my food habits because I don't get enough time to eat and relax like in my country. People here are used to eating fast food most of the days and sometimes they eat in their cars. That's terrible for me. However, I'm here and it's beautiful living in San Francisco.--Crispin

In my free time I like to do homework. When I finish my homework sometimes I read an English book. I enjoy watching English news on TV. Every day I watch Russian news and movies on TV. Sometimes I go to the parks and other famous places. I want to spend my free time with my friends too. In my native country I liked to work in my garden which was on the beach by the Black Sea.--David

I'm a young man and I enjoy playing. In my free time I usually go to play basketball, football, and so on. I could play with my friends and make friendships. It's so interesting. In my leisure time, I also love to play games on the computer and Internet. There is plenty of information which is very interesting and useful, and I can make friends on ICQ. On my vacation, I always have a trip with my family or my friends. We can take many beautiful pictures and we have a good trip.--Wei Ji

I don't have much leisure time, because I have two sons and the younger one is three years old. If I have time, I'll feed him something to eat or drink. When he watches TV, I just have time to look at a newspaper, but no longer, so I just look at the main news. When they go to sleep, that time is my leisure time. I watch TV for one or two hours. Then I can read some books. When I lived in my native country, I had more leisure time. I went dancing, exercised, swam, played tennis, rode a bicycle, and went shopping, but I didn't study English. Now I study English, although I don't have more leisure time than when I lived in my native country.--Cynthia

I used to go bowling with my friends in my free time. We practiced a lot because we joined a lot of games. But now, I like to read, because it's good for my ESL studies. I don't go bowling very often now because I need to pay the most attention to my studies.--Ryan

Even though I was a professional musician a long time ago, I have to tell you music can help you relax and feel comfortable whether you are playing or enjoying the music. Another suggestion for your good health is you should eat more greens and do a little bit of exercise every day. The greens include fruits and vegetables, because the greens can keep your skin healthy and exercise can give you good blood circulation. I hope everyone has a good mood and healthy body.--Sanka

I'm used to reading books and listening to music. I used to like traveling, so I went to places like Peking, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, etc. In my country, many people spend their time in the restaurant or doing something that they want to do. Here, many Americans like to travel to spend their time. When I took a vacation to Tokyo, I used to eat sushi and tempura a lot. It tasted very delicious. I went to some temples in Kyoto. It is very beautiful.--Jackie

In my country I was used to getting up at 5 am because I had to work, but I wasn't used to cooking. Now things are different. I get up later and I'm not working, but I have to cook and I don't like it. Well, at first I got angry but now I'm getting used to cooking.--Jorge