Write about Money.

I think many ladies like to go shopping. They like to buy clothes and jewelry, but for me, I just like to go window-shopping. If I want to buy expensive things I will compare prices. I don't like to buy second-hand clothes and furniture. I think it's too dirty to wear used clothes. I usually use a credit card to buy something. In my native country when you buy something you have to pay cash. I never found money in the street. If I had $50,000, I would buy a new car and go travel. I think money is very important.--Elisa

I really like to go shopping in China. I'm very interested in buying some of my favorite dresses, clothes, or purses. Sometimes I bargain with the saleswomen, but if I think the things are cheaper, I don't do that. If I buy some expensive things, like electric appliances or jewelry, I'll go to different stores to compare the price and quality, and then I'll decide whether to buy it. I don't like window-shopping. I think it's a waste of time. If I see a disabled homeless person, I'll give him money, but sometimes if I'm in a good mood, I also give other homeless people money.--Li

Money is very important. When I was a teenager in my native country, I wished I had a lot of money. I could buy my favorite things and do my favorite activities. But in my native country, fewer women get a high profession. Then I married my husband and immigrated to the U.S.A. My husband likes me to be a traditional woman. I take care of my family. I like shopping and buy some things sometimes. I also window-shop. If someone gave me $50,000, I would buy another house in another state.--Miao Ming

Tipping in San Francisco is not the same as in my country because in my country, we didn't want to pay any tips. When we ate in the restaurant, we just paid cash and also we didn't have any checking account or a credit card. We bought everything with just cash. It was so easy for us to do everything even if you didn't have any money. But here people have to pay some tips, and everybody pays tips differently. Some pay 10% or less, and some pay 15%-20%. We always pay a 15% tip.--Julie

When I was young, I thought love was the most important, but now I'm getting older, and I don't think so. Money is more important to live for the rest of my life. If someone gave me $50,000, I would save it and try to increase it. I used to work at a foreign exchange company, so I would buy some New Zealand dollars or Australian dollars. I might check the price every day.--Keiko

I have been saving some money for my kids' college. All my dreams are for my kids to live a comfortable life and have a good education so they don't have to work hard like me. I really love shopping. I guess that's my hobby. I normally go shopping on my day off. I sometimes love to go window-shopping. Sometimes I go for different bargains and sometimes I don't. I don't like second-hand things except for flower vases. In the United States we have to pay tips, and in our country we don't. I do have a checking account and all kinds of credit cards. I like to use credit cards a lot and I pay them on time. I don't like gambling at all. Every time I go to Reno or Las Vegas, I only like to play slot machines. I sometimes give money to homeless people and sometimes only food. Once, I found a hundred-dollar bill inside Safeway and I returned it to the store manager. Every week I buy lotto tickets and I haven't had luck yet. I really like both money and love. They both are important for me. If someone gave me $50,000 I would purchase a house and pay for the down payment with that. If you keep it in the bank, there is no interest and the money doesn't grow at all.--Alice

"Money"--everybody knows it, everybody needs it, loves it. If you get a lot of money you can live in a luxurious house and have food that is delicious every day, like eating out in a restaurant. But without money you can't do anything. Money is easy to earn for some people, but for some others it is hard to get. I love money, even one penny. Why do I feel that way? Because when we buy something that costs 25 cents but your pocket only has 24 cents, for one cent, you can't get the thing. I love money. I value it. I spend my money in the right place. I don't like to spend my money gambling. Money to me is not easy to find. I am not a stingy lady, but I look for suitable places to use it.--Yin Yin May

Money is very important for life, but not absolutely. In my case, I could have made a lot of money, but I missed too many chances. Now, I think I still have one more chance to get money. If I get big money, I want to build a school or I want to take care of orphans. People are getting selfish. Now, a lot of countries still have starving people. A few days ago, North Korea had a big explosion. It was an accident in which too many kids lost families and houses. There is no food. Every day sad news comes from everywhere. We have to share the happy or sad feelings. We have to divide the happy ones and make more time happy. We have to divide the sad ones, and make less time sad.--Yoon-Saing

When I came to the U.S., I often gave money to the homeless because they looked like beggars. They looked hungry, dirty, and like they needed more help, so, I did. But now, not anymore, because I know the city gives money to them every month and they use the money to drink alcohol and smoke. They don't want to get a job. Some of them even make the street or a park dirty. Some of them are stronger than me. I hope they go to get a job, and don't just waste the time on the street. In my native country, the government doesn't give money to take care of all of the poor people, so, we often gave the money to beggars. That's different in the U.S. --Wendy

I like window-shopping. Sometimes I can find good things and pay a little money. That makes me happy. Sometimes when I am upset, if I go shopping, I can solve my problem and calm down. I am interested in going shopping to buy something, but I hate to buy something used. That is my opinion. I think that used things come from dead people and she or he or the family donated them to the stores, so I'm afraid to buy used things.--Tiffany

I think love is more important than money. You can use money to buy something like food, clothes, a house, car, etc., but you can't buy love. Love is something special. It comes from your heart. It's deep inside of it and the one you love. If he or she doesn't love you, you can't buy his or her heart. That's why love is more powerful for me than money even though they say that you can buy everything with money and even love.--Albina

About the topic whether love or money was more important--many people say both, but, in fact, it is difficult to get both. I had to abandon my job with a handsome salary in China, and come to the U.S. just to see my wife. I have been in America for a week. Frankly, I'm confused by everything here. Last week I often said to myself, "Is it worth doing this?" Well, as I feel love is more important than money, the answer is, "Yes."--Yingjun

I don't enjoy going shopping at all. It wastes time and makes me exhausted, so I usually buy something at a certain store except if it's really expensive. I don't like window-shopping either. I go outside to buy something just because I really need it. I don't like to buy second-hand things. I am kind of funny. Although it might be clean, it still seems "dirty" to me. I won't give money to a homeless person here because most of them are healthy enough to find a job. Besides, they can get money from the country. I don't have a job here. I think I am "poorer" than them.--Emily

I think it is a very interesting question for discussion, because it has two different sides. We need money for our life. We have to eat, to wear something, to pay for the house, to pay for education, and for many many other things. I am sure there is not enough of it for everybody, but it depends on how much you want. All my life I believed there are more important and amazing things than money, but sometimes we depend on it, and the more we have, the more we want.--Elena

I go shopping when I need to buy something. I go 1 or 2 times a week. I always check the prices. Often I go shopping for things on sale. I never buy second-hand items. I never go window-shopping. I sometimes use my credit card. I like shopping for money. Sometimes I give money to the homeless. I think the most important thing is love. I have a checking account and a credit card. I always give 15% tips. I don't like to borrow money. In my country we often bought food in the markets.--David

I've always thought that spending money needs to be done carefully. It's very important to find the golden middle between being a tightwad and a spendthrift. I like to buy nice things, but I try to spend less money and very often look for bargains and sales. Before I liked shopping very much, but here I don't because it drives me crazy; too many choices and it takes too much time. I don't like gambling because I don't believe in easy lucky money for me. When I visited Reno I saw many crazy overweight people who were addicted to the casino and I didn't like them.--Inna

What is the most important, love or money? It's a difficult question. Maybe both things are necessary. I can't live just on love and the money is not all in life. I think that it is very importahnt to have a good balance. I don't believe in materialism, but I believe that people need to have a dignified life. (And all those things cost money.)--Jorge