Write About Your Native City

Hong Kong. It's a beautiful and model city. It has very tall buildings built on a small island. Many people live there. In fact, it will give some visitors a surprise to see how they are living in a little place and they could keep it clean and quiet. So I love it very much.--LaiKan

I was born in Monchegorsk, near Murmansk. It is a very small city in the north of Russia. The population is about 14 thousand people. There's a very cold winter and it isn't hot in the summer. I like my city because I passed my childhood there and the people were friendlier than in the big cities. In the winter we had a short day. It became dark at 2-3:00 p.m. There were very long days in the summer, when the night looked like day. It was always light (It made me confused when I woke up to go to school :) ). The short nights are called the "white nights." If you visit our city you can see the beautiful, gorgeous, Northern Lights. If you see it just once you'll remember it all your life. It's unbelievably beautiful. There's a North Pole nature sanctuary for animals. There are very rare kinds of animals there. It is protected by the government. It's a big territory, and there are good conditions for them. I like having been there.--Julia

I am from Busan in Korea. Busan is the second biggest city in Korea. It is a beach city. It has several famous beaches such as Hoe Un Doe, Gwong An Li, and Song Do. Hae Un Doe beach is the most famous, where about eighty thousand people visit to swim, suntan, and surf every summer. But I don't like many people to visit there because the pollution has become severe. You can find this city in the bottom right corner in South Korea. The weather of this city is warmer than other cities. There are four seasons. Summer is hotter than San Francisco, and winter is colder than San Francisco. In Summer, many plants grow fast and become very green. In addition, there is a period of big rain. Many people are killed and injured and lose their things. The big rain is from typhoons from the Pacific Ocean. In Winter, it is rarely snowy because it is an ocean city. Sometimes, I can see snow. Then, many people are pleased, especially for the first snow. They call their friends and family to enjoy it.--Eun Suk

Hi. I am from Thailand. My native city is called Prachuabkhirikhan. It is in the southeast. It is small and rural, but it is very beautiful. It is near the ocean, mountains, and a waterfall. There are history museums and aquariums. It is very hot from March to May, and raining from June to August. After that season the weather is very good. When it is raining, there is lightning. Some people work in offices or on farms. People shop at markets and supermalls. As for my advice about going to Thailand, it is good. You will have a good time. The people are very friendly and helpful.--Thip

NanJing City is where I was born. I lived there for 23 years. I love my hometown. I've been back to my native city every year since I left. NanJing is the old capital city of China. It is a wonderful city, medium-sized with beautiful views. A long river goes through the city. There are some lakes and many parks in NanJing City. The city has a long, old history, but the weather in NanJing isn't good. It's very very hot in summer and very very cold in winter. The best season is fall. People who live in NanJing speak the NanJing dialect. They like to eat NanJing duck. NanJing duck is a famous dish in China. The duck isn't fat and it is tasty. I've missed the duck dish since I came here.--Cindy

I am from Russia. My native city is Omsk. It is located in West Siberia. Omsk is the capital city of West Siberia. The city is a big, typical urban city. In the middle of the city there is a river. The name of the river is Irtysh. In the city of Omsk and around it there are pine and other trees. The city of Omsk has a historical museum. It tells about the birth of the city of Omsk. The weather in summer is hot and winter is cold. In winter it is very snowy. In the street there is a lot of snow. The temperature is bitter cold. The buildings are made of brick. A lot of people work in the arms factory. My wife is planning a trip to my native city. There are a lot of differences between San Francisco and the city of Omsk. For example, the weather, downtown, museums, and beaches--Iosif

My native city is Kangwon do, Korea. It is in the eastern part. It is a small town but has a very beautiful mountain. The mountain's name is O Doe mountain. My native city's weather has four seasons but summer and winter are longer than spring and fall. There is a lot of snow in winter and there are pretty maple leaves in summer and fall. Many people visit my native city when they have free time, just like San Francisco. I miss my native city.--Giryun

My native city is Nara. It is in the western part of Japan. It was the capital about twelve hundred years ago. There are very beautiful parks in Nara where there are a lot of deer. There are many famous, historic temples, such as "Todaiji" and "Horyuji." There is "Daibutu" which is the biggest statue of Buddha. The size of the nostril is so big that we can fit through it. Of course, we don't do such a thing because it would be rude to Buddha.--Mizuho

My native city is Moscow, the capital of Russia. This is a huge and beautiful city. There, modern architecture and old-fashioned style architecture are mixed together. The heart of the city is the Kremlin. It is the former residence of Russian Czars starting in the 12th century. It is the workplace of our present President now. There are a lot of famous historical museums and gorgeous cathedrals opened for visitors in the Kremlin. Everybody can become acquainted with the treasures of our czars in Diamond Stock. The well-known Red Square and Mausoleum is inside the walls of the Kremlin. Moscow is not just a big city. It is like a country inside another one. Moscow, with its suburbs named Podmoscorvil spread around like a circle with a diameter of more than 200 kilometers. It's like a small European country and has separate laws from other cities in Russia. The life in Moscow is fast, intense, and tough. Most of the people work in the center and live on the outskirts of the city. It usually takes one to one and a half hours for everyone to get to work. Fortunately, we have the fastest, most extensive, and most beautiful transportation system in the world, called Metro. The Metro carries millions of people underground every day. There are different, interesting, gorgeous stations made from marble underground here. I love my city best of all.--Irina

My native city Taipei [Taiwan] is very different from San Francisco, especially the weather. The weather is very hot and humid in the summertime. You feel sticky and wet on your body every afternoon in the summertime. Meanwhile, you feel you can't breathe because the temperature makes you sick. In the winter, it always has typhoons.--Beatrice

My native city is Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, formerly part of the Soviet Union. Kiev is the most beautiful city (in my opinion) I have ever seen. It really looks like San Francisco, because there are a lot of hills and parks. Kiev has different museums and historic buildings because it is more than 1000 years old. The River Dnieper is spectacular. It's like a snake and winds around the city, dividing it into two parts. There aren't any big high skyscrapers, but the buildings are extraordinary. My advice to visitors is to go to the streets and look and look and you will have fun walking in this beautiful city.--Lilya

I'm from Russia. My native city is Leningrad-St. Petersburg. I was born and grew up in Leningrad. St. Petersburg was built by Peter the Great 300 years ago on May 16, 1703. It is located on the River Neva. It is an urban, industrial big northern seaport. St. Petersburg is a European city. In my opinion it is the most beautiful city in Russia. It was built and decorated by many Italian and French architects. In St. Petersberg there are a lot of sights: remarkable monuments, museums, cathedrals, and theaters. The Hermitage is one of the most famous museums not only in Russia, but also in Europe. In the suburbs around St. Petersburg there are a lot of lakes and pine and birch forests. The scenery is bright and picturesque. The climate is humid. It rains often. We've built a lot of new buildings around St. Petersburg in the suburbs. Many people received new apartments. There are a lot of different shops and supermarkets, but there is an important and (I think) unsolvable problem--transportation, especially during "rush hour." It is too expensive to take a taxi, but all the buses and trains are always crowded. It takes a lot of time to get to work and home.--Berta

My native city is Tarlac City, located in Northern Luzon [Phillipines]. It's a small city, surrounded by mountains, rivers, lakes, forests and beautiful beaches and tourist spots. We had two seasons in our country, the rainy season and the dry season. When the rainy days come, we have a lot of heavy rains, typhoons and strong wind, floods, lightning, and strong thunderstaorms that arre scary for me. When it's the dry season, it's very very hot and you need to go to the beach or river to take a bath and soak your body. It helps with the heat. So if someone is planning a trip to my native country, I advise them to bring light clothes.--Maribeth

My native city is Saint-Petersburg. It's located in the Northwest area of Russia. Saint-Petersburg is a very famous city in the world. There are a lot of museums and palaces there. The most famous is the Hermitage. It's a very beautiful palace and a very interesting museum. If you want to see everything in the Hermitage, you will be there for several months. Now there is a very interesting and beautiful amber room. It is in one of the palaces next to St. Petersburg. That room was lost during the Second World War and it was restored this year.--Lyudmila

The name of my native city is Lausanne [Switzerland]. Lausanne is a small city but you have a lot of things to do; museums, cafés, theaters, etc. What is also nice about Lausanne is that it is near the lake and the mountains. And Lausanne is like San Francisco because it has a lot of hills. It's why you have a nice view of the lake. The weather in Lausanne is normal. You have four seasons. In the summer it is warm and in the winter you have snow.--Laeticia

My country is located in South America and the name of the city is Córdoba [Argentina]. The city is not too big and it's not small either. It's urban and it is surrounded by rural places. The weather in my native country is really, really hot in summer and it's cold in winter. That is the reason that I like San Francisco. It's always cool, sometimes foggy, but it's fine to me.--Cristina